Way of the White Swan
The Journey of the Soul
Mystic Revelations from Babaji and the Himalayan Yogis”
By Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath



The journey of our Soul (the “White Swan”) is the cycle of involution of human consciousness through mind into matter and its subsequent evolution from matter to mind, back to Self-realization. The path of going forth is called pravritti marg where one’s consciousness gets involved in the mind, the senses and the material world. Forgetting its true nature, it garners the experiences of life in its state of avid delusion, as it tastes the desires in this university of the material world. It is buffeted by these attractions and repulsions, after being involved in the best of life, and having tasted the joys and miseries thereof.

The inner-spirit of the “Soul Swan” pushes it towards its own evolution, called the nivritti marg, the inward path of return. This is the evolutionary path of renunciation and detachment from the pleasures of samsara. Here our Soul Consciousness, called the “White Swan,” begins to withdraw itself from the grosser sheath of matter to the subtler spheres of mind. The “Soul Swan” has begun its inner yogic ascent through ever more refined and ever more expanded spheres of consciousness until it gets to the “Divine indweller” which lies at the core of its own being. Then our consciousness expands beyond our own being to the boundless Godessence of the infinite reality.

The “Way of the White Swan” is the evolution of human consciousness, the most comprehensive enterprise ever undertaken by humanity, compared to which the greatest of human achievements pale into insignificance. This process is Yoga which commends itself to the foremost minds of east and west. In the human brain exists the lateral ventricles in the shape of a swan poised in flight, with its wings thrust forward and head pointing to the back as though flying back to the future, faster than light. When a Hamsa-yogi, through meditation and pranayama, activates the kundalini energy, these ventricles in the brain open up. The two petals in the agya chakra, corresponding to the pituitary gland, open first. The yogi, at this stage, experiences Hamsa consciousness, being breathed by the Divine indweller, the universal prana.

The sushumna channel in the spinal cord is the highway through which the Kundalini energy travels and the evolution of consciousness takes place. It is the kinetic energy remaining after the completion of the universe. This force lies as light/sound vibrations coiled in their potential state around the swayambhu linga in the mooladhara (root) chakra. To avail of it for one’s own evolution and realization is the birthright of every human soul. It may be awakened by yogic procedures: shakti sancharan (shakti energy purification) and best by unmani, a no-mind state of absorption.

As the Hamsanath yogi progresses in the hamsa meditation, the third eye opens up in the agya chakra and he goes into the savikalpa consciousness (the super-conscious state of fusion of subject and object, soul and spirit). Then by further practice, he penetrates the star of the third eye and expands to the Paramhansanath yogi’s state of nirvikalpa consciousness (supra-conscious communion with God), dwelling in the cave of Brahma, the brain’s third ventricle. His awareness evolves further, beyond the I-ness of humanity, to settle in the spaces of the lateral Swan-like ventricles of the brain, where he becomes the Siddha Nath yogi.

After this, the mighty Hamsa Soul wins its Wings to Freedom. The subtle fibers of the Corona Radiata in the brain light up with Divine Effulgence and he takes flight into Cosmic Consciousness as the Avadhootnath yogi (God-realization). He experiences the total Divinity of and beyond creation, gaining the ultimate knowledge of Tat Tvam Asi “That Thou Art.” The yogi then merges into Niranjana, the final Nirvana, having attained the enlightenment of Buddha and Christ, the Avadhootnath yogi returns to the world no more. If, under rare circumstances, he ever does, it will be the descent of divinity as the Avatarnath yogi.

The Evolution of Human Consciousness
Entering the natural state, peering into the misty past of the akashic records of the ancient of days, I am blessed with the vision of the Sages of the Fire Mist and their mighty being-preceptor known as the Lakulish of the Lilac Lagoons. Arising from the mystic waters of my consciousness, He holds in his hands the evolutionary lightning of life and death called kundalini. By his grace I see into the akashic records, the timeless evolution of human Consciousness. This is the shramanic knowledge of "border-bottom: 1px dashed rgb(0, 102, 204); cursor: pointer; height: 1em;" id="lw_1183070025_0"> India predating the vedas and all world religions.

From time immemorial, Yoga, the sublime science of the Self, has come down to us. Those who hungered after the truth practiced and experienced for themselves that man is not a perishable body but an undying soul. His origin is Divine.

The end of physical evolution is the perfection of the mammalian form. The end of mental evolution is the perfection of the human mind. And the end of spiritual evolution is the full expression of one’s Soul Consciousness of natural enlightenment.

