The Mayan World Tree
Ancient Wisdom Details the Acceleration of Human Consciousness
By Barbara Hand Clow



In the Mayan sacred book — the Popol Vuh — they speak of the World Tree, a magical tree that generates the four sacred directions moving out from the sacred center — Yaxkin — a system for humans that shapes and accesses the spiritual worlds. According to mythology, the World Tree was the first creation in the universe and then everything emanated (and continues to emanate) from it.

Sacred Cultures have always used trees to organize the Earth’s intelligence and shamans have always traveled in them to visit many worlds. What do I really mean by “sacred cultures”? Sacred cultures believe the material world emanates from the spiritual world, and they use key symbols to show how the spiritual world is organized, such as Sacred Trees. In Celtic culture they honor the Oak Tree, in Indian spirituality it is the Banyan tree under which the Buddha experienced enlightenment, in Norse mythology Yggdrasil is a giant ash tree that links and shelters all the worlds and the Kabbalah has its Sacred Tree of Life.

Sacred trees all have certain things in common — roots that reach down into the underworld, a great trunk in the middle world, and branches and leaves that reach the upper world — the cosmos. We can travel in them to access worlds because sacred trees are the living structures of all the world. Regardless of the heritage, all sacred science in ancient cultures thought of these trees as circulation systems for human consciousness.

The Material and the Spiritual Worlds

The Mayan Popul Vuh shows that by means of the imagination of the Creative God First Father, his son First Lord or One Hunapu, thrust upward the World Tree at the beginning of time to create a new world. Douglas Gillete commented in The Shaman’s Secret, “This wondrous Tree had its roots in the underworld. On the earth plane it shaped all time and space. Its topmost branches spread into the overworld where they organized the space-time of the heavens and set the star fields in motion.” Gillete shows (by printed plates that were buried with the dead to help them travel easily in the other worlds) that the Mayan believed the dual spiritual dimensions of the lower and upper worlds completely surround and enfold our world of normal space and time. For me, this idea of the lower and upper worlds is real, experiential and all these levels of consciousness are completely accessible to anyone.

Since 1995, Gerry Clow and I have been creating Pleiadian Agenda Activations. Based on my own experiences I knew how powerful these activations were and both Gerry and I could see how much our students evolved during the process. But it wasn’t until I was introduced to Carl Johan Calleman’s theory that the driver of evolution through time is the World Tree that I finally understood the purpose of my work.

According to Calleman, the Mayan Calendar is composed of nine sequential levels of time stacked on top of each other that all end simultaneously in 2001. Each level or “underworld” is evolving twenty times faster than the previous one, which has caused time to accelerate faster and faster progressively speeding up evolution. I explore this concept of time acceleration in my new book The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. Assuming Carl Calleman is right about his interpretation of the Calendar, we humans are not helplessly caught on a cycled wheel of time that spins out ever-repeating cycles. Instead, we are experiencing a tight spiral of evolution that is pulling us all into its own apotheosis — the transformation of the human into enlightenment.

During our Pleiadian Agenda Activations (which align our students with the nine dimensions of consciousness) the root system of the Tree corresponds to the first and second dimensions, the trunk is the third and fourth dimensions, and the branches are the upper five dimensions. If your mind is open to this possibility, then it is easier to see how the Maya and other people working with sacred trees were able to access all the knowledge of the universe and the timeline for the evolution of human consciousness. And they did this without computers, the internet and satellite communication.

In 2005 I realized that the Pleiadian Activations resonate with what I call the “shivering” of the World Tree; Activations are direct access to the maturation level of the Tree (and hence of consciousness). Because all nine underworlds of the Mayan Calendar evolve simultaneously (all ending in 2011/2012), the relationship is that the exponential speed up of the World Tree frequencies causes the transformation of the worlds in the nine dimensions. Our Activations seem to really help students (as well as Gerry and me) integrate the rapid time acceleration of the Galactic Underworld 1999 through 2011.

The truth is members of sacred cultures know a lot because they continually access knowledge from these many dimensions, whereas contemporary Westerners have often forgotten almost everything except what they can see everyday and this huge perceptual loss makes the sold world into an unnecessary and limiting prison. I cannot imagine being in sold reality without orienting myself by this multi-dimensional enfoldment, since the many worlds offer 90% more than what I perceive in the material world.

The Four Sacred Directions

Returning to the concept that the upper and lower worlds completely enfold the material world, all sacred people find their center in the material world by the four sacred directions. The World Tree generates the four sacred directions of the solid world, and orienting yourself to these directions daily can assist you in keeping your center when you feel off balance or when you feel overwhelmed and disconnected from Mother Earth due to the rapid acceleration of time.

