Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:
“You have written extensively about the mind-power-energy that neutralizes both aging and injury. Can you reveal more about that?”
Dear Readers,
It is commonly accepted that there is no real protection against aging or injury, but believe it or not, there is a self-generated energy so powerful that, when fully functioning, it can even stop bullets. I first learned about this mysterious power after being drafted into the army and then sent to Vietnam in 1966, discovering there a “true power mental-energy” that a mystical sect of Vietnamese call “Sanyama.”
But ”Sanyama” is a phenomenon without an English word to name it, so I came to call it simply IT. And after a year in Vietnam of seeing and studying IT in action, I began perceiving this awe-inspiring “protection energy” as truly real, doable and very effective.

But after finishing my two-year draft-hitch, so amazed to be still alive and back in the States, for years I rarely thought about the dream-come-true “protective power” that I practiced in the war-torn jungles of southeast Asia.

Although after experiencing radical Berkeley, California (between 1969 and 1981), by then a confirmed activist (where police already killed a few of us) — I again felt the need for protection energy — sparked by my obsession for organizing anti-war/anti-nuclear rallies.  

All of which was highlighted by a protection-energy-“MIRACLE” so extraordinary, it is crystal clear in my memory.
On a country road northeast of Berkeley, I am being driven to a concert by my friend and fellow organizer Tony Barkovitch (in his old station wagon, a rig too old to have seat-belts), when I realize he’s racing this thing way TOO hard.

Ahead, there’s a sharp bend in the mountain road, and I see we’re going too fast to negotiate the upcoming turn, when suddenly IT came onto me, everything shifting into a kind of slow motion (because powerful things had to happen in just a few seconds of time) — whereby I transfer from physical-body to energy-body, evoking (like the white of an egg) an aura of shimmering energy that envelops Tony and myself.

And as the vehicle is about to reach the turn and roll-over, I merge us with the protective light, and as the car rolls over, I remember to force my air and shielding-energy OUT in a big WHOOSH (which cushions bodies against impact). By then the car is sliding off the edge of the slope UPSIDE-DOWN!

And then, unbelievable as it may seem, with hood and roof ripping against dirt and stone, pieces of the motor and bits of torn-open car battery crash through the windshield — broken engine pieces and battery acid flying PAST our bodies! Then, finally, the vehicle came to a halt at the bottom of the hill.

BUT, like two dizzily grateful (Sanyama-protected initiates?) Tony and I crawled out of the sizzling wreck, both of us virtually UNHARMED! Tony without even a mark, and me with only a tiny, half-inch scratch on my arm.

And HOW does this protection power emanate? IT comes from the CREATOR-given ability to WAKE-UP from the dream called “LIFE” at a CRUCIAL moment...
A moment that changed Tony and me perhaps forever, so grateful to be STILL ALIVE!

Back in Berkeley, we felt newly blessed, fearlessly hosting our revolutionary-intense, consciousness-raising events, even when dozens of helmeted, riot-ready police closely watched, eager to arrest me (the chief organizer) of the rowdy-radical (but faithful) congregations.

Soon I learned to avoid being hassled or arrested, I could become like a Sanyama-Vietnamese guerilla, protective-energy-invisible, able to walk past gangs of arrest-itchy soldier-cops, TOTALLY unnoticed, as if I (the ringleader) didn’t exist.

Gradually it seemed I had little or nothing to fear, prompted by the Berkeley-sparked adage that “the first duty of a revolutionary is to remain dedicated and undamaged.”

This motto-turned-real-protection-and-healing has saved me again and again, especially when severely tested... As during that rigorous test years ago in southern Mexico, when a drunken cowboy from Guadalajara broke a brick on my forehead (a brick I saw flying through the air at me, allowing just enough time to radiate IT-protective-energy whereby I neutralized pain and injury from the brick (which didn’t even make a mark on me). Yet another test of the shielding and healing power I’ve come to call CE (Creation-Energy).

Yes, a strong exterior can save us, but inside we need a soft heart.
Indeed, I could go on and on revealing true-to-life occurrences that expose the reality of IT, this brain-body (heart-felt) energy-shift that both neutralizes injury and keeps bodily tissue self-renewing for untold amounts of time. Thus I keep believing in and practicing IT, generating more and more believers...
Or as Victor Hugo put it:

“No army in the world can stop an idea whose time has come...” A time when protective and healing power will go far beyond technology and “medicine,” merging holy (wholly) healing with mindpower ITself...”

Jesse is on a sabbatical in the Philippines, thereby unavailable for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia (to answer any questions about true rejuvenation) by emailing


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