Longing for the Deep Secrets of the Heart?
By Peggy Sumaya O’Neill & Debbie Hakima Graffer



 “Why not become fresh from the gentleness of the heart-spring?
Why not laugh like a rose?
Why not spread perfume?”
— Sufi Poet, Rumi

How can we tap into this sweetness Rumi talks about? How can we transform our heart’s pain of emptiness, loneliness and hopelessness into something that beautiful? Fortunately, the Sufis provide an answer: by washing it with the water of the Truth.

The mystic Sufis are masters of healing the heart, at guiding it to return to its original pure state of love. Today’s Sufis still utilize this ancient healing method, facilitating one to open and heal the heart and live from this place even in the face of difficulty.

This healing technique is gentle yet powerful — connecting to the light of the Divine and bringing it to the places in the heart that are wounded, broken, and forgotten. As this happens, the pain from the past is washed away. As a result, we regain the beauty, gentleness and laughter of our child’s heart.

Imagine living life with the innocence of a child’s heart. Just for a moment, imagine how full of awe, wonder and  joy your life would be if your heart were pure. Well, that vision is possible. Come and taste the deep love at a Sufi Healing Clinic in your area. (see below for details).

This ancient healing method comes to us from Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i as-Shadhuli, affectionately known as Sidi, Head of the Higher Sufi Council in the Holy Land and Teacher at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. He has devoted his life to enriching the physical and spiritual well being of all people and to helping the poor, suffering, and sick. We here in America are hungry for the real Love, longing for the deep secrets of the heart, and thirsty for the water of the Truth.

If you find your soul being called, please join us to taste what the ancient Sufis were dancing about — the ecstatic state of unity.

For more information about the time and location of the Free Sufi Healing Clinics in your area, please call the appropriate number below or visit: www.suficenter-sandiego.org
San Diego: (760) 815-0082, Rahima; No. LA: (805) 987-7222, Susan S.; So. LA: (562) 965-7142, Susan V.; Bay Area & Napa: (510) 758-3222 Rifka; Tucson: (520) 399-5750 Kamilla.


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