Past Lives... Present Purpose
By Caroline Reynolds



What is your soul’s journey? Who have you come here to be? These are questions we seldom ask ourselves and yet they underpin so much of our happiness and fulfillment. It is rare for us to consider our lives in such a bigger context, yet the only two things we know for sure in this life reflect the biggest perspective of all.

We know that a) we are born and we die and b) we arrive and leave with only one thing and that is ‘consciousness.’ If this is our only given certainty in life, surely we should pay more attention to developing our consciousness and contemplating the bigger purpose of why we are here.

So where do we start? Since your soul is the individualized expression of your consciousness, you can begin by looking at your soul’s journey. By accessing where you have been, you are able to gain a deeper understanding of why you are here today.

Of course, within our current consciousness, which is at best limited and at worst ignorant, it’s difficult for us to know definitively that we have lived on earth before. Yet there are times for us all when we glimpse another dimension of reality, when we feel a deep knowing about something no matter now improbable or inexplicable it may be.

Whether it is a hunch, a gut instinct or just an instant attraction to someone (or the opposite), you know how it feels to be guided by some inner calling. My experiences with the phenomenon of past lives have been very real to me and whether they are memories of actual earth lives or imagery from deep in my subconscious, I know that they have enlightened and empowered me in invaluably beneficial ways.

And so I invite you to open yourself to your own past-life memories and their meaning, and allow this information to stir in you the awakenings of your soul’s grandest and most expansive expression.

Connect With Your Soul’s Blueprint
Every soul has a unique journey and identity. As it advances through each lifetime, our soul expands and grows. It learns new lessons but stays true to its essential blueprint. If you look back at your current lifetime, you’ll see your various stages of development alongside the constant thread of your essential personality. Similarly, if you look at your soul’s evolution through time, you will see it also has a fundamental and inviolable essence.

For example, are you someone who always finds themselves caring for others, no matter what the circumstances? Or are you a natural i.e. ‘soul appointed’ leader, teacher or follower? As we locate our personas through the ages, we also find clues to our present purpose, strengths and gifts.

While I was embarking on my own journey in this lifetime as an author, speaker and teacher, I underwent a series of past-life regressions where I repeatedly saw myself as some kind of scout. My job was always to go out by myself, gather information and then bring it back to the people. Each time I regressed, I would discover more about this scenario, particularly revisiting one lifetime where I was a Native American scout.

As I put together the pieces of that lifetime, I gained a deep understanding of my present calling and why, as I embarked on it, I felt a certain fear. In my previous incarnation I had been killed while trying to get warning of impending danger to the tribe and many others had died because of that. In letting go of my guilt and fear from that experience I was able to move forward with being a new kind of ‘scout’ in this lifetime, observing, gathering experiences and spreading my ideas to a wide audience. It also helped me gain a much deeper understanding of several current personal relationships.

Gain A Clearer Sense Of Your Present Life Purpose
During other regressions, I have reconnected not so much with a role as with a set of values. Even if the details of where I found myself were sketchy, I was able to experience my motivations at the time. Within these I discovered my unique set of gifts, a distinctive expression of the life force manifesting as me.

And so it is for all of us. We each come here in every lifetime to bring more goodness and love into the world in our own special way. The degree to which we do this is the degree to which we feel truly fulfilled and successful.

In my book, ‘Spiritual Fitness,’ I have a saying, “Your unhappiness equals the size of the lie you are living.” The deepest meaning of this is that whenever you have forgotten who you are and disconnected from your soul’s true purpose, you will experience pain. Pain is simply your soul’s way of trying to get your attention and to show you a higher truth you could be living.

If you are looking for your purpose today, there are clues all around you. What were your childhood dreams? What are your natural talents? What kind of situations and landscapes do you find yourself mysteriously drawn to? When I was seeking my own purpose in this lifetime, I felt powerfully drawn to the Southwest, even though I then lived in the UK.

After spending years visiting Sedona and Monument Valley, where I now run retreats, I was able to reconnect with the spirit of the land and reactivate my soul’s memory of who I had been. By linking the past to the present, through past-life regression and present-life exploration, I realigned with my soul’s truth and my authentic power.

In my years of regressing and counseling others, I have come to see that our souls evolve just like our personalities. They attract new situations so that they can expand and become more whole and integrated. Meanwhile, throughout all this we each have an unchanging essence, a unique expression of the life force. If you connect with this essence you will discover not only your purpose but the true exhilaration and beauty of being alive.

Caroline Reynolds is facilitating a “Past Lives, Present Purpose” retreat in San Juan Capistrano, CA, August 29-31. To find out more, please visit or call (949) 715-1039.


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