2012... Guatemalan Journeys and Mayan Re-connections
By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa



In late 2007 we were invited to visit Guatemala as part of our world tour. Delighted and pleased to go to this amazing land, we had no idea we were starting a new chapter that involves our shared human exploration toward 2012, the reunification of the eagle and the condor, and the call for each of us to make powerful choices for the times ahead.

Our second journey back to the Land of Eternal Spring, proved to be an even deeper experience than our profound first journey. Arriving without any expectations, we returned at the request of several Mayan elders who had sent messages to us through interpreters after our first visit.

How could we even begin to share the magnitude that came forward during this recent confirming adventure? Within two short weeks we:
• Walked through life-threatening illness/energies
• Communicated with UFO’s over Lake Atitlan
• Cleared an ancient burial site and uncovered ancient “Mayan secrets”
• Held in our arms Mayan grandmothers while we cried and remembered
• Completed our fourth book:  “2012: Awakening! Choosing Spirituality or Armageddon”
• Entered Ancient Secret Mayan altars and received direct transmissions from the High Priest

It is vital to recognize that none of “us” are ever in control. We had this journey all planned out, every detail, and from the moment we stepped on the plane in Albuquerque, the universe gently reminded us that “they” had other plans, and did everything in their power to remind us of this.

Our initial trip to Ft. Lauderdale was to be a total of five hours, where we would stop for the night, have a leisurely rest and then buoyantly arrive in Guatemala City the next day. Sounds relaxed and enjoyable…right?

It was 17 hours later that we finally arrived at our destination in Ft. Lauderdale! The universe had stepped in, our plans were out the window, and we had no choice but to surrender to a flow that had other plans for our journey. The stress and conditions on the plane which we were trapped on for 17 hours was enough to push our bodies to the brink of illness.

Within hours we were coughing, lungs congested and beginning to lose vitality. After a brief three hours of rest we were on the next plane to Guatemala City where we had about one hour to rest prior to our first meeting. Our bodies were beginning to really speak to us!

Despite the physical weakness, we were overjoyed to meet with an extraordinary group of light workers who had reached out to us and insisted we should meet with them at a sacred site in Guatemala City. Several years ago they met with JJ Hurtak for similar reasons, and with the rapid onset of 2012, it was time to further ignite this powerful spot. This group was organized by Amilcar, who we lovingly recognize as a sacred grandfather of light, a pure heart who has dedicated his life to the service of the world.

Honoring us with the sacred secrets of his homeland and the gift of now holding them, his living room was filled with many from other dimensions, along with  a Mayan Grandmother, (Tia), and her daughter, (Jo), who had walked a great distance, (two days), to come meet with us. There was great loving recognition and a pledge of solidarity to continue the work of Self-Ascension in Guatemala and tears of welcome to this sacred portal.

Our bodies had seemingly gone into stasis during this important and first meeting, and within a few short hours we were on our way to Lake Atitlan to be there the next night for the full moon lunar eclipse of February 20. This was not an easy task as we wound our way through the countryside, and yet the energy of revelations was prevalent with each turn.

We arrived at our first destination and the small B&B we had arranged to stay at for the night was lovely and unveiled another piece of the puzzle that was rapidly coming together. The energy of transition was so tangible that it was here Kira fell into bed and began to slip away from the world.

What we did not realize in the moment was that she was assisting the man next door to transition without fear by joining him on his journey, and receiving greater assistance from the realms beyond this world to prepare for the revelations of the next 24 hours.

Perhaps it was the rapid onset of high fevers for both of us that provided the foreshadowing of what was ahead on this journey. Maybe it was the unusual amount of wind that was present in February and very out of character for the time of year. And, perhaps it was the conjunction of the stars and planets as we were setting out to a dark and quiet space to spend the evening of the Lunar eclipse.

Arriving at the land where we had been invited to spend several evenings, in a fairly remote part of the lake, we were exhausted, in full fever, and gratefully in the loving care of a good friend who is a native Guatemalan. Finding a bed was at the top of our list, and yet there was a great foreboding that we had a powerful “appointment” at 7:30pm, the time of the lunar eclipse.

