Knowingly or Not
By Marc Gregory



Knowingly or not, the world stands on the threshold of what will be the most momentous event in human history. In the near future, the assumption that humanity is alone in the cosmos, or is responsive to a remote, unknowable God or divine being, will be convincingly dispelled.

For thousands of years, great enlightened teachers, the Masters of Wisdom, have remained behind the scenes, known only to a few disciples, guiding and overseeing the evolution of humanity and the other kingdoms on earth.

For the first time in many ages, they are emerging from their ancient retreats in remote areas of the world to enter, again and at long last, into an open, dynamic relationship with humanity, and by virtue of their enormous love, wisdom and compassion, to guide us through our present perilous state of affairs.

At the head of this group stands the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius, the Master of all the Masters, the Lord Maitreya. The Expected One in all major religious traditions, he returned to the modern world in July, 1977 and, based in London, has since worked behind the scenes for the betterment of all. He is about to come forward, leading his group of Masters, to work openly in the world.

Who are the Masters? While the notion of adepts or great souls is not unknown in Eastern cultures (especially Hindu) their existence is much less well known in the Judeo-Christian-oriented cultures of the West. The Masters, like us, have been men and women in incarnation over many lifetimes, and by dint of their own effort, have evolved to a state of consciousness not experienced by the average person.

In other words, they are able to demonstrate their innate divinity on a moment-to-moment basis in a way most of us cannot, yet. Their existence demonstrates the eventual goal for all humanity. They are living examples of a state of consciousness and being to which we all aspire, and that we will all eventually attain.

Maitreya and the Masters emerge into a world that is deeply and dangerously divided. Our political, economic and social structures are seriously flawed and outmoded. Thus the great spiritual crisis of our time finds itself expressed in the injustices created by the failure of these systems. Hundreds of millions must make do on $2 a day or less.

Millions more, mostly children, die needlessly of malnutrition and related causes every year in this world of plenty. A world economic system based on intensely competitive market capitalism quantifies and commodifies nearly every aspect of life, until the lives of millions more are stressed beyond resistance in the effort to simply survive.

It is primarily to correct these and other injustices, and to help us rebuild our civilization along more just, rational and compassionate lines that Maitreya and the Masters now come forward.
One man has served as the primary messenger for this information since 1974, traveling the globe many times over to share this story with the world. He is British artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme. His work, as he puts it, has been to create an atmosphere of hope and expectancy, in a cynical, often unbelieving world, for this momentous event.

To this end, he has lectured extensively, and has been interviewed hundreds of times on television and radio. He is editor-in-chief of Share International magazine, and his fourteen books have been translated into numerous languages.

He works on an ongoing basis with groups of volunteers in many countries who have been drawn to the sincerity of his words and the power of his message. It is a message of unparalleled hope for our time.

Benjamin Creme will be giving a free public talk in Marina del Rey on August 2 at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel at 7:30 pm, and on Monday, August 4 at 7:30 pm, he will be conducting a public transmission meditation at the same location. For additional information call (818) 785-6300.

Marc Gregory is a musician and a composer. He has been a volunteer involved with the story of Maitreya’s reappearance for over 20 years.


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