The Applied Physicists of the Spirit World
By Christina Allen



As a physics major in the 1980’s I wrote my senior thesis on a little caveat in Quantum Theory called ‘non-locality’. No one was talking about it at the time; in fact, most of my professors told me to forget about it — it was just a mathematical anomaly. But there is something intuitively fascinating about non-locality. If you look into it, past the math and into what it suggests, it shows the entire universe is connected and exists outside of linear time.

Now that I look back through the eyes of a Shamanic Healer, I see how useful this is in terms of healing people from their illnesses. When we step out of linear time we can step out of the events that lock us into probable outcome and into possibility.

Quantum Theory is by far the best model we have for predicting the outcome of events at the atomic level, bar none. Tucked deep into the mathematics of the theory, however, is a factor that insists events that are huge distances away from each other, affect one another, simultaneously, without having any physical or electromagnetic contact.

To put non-locality into real terms, consider the experiments done by John Clauser in 1972. Two cadmium ions, taken from a calcium ion as it dropped out of an ‘excited state’, were separated by a very long distance so anything that happened between them could be measured by our modern instruments. The ions were identical in every way except they had opposite directions of spin. One spun clockwise, the other counterclockwise. One of the two ions was then passed through polarizers that instantly reversed its direction of spin, or angular momentum. Since, like energy, angular momentum is conserved at all times, the spin of the second cadmium ion changed direction immediately!

The truly amazing part of this experiment is that these two ions were not in physical contact with each other and the event occurred faster than any electromagnetic wave (light or an electrical signal) could pass between them. This defies our sense of causality. In our macro-world, one physical thing must physically interact with another for the transmission of a change to occur. Further, change happens over a measurable period of time.

Three important ideas come of this. One is there must be some kind of physical matrix already in place connecting these two particles, allowing them knowledge of each other’s condition. The second indicates some kind of shared information between these two ions; it supposes a super-knowledge, or Consciousness, that is keeping track and score. Finally, no time passed between these two events — they happened simultaneously despite being separated by large distances. Since we know it takes time for information to travel from one place to another, this implies that the events occurred outside of our understanding of time.

Think about the Big Bang: the beginning of physical reality as we know it. It was a huge explosion! Excited ions flew every which-way. If all of these ions remain connected as the two cadmium ions in the experiment did, every atom in the universe is connected to every other, still. Further, each one knows what the others are doing at all times! You and I are made of these very atoms, so we too are connected through this matrix.

Now think about the experiments that have been done showing the healing power of prayer. Prayer is concentrated intent. If simply praying for someone changes the outcome of their illness, there must be some energetic component of intent that affects this matrix. In Chemistry, we know if you want to get an ink stain out of a shirt you must use the same solvent the ink was created with in order to dissolve it.

If prayer, or intent, ‘undoes’ illness then intent, or active consciousness, may very well be a basic building block of the universal matrix. The shaman steps out of causality in order to undo illness. She steps out of time to locate original sources of wounding and she disconnects the client from the wounded consciousness that locked them into illness. She relies on the non-locality of the matrix and the ambiguities of time in order to travel.

Another aspect of Quantum Theory that both the shaman and the physicists use is the knowledge that the Universe is probabilistic in nature. At the subatomic level a physicist affects his or her experiment by taking a measurement. There is inherent uncertainty factored into predicting the outcome of all subatomic events. This means the outcome of any given experiment is probabilistic in nature rather than absolute. It becomes absolute, however, once the measurement has been made. Albert Einstein could not accept this. He wanted to believe in a deterministic universe, one where there is a higher hand deciding the outcome in advance.

The beauty of a probabilistic universe, however, is the notion that we can change the information we attain, and thus the results of our experiment, by the measurement we make. There are many probable outcomes to any situation and until a measurement is made they are all possible. In an example of healing, this means a person with a definitive terminal cancer diagnosis can actually find another probable outcome than death if the shaman tracks back in time to before the illness started.

Early trauma changes the way a person perceives and reacts to the world. The events instill a ‘measurement’ of the world, in a sense, that all subsequent decisions are based upon. They change the person’s consciousness. When the shaman disconnects the client from the consciousness these early events inspired, she disconnects him from the causality that brought about the resultant illness. She shifts him out of probable illness and into infinite possibility!

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