My First Meeting with the Immortal Mahavatar Babaji
By Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath
Excerpted with permission from Wings to Freedom: Mystic Revelations from Babaji and the Himalayan Yogis



My journeys have entailed solitary expeditions to several places and caves that were graced by most magnificent Presences. Traveling and meditating alone had its rewards of a ceaseless river of peace flowing through me, and clarifying my mind to visualize and experience higher realms of consciousness, which I would not have been able to avail of myself with more people around.

In the year 1967, I was on my quest to meet the Great Presence called Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji. People call him by many names but he is ever the same, the Visible-Invisible Savior of our Humanity. I made my way up from the holy confluence of Rudraprayag to the sacred city of Badrinath partly by foot and partly hitchhiking.

The Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji whose experience I had, is the veritable Lord Shiva himself. He is the Consciousness of the universe. He must not be confused with Babaji Nagaraj, a South Indian saint, or the various yogis going around today with the name of Babaji.

Even at that time, I was not ready, not capacitated, but due to his grace, I was able to get this experience. This mighty Being called the “Nameless One,” the “Lightning Standing Still,” was the head, the heart, the seed, and the Soul of undying Knowledge, spread from eternity to eternity, beyond infinity. He could not be understood, only experienced.

As a result of this life-transforming experience, I became blessed and empowered by the Great One, and at his behest, my service to humanity crystallized gradually into my mission of furthering human Awareness by “aware-ing” my consciousness into the receptive minds of Humanity.

The cave I call “Jhilmilee Gufa” is located at the foot of the Neelakanteswar (“blue-throated” Shiva) Mountain. The route was a beaten trail, which became steeper. As I walked into the silence, my awareness became deeper. It was as if I were entering a heavenly sphere, which indeed it was. A different dimension this was, as I trod lightly and breathed a different air so crisp and otherworldly.
Along the way, as I walked amidst the sylvan surroundings of the pines, a breeze wafted by and I recalled past-life memories of my yogic endeavors in the Himalayas. The aroma of pine cones and berries crushed under my feet as I walked along. My sojourn was so intoxicating that I couldn’t contain my nostalgia and so was transferred to a more expansive sense of unity with nature.

When I reached the top I saw the whole Himalayan range from the lower mountains near the cave, and it was like the laughter of Shiva, the teeth of Shiva, all along the range from one end to the other. I came to a gentle slope and felt as if I could glide and fly off into eternal space, above the snow-capped mountains.I was very exhausted and lay on my back for a breather, as the setting sun went behind the clouds. It became chilly and dark. After a while, from behind the clouds, another light appeared and I did not know what it was. “Ah! The sun has come back,” I thought to myself. My thoughts were answered by a voice, “Indeed, if you think it is the sun, it is.” I saw a great shimmering light filling the whole area. I saw the essence of the light, the spiritual aura; the spiritual feel of the whole scene was of another world. It may be Babaji. It may not be Babaji. Who it is I do not know, I cannot say.

I felt it was not proper for me to be on my back. With great effort, I turned on my stomach and did the Shastanga pranam (a salutation by joining both hands and prostrating on the ground). Lost in wonder and in awe, I asked him, “Who are you?”  I asked the Nameless Being, this Great Presence.
“Whoever thou thinkest me

to be, that I am for thee. I am That I am,” he said. I could not capacitate his voltage. So I saw him from my past-life association with him, and my lips took the proper shape and my voice said “Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji”. No sooner had I said this, then his voice rang out in the firmament of my heart and in the surrounding mountains, “Tathastu, Tathastu, Tathastu!”

 He was non-being, egoless, the formless, eternal unborn Self who had no identity, not as any human understanding is concerned. As Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji has gone beyond the “rings pass not,” with no possibility of his return to our world cycle, his being with us on the planet is a stupendous mystery.

Then I found a cold wave running from the top of my head to my toes. It was a cold and warm sort of current, you know. It was as though I was being revamped and cleansed.

I thought after twelve hours of meditation a day a person’s nadis (psychic meridians) would be cleansed and he would be pure to receive him. In my own voice he replied, “This is true, but you have to go to a higher level of samadhi, which you have not achieved as yet. You will be given this Divine state of realization due to past good samskaras and karmas. This preparation is therefore necessary for brain and body.” 

