The Nature of Y.O.U.
By Zannah Hackett



Just for a minute imagine that you are a primitive man gazing out onto the vast waters of the ocean. Further imagine that you have not yet developed a spoken language for expressing your thoughts, but instead rely on what Mother Nature makes available to the naked eye. Then slowly, fast-forward this picture through time. Observe how words begin to form and manipulate man’s pursuit. Chronicle how they influence his once natural state of expression and ability to deduce friend or foe. Watch how all reasoning becomes obscured by spun truths and alluring socially-imposed invitations of embroidered beliefs.

Rather than looking at our environment and all that lives in and around us, we still choose to solicit advice from those outside of our self. Our primitive ancestors knew the power of self; the knowledge of survival. They took great pride in listening to the rustle of the trees. Their leafy song told them of good things to come and when to flee. This sensitivity to nature and her laws has left us. We are a species no longer guided by our intuition, but instead we are herded like a flock of sheep destined to be sheared; each believing that the answer lies ahead. When all along it stands right before us.

The answer lies in the obvious. After 12 years of dedicated research and with the assistance of many dedicated professionals working diligently in the field of human behavior, it has been agreed that common sense no longer looks, feels, smells or sounds like what was originally intended. Mother Nature created our sensibilities and we have abandoned them for more popular and entertaining methods of reasoning.

The good news is that these authentic characteristics of human survival were retrievable. And even though we had to put them into a language, a special effort has been made to ensure the authenticity of the knowledge. We call this, “so old it’s new again language,” The Knowledge of Y.O.U., your own understanding.

It is simply a body of objective understanding. It describes how nature shows up in you and what that means in terms of reaching your full potential. All of the obvious physical laws that govern our outbursts, ill feelings and incompetence for rationalizing the simplest of circumstances, begin to have new meaning.

Furthermore, once man understands how they work, these laws that always were here, begin to make life easier. Great things begin to happen. Health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression return and the species is no longer self-threatening. Two years ago an online assessment tool was developed to help reacquaint individuals with this lost and forgotten knowledge of self.

Once man masters it, there will be no reason to not succeed in all facets of life. It minimizes man’s propensity to make mistakes. He knows what stands before him in all matters. This is how we have been gifted the life we lead. That once primitive man, with little to sustain him but his natural understanding, lived so that we may indulge in self-absorption and manipulation. Primitive man is our hero. He succeeded on all fronts and we need to follow his lead and reconnect with that same intelligence that made him successful during the most challenging of times.

Plato said “Know Thyself.” I suggest we start by exploring The Knowledge of Y.O.U., your own understanding.

Zannah Hackett is an author, Relationship Expert and Inspirational Speaker. For more information, visit:  or call (760) 230-8016.

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