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Revs. Sandy and Kirk Moore are the co-founders of the Center for Universal Truth in San Juan Capistrano. They established this New Thought spiritual community to bring individuals of various religious and spiritual faiths together so that their lives could be empowered by applying practical principals. This column has been developed to allow people the opportunity to seek additional answers about spiritual insights. If you would like to ask a question, please send it to the Center for Universal Truth, 27121 Calle Arroyo Suite 2200, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, or visit You can also call (949) 481-4040.

Q: I was raised in the Catholic church and as I became a young adult I started to question some of the beliefs regarding judgment and sin. Can you tell me what your viewpoint is on these subjects?
Laguna Niguel, CA

A: We believe God is a loving presence and exists in everyone and everything, and we are not judged or condemned for our actions by a force outside of ourselves. We know that we each have a power within that allows us to co-create with God a greater understanding of our actions and the ability to rise above any challenges.
We do not believe as individuals that we “sin.” Sin is a French work (used in archery) that means to “miss the mark.” It is our belief that when we get off course in life (or miss the mark), or do something that is not for our highest good, we have the opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes and thus make wiser choices in the future and experience a more positive outcome.

Q: My life is very busy, as is most everyone’s. With all of the responsibilities and commitments that we each deal with on a daily basis, what is the best alternative to create a peaceful mind and body?
Irvine, CA

A: You’re absolutely right, this is something we all deal with in our “full” schedules. I am a true advocate of Yoga and meditation. Yoga is a very peaceful way to stretch and relax our bodies and it also allows our minds to be focused on something other than our daily tasks.  Meditation is a great way to clear our minds of any clutter or thoughts that do not serve us. It also allows us to be very present in the moment and turn out thoughts to healthy alternatives. Start with small steps in both of these areas and you will see a difference in no time.


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