The Winds of Change... Naturally
Science, Consciousness and the Indigenous Way
By Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D. 



This year marked the tenth time in which people in the fore-front of exploring the limits — or the lack of limits — of human consciousness have gathered for The International Conference on Science and Consciousness in sunny New Mexico, under the auspices of The Message Company for one noble purpose: welcoming scientists, mystics and indigenous folk alike to present and compare their research and experiences under the same roof. Hank Wesselman, anthropologist and Shamanic practitioner, used the favorite term “quiet revolutionaries” to address them all.

What was also somewhat revolutionary was the fact that a buffalo was the one to initiate the main conference. During his very own White Buffalo Day, this unlikely celebrity, honored by Santa Fe Mayor David Coss himself, was not just any white buffalo. It was Beau, the only non-albino male White Buffalo on the planet, as per his owner Monte, although quite a number of white buffalos have been born during the last decade. What is so special about Beau is that he was chosen by James Berry, the creative founder of  The Message Company, to introduce a conference on science and consciousness?  

The story connected with Beau, namely the legend about the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman, does seem to carry great meaning for our times, and clearly not just for indigenous people. In short, the essence of the two thousand year-old Lakota tale warns and reminds people to practice the right kind of prayer — for peace, balance and harmony; to be careful how we approach the sacred: confuse Spirit with the wrong kind of instinctual urges — notably your sexual drives — and you might end up as bones and dust, as happened to the more dull-witted and sexually-driven of the two warriors in the story.

And last but not least, there is a promise that White Buffalo Calf Woman will return to bring back the sacred ways to a troubled earth in need of purification on many levels. What might that mean to us in general, today?

Whether White Buffalo Calf Woman returns literally or symbolically in each of our own hearts as we learn to make our return to a more sacred way of living, could probably be as disputed as the question of whether Christ’s second coming is to be a literal appearance, a symbolic general event or an individual internal dawning of Christ or Buddha consciousness. But we can see why some people have likened the deep meaning of this symbolic animal, associated with the reconstellation of the sacred feminine archetype, with comparable symbolic meanings of other religious faiths awaiting the return of a savior.

With all that in mind, I pondered the strange synchronicities, as recorded in the Courier Journal of June 8, 2005, surrounding the earlier birth of another White Buffalo, a baby girl. She was uniquely linked to the ominous day of 9/11, in that her award-winning grandfather bull and sire, Chief Joseph, was reportedly struck by lightning on Sept. 11, 2001, and died thereafter. (He had cost his owners, Bob and Julie Allen, a hefty and symbolic $101,000.00 to purchase.) Chief Joseph the bull was named after Indian Chief Joseph, celebrated for his valiant struggle to peacefully avoid the U.S. government’s attempts to remove his people to reservations.

Many individuals, of whatever tradition, associate that historical September day of horror with the beginning of governmental impositions which, while hardly the same in collective trauma, could yet be likened in quality to a similar societal weakening and depletion. We are indeed collectively losing our strength, vigor and autonomy as a result of increasing interventions and loss of rights in the guise of protection and help — just as it happened for our indigenous people.

Chief Crazy Horse, I remember, was another one of those courageous chiefs and warriors who lost his life as a result of trusting such purportedly helpful interventions by the government of his time. And his well-known visions uniquely connect him to our prophetic times of potential doom or enlightenment as well. In one of those visions “... he saw the end of his people’s traditional ways, the weakness caused by alcohol and the resulting destruction of his people’s strength and character. He further saw the time when all people would come together again and seek the light of understanding. Between these two images, he saw great trouble and much hardship for his people” (as retold by David Ray Smith).

Could the times since 9/11 and thereafter be the last of the great troubles for all of us and might we hope that the times “of all people coming together again” be signaled by the births of these prophetic, sacred animals? Let’s trust and pray this could be so, even while earthquakes and tornadoes continue to wreak havoc.

Inspired by thoughts about Beau and our collective yearning for a possible reunion with nature, spirit and each other, I was looking forward to attending a presentation on Permaculture and an unusual spiritual eco-movement hailing from Russia, called Ringing Cedars of Russia, which seems to have taken this country by storm. Some have claimed that its heroine Anastasia, a mystic/seer/visionary, has been changing the very soul of Russia with her enchanting, life-changing teachings and what appear to be super-human capacities.

Many of her followers would describe Anastasia rather as a phenomenon than a mere woman, having lived basically by herself, out in nature in the harsh environment of the Siberian Taiga all her life. Her teachings deliver refreshingly new, intelligent ideas to us well-educated, demanding folks, such as the concept of nature, specifically the plant kingdom, as a living consciousness ready to relate with us in a way that seems almost magical.

She also relates with wild animals in ways which are unheard of in any traditions and has methods of producing information and even physical movement only the most advanced representatives of Shamanic cultures have been able to demonstrate, although science is beginning to confirm such capacities are possible.

Known under the name of Ringing Cedars, the book series representing her teachings seems to have literally swept over our ailing planet Earth with people sharing these volumes and its unlikely story, mostly by word of mouth, around the world. Eleven million books have been sold worldwide to date in twenty languages without traditional marketing, attesting to the deep hunger for its messages.