I moved out of my body after the experience of hot and cold, as though my whole body was doing the Shiva-Shakti kriya breathing. Moving out of my physical body, I expanded into the emotional body. Then after some time the emotional body expanded into the mental body. The mental body expanded into the Soul Consciousness.  My crystal soul dissolved and expanded into awareness, which was boundless. It seemed like I was undergoing a gentle series of transformative implosions to expand the essence of my Being!

All at once, the trees, the birds, the clouds, the sky, the planets, the stars and the galaxies were me and were breathing my breath and prana. The sun’s rays were me. There was this vast unity in diversity. It was only then that I was able to capacitate the message given by the Nameless Being whom the world knows as Babaji whom I, due to my past associations with him as Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji, was able to experience. His message was not in words. His message came to me in shafts of light, in photons, sparks, whatever you call it. It came to me so fast that volumes were encapsulated in those shafts of light, the message of my becoming a servant of humanity, which is the most honored thing that could happen to me. My karma encoded in my DNA was being released to match this experience and support it, but the Divine experience far surpassed my good karma. It was pure blessings of the Great One.

It is important to know that I was receiving this information in my super-consciousness, without the participation of my mind. I can say my analytical mind lay subservient to my super-conscious avasta. A great lesson was learned that the analytical mind was an inferior instrument for education and should only be used in daily life for absorbing practical knowledge. The true means for gathering Divine Knowledge is that of a vigilant Consciousness, the “no-mind,” which gathers true wisdom and gnosis.

It is difficult to describe his form. His hair touched his heels and was ablaze with a radiant fire. His countenance had a heavenly luster and his body appeared wet as though he had had a bath in the Alakhananda river, and yet was dry. As my consciousness familiarized with his Cosmic Consciousness, I felt the oneness of all Creation in him. The deathless fragrance of his body told me the tale of his immortality.

Even in samadhi, I was thunderstruck, dumbfounded by his spiritual majesty. His Consciousness expanded beyond the seven infinities, and my consciousness expanded to merge in an infinitesimal part of his, I was lost and died unto eternity. He is not even an Avatar, not even a Divine Being. He is beyond that, a total Is-ness of the Zero Naught Zero, Non-being, the Formless One, and more. The more I talk about him, the more of a mess I get into, as the King is beyond all words.

Later, as this soul returned after the experience of both his form and formless Self, I felt, “Oh Lord! The universe, a bubble in my consciousness, my consciousness a nothing in Thy Nothingness! Only the Lord God may comprehend Thee, oh Lord, thou about Whom naught may be said!”

The experience with Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji left me in a daze. After entering my body gradually, I was no longer in that higher state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. After several months, as I returned to my own original state and sadhana, the voiceless voice seemed to say to me, “Make your own equation, work out your own karma, and be your own enlightenment!”

Dedication to Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji

Who art thou? I know thee not
And yet I am of thee
I cannot comprehend thee Lord
Thou Emperor of Divinity

I sit and melt in silence
Of thy love, O Infinite
Make me thy Truth
Make me thy Love
Eternal Lord of Light

Countless creations do you make
Goraksha Nath Divine
A thought projected by you
Makes causation, space and time

There never was a sage or saint
Who was not born of Thee
Thou art the essence of their Souls
Divine Paramatma Free

We Jivatmas also Lord
Have our birth and being in Thee
Then Thou must also be in us
Supremest Monarchy

How shall I love Thee Babaji?
Words are so dry and dumb
I can’t express Thy majesty
My intellect runs numb

My heart it bursts oh all in all
To love Thee endlessly
But Lord I cannot bring to words
I’m tongue-tied hopelessly

Give me the strength to shout
    Thy love
Across the seven seas
Deluging this world with light
For infinite eternities

In solitudes of my mind
My devotion it doth burst to hear
Thy song immortal song of love
Thou everlasting seer

As long as darkness covers me
And ignorance doth do us part
So long in agony I’ll be
Striving to be with Thee my Heart

Through pain and hunger I shall strive
To touch Thy feet oh Lord
It matters not if bones and body
Perish in this battle fort

I’m burning in my love for Thee
Eternal Infinite
I cannot rest in peace now
Till I do become Thy light

In silent supplications
I do burn and yearn to be in Thee
Hear thou my soul cry
Break my bonds
Babaji set me free!

Set me free to be in Thee
Let there be none of me
Then me in Thee
Thy Love in me

I shall become of Thee

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