From pre-historic mammalian man, with his mind enmeshed in the senses, we have gradually evolved to the human man with his mind centered in the intellect. Now we must follow the evolutionary process of Yoga whereby we may become Divine Beings of enlightenment by practicing these ways to enter the natural state.

The Furthering of Human Awareness by Yogic Initiation
The evolutionary process of Yoga whereby we may become Divine Beings is brought about by a series of initiations, which leads to the expansion of consciousness. This process is brought about by the definite intermediation of the Guru who acts in place of the Great Initiator of humanity, giving you a spiritual birth in his name. This furthering of human awareness gives the key to knowledge and opens up new centers of power so the soul becomes more and more aware of itself, to become more serviceable to the world.

Man has seven pranic chakras, seven bodies which are composed of seven states of matter, each rarer than the previous one in density and corresponding to the matter of the seven heavens. There are seven layers of kundalini shakti used during the seven initiations in this world. Each kundalini initiation liberates the seven layers of consciousness to function in their respective bodies and their respective heavenly states. Any initiation beyond the seventh will take the individual soul out of the magneto-spiritual influence of this world, and it can come back no more until the great world cycle is over.
There are seven great initiations which mark the stages of the spiritual progress of the path, each divided into four sub-stages, whereby the Sat-Guru and Divya-Guru take upon themselves the instruction and guardianship of the disciple.

First Level Initiation: Hamsa-Sevak (Hamsa Dvij)
Hamsa-Sevaks are those who have entered the stream of selfless service and work for the welfare of the human race, each according to his/her capacity. They are dedicated to serving humanity as their larger Self. They go where their Guru sends them — they want no more of the world except to be there as an element of service. They do what the Master wants them to do. Hamsa Sevaks are born anew. They are Dvig, and this is the first time they realize they form a connection between humanity and Divinity by service to both.

The Hamsa-Sevaks are dedicated to the Second Declaration of Human Rights for Earth Peace:
To Serve Humanity as One’s Larger Self by Earth Peace meditations every full moon, absorbing its peaceful rays within, and radiating the same to the world without.

Second Level Initiation: Hamsacharya
This is the next level of the expansion of one’s Soul Consciousness. A Hamsacharya serves the human race to a greater extent by selflessly teaching sincere disciples the ways and means to realize themselves. He needs steadfastness and not to bow down or to turn back. Though everything seems against him at times, he must have courage in his convictions to work on, and know that all is working for his ultimate good.

It may appear unjust that when he is trying his best, the worst befalls him, and when he is living better than he ever did, all difficulties assail him. It seems quite unjust and hard that the noble cause he pursues should bring him such hardships. He must refuse in his mind to be disturbed, even by apparent injustice, for it is not injustice that he is reaping in this life, but justice and the fruits in this life of the seeds sown in his past lives (karma). If illness strikes him, he must think that much karmic debt is being paid. He is the stronger for it. When pain and anxiety assail him, he is paying the debt of sorrow, and his thought should be, “Never mind if my body is naked and shivering. I must not leave my soul naked and shivering.” 

The Hamsacharya is joyful in the midst of sorrow, hopeful in the midst of discouragement, and steadfast (stitha-pradnya) in the midst of difficulties. He is content and knows that the great ones and the law of karma are working for his salvation. The Hamsacharya, by sincere spiritual practice, may attain to liberation in this very life and return to earth, but once more for the service of humanity in better circumstances.

Hamsacharyas are dedicated to the Third Declaration of Human Rights for Earth Peace:
Use the way of the peaceful breath that flows equally in all as a means for attaining world peace, thereby diffusing individual and international conflicts by the Hamsa way (Gurunath Samadhi Yoga). The journey of the Soul comprises the expansion of consciousness either through a series of Yogic initiations or by natural evolution, a much slower process.

Third Level Initiation: Hamsanath Yogi (Hamsa Kriyacharya)
Through the Guru’s grace, the initiate enters into the no-mind stage or sahaj samadhi, experiencing the no-mind state of natural enlightenment.
The Hamsanath yogi knows he is united with the Divine.  “Ham” is “I am” and “Sa” is “He.” The jiva comes in as the sound of “Sa” and goes out with the sound of “Ham.” The Hamsanath yogi, due to sincere spiritual meditation in this life, is able to cut the fetters of bondage and karma and get his first liberation. He no longer needs to return to earth anymore. However, more often than not, he is directed to return to earth to be of greater service to humanity, so as to propel the Soul’s journey into more glorious realms of Consciousness.

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