The Transition Rite
The Gift of Conscious Transitioning
By Heather Clewett-Jachowski



In these consistently unpredictable times, our perception is that we are faced with many challenges. Challenges in our own lives, and challenges with the world around us. The only challenge we really have is the challenge of transforming our perception from fate, a pre-determined course of life, to a perception of destiny, a life of purpose and calling. How we handle these perceived challenges in these times, is determined by our ability to consciously transition through them with grace and to transform them into opportunities. In short: living (and dying) consciously.

For the Ancient Wisdom Keepers, the term transition means the conscious change from one life experience to another. This can be applied to a change in career or the taking of a last breath. Whether it is a career change or a last breath, for the Wisdom Keeper, every change is a metaphorical death, which allows for the birthing of a new and more conscious aspect of themselves.

Because we are the Wisdom Keepers we have been waiting for, what applies to them applies to us. This birthing is the opening to the state of Gnosis. In this state, you are participating in the science of self-realization. You are now available to solve situations at higher levels than when they were created. You are now able to go directly to Spirit without a mediator, and all information in the Universe is available to you at all times, from any place, and instantaneously. These are the fundamental properties of the science of self-realization and living consciously.

The Ancients believe that only by living every moment as if it is their last breath, one can live consciously and transition through life changes with grace. Specific techniques have been passed down through the ages, from Master to initiate, to assist in living consciously. Wisdom Keepers have always held the knowledge about the processes one needs to transform challenges into opportunities and opportunities into living consciously.

 One of these processes is the Transition Rite. This is the core practice of living and dying consciously. Of living and dying with no regrets. During this process attention is paid to clearing any unresolved issues that are stopping the person from consciously participating in their own transitions.

In the Shamanic tradition of South America, this clearing occurs at the level of the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). The LEF is a living crystalline matrix around everyone. This is the template of light that holds stories binding you to a life of fate, as well as the keys to your destiny.

The Q’ero Shamans of South America call these stories, Imprints. The LEF holds all the Imprints from past and present lives. These stories, unresolved wounds from your past, which are etched into the halls of your soul, are reflected into your LEF lifetime after lifetime.

The Transition Rite process assists in clearing the Imprints holding you from transforming perceived challenges into opportunities or from dying without regret. Just as Don Juan talked about becoming history less, the Q’ero speak about becoming Imprint less. Without Imprints, one is easily able to transition with grace through any life circumstance or at their last breath.

If you are on the path of living consciously, you will also be on the path of dying consciously. This is the main goal of all know-thyself paths: to die consciously. For the Q’ero, this process of living and dying consciously will assist you in becoming the state of INKA. This is where you realize that you are God masquerading as yourself, and as the veil of illusion drops, you know yourself differently.

The Transition Rite gift enables you to live consciously and then participate in the sacred dreaming of a healed world. Once you have mastered consciously transitioning through any life experience, you are available to step off of a pre-determined course of life, and step into your life of purpose and calling.

You are now participating in the in-breath and the out-breath of Creation. And, in the pause between the two, is the edge of infinite potential. It is here that you become challenged less and by accessing this infinite potential of the unmanifest, you will consciously transition into a master of opportunities.

Heather Clewett-Jachowski, founder and director of InkaVisions, practices the ancient techniques of the Q’ero, the high mountain Shamans of the Peruvian Andes. More information on her seminars and private sessions can be found at or by calling (928) 203-9122.


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