Mind Sculpting™ Practice
Taking Music to New Heights
By Daisy Ceara



The Mind Sculpting™ practice is based on a true story — the story of Daisy Ceara. After losing everything all at once — her marriage, her home, her business and her material possessions — she came out of a deep depression focusing on positive thoughts and faith, through a practice she created for herself and now calls Mind Sculpting™.

The essence of the practice —  and its unique feature —  is the way it makes use of popular music to bring to life the practice of daily affirmations. These affirmations are sung to specially created music in merengue, salsa and other rhythms designed to focus the mind on positive thoughts and to develop our true potential and create all the things we long for so much in a quick and enjoyable way.

“There are affirmations available for each member of the family, including the children,” Daisy likes to point out. “Mind Sculpting™ helps adults reach goals they never thought were possible. It helps children develop self-esteem and the feeling of being loved, as their personalities are still forming.

It is also effective with very young infants, and even the unborn, whose mothers are taught as part of the practice, to sing Mind Sculpting™ music to them both before and after birth. This helps establish a positive nature and a feeling of safety from the very beginning of life, so that they can accomplish goals more easily.

The concept of Mind Sculpting™ is very simple: a positive state of mind attracts positive things, and a negative state of mind attracts negative things.  You can change your reality by the way you think, speak and act, by focusing on the way you wish things to be, instead of the way they are, by sculpting your mind, your thoughts, and your attitudes to the attainment of your goals and fulfillment of your potential. In this time of stress, negativity, and worry, Mind Sculpting™ comes to the world as a light at the end of a tunnel, illuminating the path for all of us.

As Daisy puts it, “For years and years, many people have pointed out the importance of a positive attitude — through books, self-help programs, videotapes and so on. Usually, people start a program and then, when the results don’t come quickly, they become discouraged and give up. I created music as part of the Mind Sculpting™ practice to make it easier to focus on positive things as a way of life, to make the affirmations enjoyable, and to make it easier to quickly accomplish a particular goal through singing a specific song.

By making the affirmations easier and more enjoyable, people will repeat them more often and benefit from the greater frequency. Through this approach, they will see for themselves how they can create and maintain anything we put our minds to and avoid the trap of self-sabotage. I am an example of this.”

“In my life, I have been so happy with the results of this practice, especially what the music is doing for me, that I wish to share what I have learned with the rest of the world,” she explains.

My heart’s desire is to help bring about a positive new ‘can-do’ generation that knows we can achieve anything with faith and optimism, a generation that knows how to overcome fear and self-doubt, and knows how to move forward no matter what challenges life brings, a generation that says ‘no’ to drugs and ‘yes’ to life, and a generation that knows how to bring its beautiful dreams into reality.”

For further information, please contact Daisy Ceara at (917) 312-3535 or daisycearamusic@yahoo.com, or go to www.mindsculpting.net.


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