Celebrate a Healthy Life at Orange County Expo!
By Mike Loebel



The concept of health today has taken on exciting new dimensions. The focus is on Healthier Living. Total well-being not only of the body, but of mind and spirit as well, and their strategic interactions with each other, is revealing what truly living well can become.

Answering a call for the latest advances in personal wholeness, My Healthy Life Expo will be held in Orange County this September. Local and national health experts, as well as several exciting celebrities, will be featured. Visitors to this free event will also find a wide variety of speakers and exhibitors on topics ranging from traditional to holistic and alternative medicines.

The healthy way to beauty and fitness are also part of the Expo’s agenda. Because happiness and enjoyment are also essential to well being, appearances by the Aztec Red Turtle Dancers, performing a traditional healing dance, and the Polexercisers dancers are included.

Nutritionists, fitness experts and health-consciousness experts will share their information on making healthier life choices. The interactive pavilion will also feature demonstrations on beauty, nutrition, nutritional products and cooking, as well as fitness, exercise and holistic health.

Pressing issues in the entire health field will be addressed, including cancer and diabetes. Speakers will include Dr. Robert Nagourney, Medical Director of the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial Hospital and Dr. Ping Wang, diabetes specialist at UC Irvine. The Vitality Doctor, Marilyn Joyce, will speak of her journey back to wellness after a cancer diagnosis. Her book, “I Can’t Believe It’s Tofu,” is highly respected in the wellness field.

Also Raymond Francis, author of “Never Be Sick Again,” will explain his approach to Optimal Health Maintenance. Expo attendees can also learn how to travel the path to wellness and fitness from Dr. Desiree Edlund, who will reveal the world’s best kept health secret.

While attendance at the Expo is free, special VIP packages are available.

My Healthy Life Expo will be held Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 6-7 at the Orange County Fair and Events Center in Costa Mesa. Show hours are 10am to 6pm each day.

For more information on this promising and possible life-changing event, visit www.healthyexpos.com or call (866) 280-5934.


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