What might the reader find in those ten, soon to be eleven, books? Some would say: inspiration for a tender reconnection with nature, notably the plant kingdom, via the teachings of this unlikely young visionary, a woman of unusual beauty, courage and other-worldly powers which are not easily described nor explained. Unusual are also her visions for humanity which include delightful and realistic blueprints for human happiness on a harmonized planet.

For instance, one of Anastasia’s unlikely suggestions is to prepare a seed for planting by exposing it to our own DNA (via saliva) and certain other elements so the developing plant will know what to extract for us from the ground and from the environment in accordance with our personal health needs. Too novel to consider?

A part of the Anastasia material communicates the same empowering message we have been given by our indigenous folk, namely nature as a loving force standing ready to relate with us humans in more conscious, supportive and personable ways, but it clearly adds even more novel ideas for a reclaiming of our organismic sanity and reconnection with nature.

According to Steven Foster, author of A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs, “Anastasia will impact a new generation of readers, like the works of Carlos Castaneda did for a previous generation — only this time through awakening the latent spiritual connection each of us has with nature. These books catapult us to an entirely new way of being on planet Earth.”

Anastasia and Vladimir Megre, the latter being the author who has recorded her amazing teachings, reawaken in the reader a hauntingly beautiful, long-forgotten way of autonomous tribal living, still familiar to some of our traditional people. Anastasia attributes much of the profound wisdom shared in these books to the values of her ancient culture, to which she is privy by way of unbroken ancestral transmissions along with her “ray,” a Shamanic capacity to look at basically anything she wants to learn about, no matter the distance or time-frame. More importantly, she seems to deeply know and respect our modern needs and predicaments.

And just as do our own indigenous teachings, but more specifically so, Anastasia claims that Mother Earth literally benefits from and enjoys even the single, loving touch of someone working the land by hand. In addition, she has devised a plan to help people free themselves from the fear and threat of hunger by learning to live off the land and reclaim their individual and communal health by way of a form of grazing from carefully designed plantings on what she calls Family Domains. (In Russia, the government has actually begun to support these noble efforts by extending specific land grants.) Her suggestions feel so simple and inspiring that tens of thousands of people all over the world are scheming for ways of doing just that. 

More and more people, of all colors and traditions, are experiencing increasing alienation, survival fears and ill health and are looking longingly to reconnect with nature, themselves and each other again. “All the wisdom of the Universe is included forever in each soul right from the moment it is created,” says Anastasia. “... it is just that wise men slyly intellectualize for their own interests, and thereby lead people away from the most important thing.” (from: The most important thing, to her, is that even today everyone can build a safe and cozy home and live in their own paradise, connected to and guided by Divine Intelligence and Love. 

Anastasia is convinced that such wholesome activities, simple as they sound, would act as multi-faceted catalysts for profound change for each individual, our communities, our society and our Mother Earth as a whole and offers novel ideas and guiding road-maps. Thousands of people in Russia and other parts of the world have already translated their inspiration into simple steps to a more wholesome, natural life.

She even has ideas for city-dwellers. Bill Mollison, who coined the term Permaculture along with colleague David Holmgren, wrote in 1990 in that same spirit that “...the only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children,” hoping that more and more individuals would learn to design their own environments and develop self-sufficiency through eco-villages which would “...reduce society’s reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that Mollison identified as fundamentally and systematically destroying the earth’s ecosystems.” (Wikipedia)
“In the early days we were close to nature,” said Crazy Horse, “we lived by God’s hand through nature and evaluated the changing winds to tell us or warn us of what was ahead. Today we are again evaluating the changing winds. May we be strong in spirit and equal to our Fathers of another day in reading the signs accurately and interpreting them wisely...” (Excerpt from:
Anastasia assures, as quoted from the website of one of the developing eco-villages in Shasta, California: “The whole Earth could be a Motherland for each one of its inhabitants, and Man could be caressed by everything in the Universe, but for that to happen, he would need to join together all planes of being into a single point, call it his Motherland, and create with his own self a Space of Love therein.

Then all the best things of the Universe would come into contact with it firsthand — come into contact with the Space of your Motherland. You in yourself will feel the whole vast Universe through this point, and possess power unsurpassed. They will know about this on other worlds. Everything will serve you, as God, our Creator, wanted it.” (From: A sense of power unsurpassed, supported by all worlds in co-creation with “all our relations” — do I hear an approving “Ho” from our celebrated chieftains, who might be smiling upon us from their ancestral places?

As one final note of interest, The Message Company, led by founder and visionary James Berry, also produces The International Conference on Shamanism concurrently with The International Conference on Sacred Sexuality, both exploring consciousness via ancient, traditional and modern shamanistic practices and techniques. This should make White Buffalo Calf Woman very happy and keep the enlightened, respectful attendants from being turned into dust.
 (c) 2008

Regina Jensen holds licenses as a psychotherapist, physical therapist, certifications as Master Executive Coach, and Somatic therapies with professional training and experience for 40 years. She works as a consultant to the Media, as a metabolic counselor and is co-author of a forthcoming book with Wayne Dyer and others, which is part of a best-selling series. She is a writer and independent researcher with a commitment to finding intelligent, expedient and joyful solutions for the predicaments we have co-created for each other on our Mother Planet.22. Visit


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