Fundraiser Scheduled to Boost the Angel Fund
When insurance companies won’t pay the bills, people turn to the Angel Fund
By Stuart Holtzman



There are many heart-breaking stories of people with debilitating diseases who are unable to afford proven natural healing treatments. Severe side effects from strong medications and traditional medical treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation) leave sufferers of Cancer, MS and other illnesses unable to work, in great pain, and emotional weakened. The loss of wages coupled with medical bills not covered by insurance places significant financial hardship for those seeking treatment outside of the traditional medical model.

In the past, holistic health practitioners would offer needed natural treatments “pro bono” to help those in the greatest need. This method allowed only a few individuals to be seen, despite the good intentions of holistic practitioners.

When family members and other clients saw that these natural treatments really worked, they often offered to pay for some of the holistic treatments. This grassroots approach started when anonymous benefactors donated funds towards specific individuals they wished to sponsor.

In 2004, Dan Esparza, a Holistic Health Practitioner, created a system to administer these generous donations. A client, who was helped by these funds, referred to the practitioner and the anonymous contributors as “her angels.” That’s how the Angel Fund was born.

The following are just a few excerpts from letters written by actual patients:
“I am truly blessed to have the Angel Fund. My abdominal tumor had grown and I needed surgery and chemotherapy to stop the cancer. I don’t think I would have survived without the healing hands of Dan.” (M.S. from San Juan Capistrano)
“During chemotherapy treatments I know I would have wound up in a hospital if not for... Dan. He has some amazing abilities and is a life saver. I thank the Angel Fund for making it happen.” (S.F. from Long Beach)

“I am so grateful to the Angel Fund for helping me. I had MS for 10 years and was getting worse until I met (Holistic Health Professional).” (C.W. from Irvine)

The Angel Fund is a special program that helps to pay for the complementary health care treatments not covered by insurance. Until now, the Angel Fund has survived on donations from a few anonymous benefactors, serving a relatively few number of patients, although the impact on their lives has been phenomenal.

Sharing Wellness, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the cause of holistic remedies, is widening the scope of the Angel Fund so that Holistic Practitioners from all areas of alternative medicine, and their patients, may apply for assistance from the Angel Fund. To meet this lofty goal of helping many more people in need, the Angel Fund needs to attract donations from a much larger group than in the past.

Sharing Wellness is sponsoring a fundraiser — a day of fun and food at a beautiful estate in the hills of Orange – to encourage people to donate from their hearts to this worthy cause. The owner of the estate has generously offered his home for non-profit fundraisers in the past and has modified the facility’s spacious grounds to include activities for children young and old. There is a 20-foot water slide, a train, two pools, a complete game room, a tree house, etc. — all done in the décor of Knotts Berry Farm (there is even an automated fortune teller).

Would you like to help the Angel Fund help others?  Please mark the fundraising event on your calendar: Saturday, July 26, 2008, from 11 p.m. to 4 p.m. You may also start making tax-deductible donations today at (Please obtain independent tax counsel regarding the applicability of tax-deductible donations.)

Make a real difference in people’s lives. BE AN ANGEL by sponsoring someone in need, or making an anonymous donation to the Angel Fund!! Even a $50 donation will help.

For more information about the Angel Fund, contact Sharing Wellness, at (949) 698-4014, or email


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