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Welcome to Awareness Magazine! 

The  bimonthly magazine devoted to improving your life and the life of the planet.  Our vision is simple - to make our planet a better place in which to live.

The July/August 2007 issue of Awareness Magazine is our "Indigenous Peoples" issue featuring a cover photo of Heyoka Merrifield. This issue includes: Awakening to Global Community: an Interview with Heyoka Merrifield; Accessing the Wisdom of Our Ancestors: an Interview with Sobonfu SomÈ; The Mayan World Tree: Ancient Wisdom Details Acceleration of Human Consciousness by Barbara Hand Clow; Sustaining Cultures: Fair Trade & Spirituality Working Together to Benefit Our Environment; 2012: The Elders Have Spoken: Are We Listening?; Way of the White Swan: Journey of the Soul; Conversation with A Coyote: Lewis Mehl-Medrona; Places of Power: Portals to Greater Connection & Awareness, and much more. You will also enjoy additional articles, columns and reviews by your favorite Awareness writers: Allen and Linda Anderson, Jim Brenholts, Lisa Cherney, Jesse Anson Dawn, Kathy DeSantis, Christopher Dilts, KRS Edstrom, Audrey Hope, Jenny T. Liu, Ann Nelson, Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, Randy Peyser, Robert Ross, Sonia von Matt Stoddard, Donna Strong, Dr. Juliet Tien, D.N., Kay Walburger, Lyda Whiting and Aurora Winter.




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