It is important to note that these directions are not just geographical North, South, East, and West. The sacred view for Native Americans and the Maya is that spiritual qualities arrive in the material world from each direction, and when we “center,” we can see and hear “spirit” by reading the information coming in from the directions. Centering means generating the tree in our bodies, and spirit is simply the knowledge that exists in the unseen worlds, which are just as real as the visible one. Simply put, in a specific location, energies that come from the East offer us spiritual direction, from the South nurturance, from the West transformation, and from the North great cosmic knowledge.

For example, most of what I know about the Mayan Calendar has come to me from the North. When I sit in ceremony within my altar to the directions, this altar is the center of the ceremony — and for that ceremony, the center of the universe. Sometimes, a sacred temple or a pyramid in a given location is the center where spiritual energy arrives into that place. When I do ceremony, I always set an altar to the four directions and then pray to seven directions. This adds the upper and lower worlds and center, which is my heart united with the hearts of all the other people in the ceremony.

During Activations, I’ve always thought of my altar as center in that particular space. In June of 2005 however, once I fully understood Calleman’s work, I suddenly realized that the World Tree is center during Pleiadian Activations. This revelation has fundamentally changed my work and my life. Knowing this demands that I teach Calleman’s work before I do my own teaching, unless students have already studied his work themselves. I am now aware that Pleiadian Activations directly affect the global energy field, which is both an exciting and challenging realization. Yet, how could this be?

Holographic Resonance between the Human Brain and Earth

During Pleiadian Agenda Activations since 1995, our students have been exploring the roots of the World Tree by traveling to Earth’s core and retrieving information to activate our consciousness. This work was deepened in 2004 when I published The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, which is a scientific investigation of The Pleiadian Agenda, which is a channeled or intuitive book. In Alchemy, I noted that, “The incredible truth is that we vibrate with the pulse of Earth, which aligns us with all other beings — including light — in the ladder or chain of existence. This is the vertical axis of consciousness.”

The system of nine dimensions we work with really does describe the different aspects of human consciousness, but we’ve often been stumped by the control of 4D — the collective mind — in our lives. It turns out that Calleman’s concept of the functioning of the World Tree explains how this works, especially considering that our brain waves are entrained by Earth’s vibratory patterns. That is, our brains register the vibrations of 4D (as well as the other dimensions) whether we are conscious of this or not.

In other words, when we are in the deepest states of concentration, we are hooked right into the core of Earth’s central intelligence, and when we let go, relax and fall asleep, our minds move out of Earth’s fields. When we are thinking the most intensely and having creative flashes of genius, we are vibrating with the iron core crystal, and when we move out into space, we are leaving our bodies and Earth and moving into the celestial realms.

In my nine-dimensional system, the first dimension (1D) is the iron core crystal in the center of Earth, 2D is the outer and inner core, 3D is the crust, and 4D is the Earth’s atmosphere extending all the way through the Inner and Outer Van Allen belts and out to the Magnetopause. Then the higher five dimensions are out in the Galaxy beyond the Magnetopause. Very adept students know where they are in the dimensions just by reading their own brain frequencies.

Calleman notes that, “The concordance between the traditional ranges for the frequencies of different types of brain waves and the radiuses of earth’s spheres is remarkable.” Clearly, our brains are transducers of all the elements of Earth and the cosmos, and once people realize this, they will stop destroying their habitat. For example, the fields our brains can read in the atmosphere are being altered by microwave frequencies created by cell towers and microwave ovens.

During Activations when we go into Earth’s core with prayers and respect, the most consistent and enduring experience people have is of a timeless Eden, a creation place that contains all species of the plants and animals that have ever appeared on Earth’s surface. Some people seem to be traveling in the Cellular Underworld or in the early stages of the Mammalian Underworld, and many people have astounding revelations about the species and their changing habitats. The refrain usually is that all species exist eternally in Earth’s core crystal and could return to inhabit the surface if a habitat existed in Earth’s material realm to support them.

In other words, the habitat on the surface determines what is actually created, while all the aspects of creation exist in potential form in the center of Earth. Calleman says, “raising our frequencies and awakening our minds through resonance with the earth’s inner core are tantamount to following a path toward enlightenment.” This is why Gerry and I explore Activations with students, our own personal contribution to the enlightenment path that is unfolding during the end of the Mayan Calendar through AD 2011.

Barbara Hand Clow is an International Mayan Elder (Comunidad Indigena Maya), Cherokee Record Keeper, and internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher and author. She has published eleven books, including “The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind,” “The Pleiadian Agenda,” “Mind Chronicles,” “Alchemy of Nine Dimensions” and “Catastrophobia.”

Barbara will be touring So. California in September, 2007 and conducting the Pleiadian Agenda Activations in Encinitas September 28-29. For more information on her tour, go to , call (619) 944-2450 or visit:

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