There was a growing energy over the lake, and the volcanoes were ominous. Clouds built and grew, then dissipated quickly as more would come in. Lying on the small bed, letting the fever flow through us, we could easily see the sky through the windows that were high up on the walls. Evidently, despite our several-thousand-mile trek to be in this spot for the Lunar eclipse, we were not going to see the event. This was evidenced by the rain that was beginning to come down.

At first the rain felt refreshing, and the abundance of tropical plants offered rich aromas that felt nourishing to our fever-stricken bodies. Yet, hour after hour the rain gained in intensity, so much so that gazing out the window there was only one view… rain… and lots of it.

Our friend joined us at 7:15, and all hopes of an outside experience were gone, as we did our best to stay dry in our small dwelling and prepare to enjoy the energy of the lunar eclipse. We sat together and quietly meditated until almost simultaneously we each opened our eyes and began sharing what we had just experienced. Whether you believe in the union of energies or not, it was quite amazing that we EACH HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE.

Independently we each began to share what on the surface we interpreted as a “past-life” experience, that was connected to the very spot where we were sitting. Not the land itself… the very spot. This spot would have only been where we chose to be, due to the extreme rain outside and the very limited space of the building we were in. We each felt unusually tired, and decided that despite the early hour, (it was now VERY dark outside due to the storm), we would retire for the evening.

What happened within the hour would forever be imprinted on our memories.

Lying in bed, gazing out at the very dark almost ominous night, the rain continued to pour down and visibility was non-existent. Suddenly, without any indication as to why, five very bright lights appeared in the sky, very high up. Kira Raa was the first to see them, and shares:

“First I tried to rationalize what these lights could possibly be. I knew the possibility of any form of aircraft was nearly impossible due to the weather, and yet it took me a few moments to realize that the five lights were synchronized, and offering what felt like a message connected to our earlier meditation.”

When I was awakened by Kira, I was also confused by the lights which were now circling each other, disappearing for approximately a minute, then reappearing in the exact formation and beginning the entire process again. Wanting a “legitimate” explanation, I braved the storm and went outside only to confirm that there was no perceived origin, noise or any other logical explanation for the lights. For over two hours we sat mesmerized and seemingly in communication with the lights as they would repeat over and over again the “message” that was important for us to receive.

Early the next morning, the rain stopped, the sun was trying to come out, and we went outside to gaze at the location where the lights had been. There were no mountains or towers anywhere close, there was indeed nothing except the clear sky. We were ready to fully admit to ourselves that the “message” we had received during our lunar eclipse communication was somehow related to the lights.

Our friend awoke and upon greeting us, asked if we had seen the “strange lights” last evening. Three independent sightings... we each drew the lights as we saw them, and then showed each other the diagrams. We all felt as if we were being initiated into a greater communication and this was just the beginning, our diagrams were all identical.

We created an image of our shared experiences and immediately noticed that if the “lights” were connected, they formed the image of a five pointed star. This felt as if it were part of the message and we share it with you to form your own interpretation. Perhaps you already sense or are aware of the greater message we are still unfolding ourselves.

It was five days later when we finally met with the High Priest of a local Mayan village who confirmed, (without us revealing any of what we experienced), that indeed we were part of a larger disclosure soon to be realized in our world. This disclosure was part of a universal reunion of sorts, and that for many millennia this “truth” has been shielded and is now ready to come forth into our world without doubt.

Much more happened on this trip, and this light show was just the beginning. We were taken to secret Mayan altars that have been hidden since the times of the Conquistadors, shared in powerful fire ceremonies, and shown things we are still doing our best to accept as real.

We will offer our chronicles of discovery as they unfold, and invite you to take a deep breath and allow your unfoldment to be filled with the joy of a young child eating their first ice cream cone. We are at a powerful time in our world, and the elders of indigenous tribes know this. Perhaps it is time we relax and receive the many gifts that are ready to unfold.

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, have come to the forefront of the Higher Consciousness movement in recent years through the quality of information and inspiration they provide to their rapidly-growing international audience. Best-selling authors, 2012 Visionaries and radio personalities, they see this moment in history as an opportunity for Self-Ascension. They  founded the TOSA Center for Enlightened Living and the Avesa Quantum Healing Institute. See www.SelfAscension.com


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