The Healing Journey
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



Sometimes the path of life is smooth and beautiful and soft on our hearts. At other times, the road we walk feels uneven, dark, and scary to our soul.
When the road is darker, it is even more important to remember that we are on a healing journey.

The world around us is evolving at an increasingly faster rate. The two words, job security, for example, no longer easily fit together for many who are struggling to find the right way to earn money and pursue a meaningful career. The pull of money, ego, entertainment, and accomplishment demand so much of our attention. Yet even in this immense tractor beam of so much “stuff” energy, we feel something calling us higher in light. We glimpse greater possibilities of life.

Despite our hard (and good) work, many of us have reached what feels like a dead end. What we hoped for and even expected in our lives, despite enormous effort, has not occurred. Our dreams are more fragile, even perhaps slipping away. The path, indeed, is darker, confusing to the soul. Why am I not more utilized, valued, and loved?

What appears like a giant dead end in our lives, however, is actually a hidden invitation to enter an opening to a new world of soul. Love is calling us into a new way of seeing, living, and being.
Right where “failure” appears to lurk, Love is asking us to reframe our world, to see the more hidden path of soul and light. We are being invited to drop the load of worry and anxiety over achieving our many goals and learn to relax in soul. Who we are is so much bigger than what we do, our title, or our recognition. We are here to give and receive love at the highest levels of possibility.

But we can’t do this if we are asleep to love. That’s the paradox of the dead end. When times are good and the money is flowing and the achievements are piling up, it is easy to slip out of remembrance that our life is all about love. Failure, misery, and darkness, however, force us home to the light. At this stage of our evolution in personal growth, it seems we make the biggest leaps forward in life through suffering rather than enlightened choice.

But the path of Light is there — here — even at the worst dead end in our lives. We are being asked to release and let go of our burdens — our old way of looking at life as work and struggle and effort — in careers and even in relationships.

Love is saying, “Go deeper into your beautiful substance and let the substance of who you are create the new forms of your life.”

This is a profound, life-opening idea. It seems natural for us to seek “forms” in our lives — success with a particular project or career, an intimate relationship with the right person, and a bank account at a level of security rather than panic. We get so caught up in these ‘forms,” however, that they become the substance of our lives. We live to achieve these outcomes. Such form-living, however, often brings us to what appears as yet another dead end.

Well, that’s the point. We literally need this dead end. It forces us to stop, recalibrate, and recall the deeper essence of our identity. We realize that there is something beyond all our mighty efforts and we begin surrendering to the new light that gently asks us: What is the highest reason you are here on Earth?

Please take a moment and let your inner knowing answer this question — for yourself — in one short phrase or sentence.

We’ve listened to hundreds of individuals answer this question, and it’s amazing how frequently the word “love, heal, serve, or care” appears in their answers.
This question calls us home to our highest self. It reveals our soul path — the hidden opening of light calling each of us forward on our healing journey. We don’t need recognition, money, or achievement to walk our soul path. We need soul. We need love. This is life on the healing journey. Let us measure wealth by the love we express, the soul we radiate, and the joy we have in being our true selves in this very moment.

As we look down this healing life path, we see we are not alone. All those who have surrendered to the light at what felt like a dead end are infused with new softening wisdom. We see that we are linked together with each other on this path of light. We treasure each other’s gifts rather than comparing, competing, and striving. We relax into being who we are meant to be. This is the life you deserve. This is the life we all deserve. We are on this healing journey together — even at what appear as “dead ends.” Thank you for choosing the light. And thank you for being the light! Welcome to the heart of love.

© Copyright 2007 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization “Calling everyone home to Love” They are co-hosts of “Love Talk,” a live, call-in show on SIRIUS satellite radio channel 114 and authors of books on love & healing, including “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master.” For lots more love and a free Love Quiz, please visit We are holding the space for you to receive all the love you deserve!

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