Four Directions Wisdom Gathering
Sowing the Seeds of Change
By Corinne L. Casazza



According to Dr. Chet Snow, “Quantum physics and traditional knowledge agree that the collective energy of a group of conscious people in a sacred space will be amplified and transmitted across Mother Earth much more powerfully than isolated, individual efforts, no matter how positive.” On May 18-20, at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona, a gathering occurred “to coalesce and direct positive intentions all across Turtle Island (North America) and abroad.”

Chet and Kallista Snow, in cooperation with Karen Koebnick of Sedona Spiritual Journeys (a division of Stellar Productions), brought together Native American elders, and leaders of other indigenous peoples to “talk story,” open their hearts and confer about the future of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

Sherry Merrell, keeper of Synergy, the ancient crystal skull opened the conference.

Native American elders included Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Rogue River Indians of Oregon; Grandfather Martin Gashwesoma, a Hopi elder, and Willard Pine an Ojibway elder from Canada. Russell Means, the Lakota actor and activist who has been called “the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse” gave the keynote address.

Elders from other traditions included Puanani Mahoe, or Auntie Pua as she is affectionately known, a Hawaiian Kupuna (respected one); Flordemayo, a Mayan elder and spiritual healer from Nicaragua and New Mexico; Danilo Villafane, an Arhuaco elder from the sacred mountains of Columbia.

Other distinguished speakers included Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual leader of the Agape International Spiritual Center and his wife, internationally acclaimed spiritual musician, Rickie Byars Beckwith. Wachan Baiyoperak, a Peruvian Shaman with his wife Martika and daughter Shiqwarkenty led us in Saturday’s opening music and ceremony.

In a traditional medicine wheel, the North heralds wisdom. Uncle Willard Pine held this direction. Willard’s wisdom centered on connecting with our children and preserving the sanctity of Earth for the next seven generations. Willard is a consummate story-teller and all of his teachings are light-hearted. “Humor is strong medicine and it’s free,” he said. He regards Sedona as a sacred center of healing, “Everything emanates out from here.”

The South holds the energy of innocence and trust. Grandmother Agnes prevailed upon all women and mothers to rise up and honor the children they are raising. She called upon mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters; whatever role a woman is fulfilling in the life of a child, to step into it fully. “Children should be included in decisions,” she said. “They hold the wisdom of the future.”

The West is the direction from which we look inward. The wisdom of the elders is in all of us. Those who walked before us, walk with us now. The elders advised attendees to go within to find our connection to Spirit through nature. Grandfather Martin reminded us that nature can reveal to us our true selves and show us where we are out of balance. We can then use this reflection to create change. We should be asking the question what can we do to move forward?

Special guest, Michael Bernard Beckwith, offered that we can move forward by paying attention to our thoughts and raising our consciousness. “See a better you and a better world,” he said. “Put your focus on what is working and move from there; stand up in your own life.”

His wife, Rickie Byars Beckwith, echoed his sentiments musically. Her song “In the Land of I am” speaks to being all we are meant to be and moving forward in love.

Michael Beckwith honored the elders by calling Grandmother Agnes and Auntie Pua to the stage to offer prayer. Grandmother Agnes put special emphasis on the water. She referred to it as “the life blood of the planet” and called for healing of the pollution and clean water for all.

The Beckwiths invited the audience to reach out to a power greater than themselves and to allow it to work through them. To see the Earth as home and be committed to its change.

A panel discussion of the elders followed. A question was asked about the state of children’s behaviors and the alarming rate at which children in the United States are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Grandmother Agnes advocated that people choose conscious conception. People should ask themselves if they are ready to hold the fragile consciousness of a child in their hands and hearts. “Be mindful,” she cautioned, “be aware that every word you say; every act you commit affects the development of your child.”

Native American flute player, Tony Redhouse, gave a special musical performance on Saturday evening. He brought in the sounds of nature such as birdcalls and waterfalls, helping the attendees to realize the importance of sound in healing, cleansing, and raising our vibration.

Redhouse got the audience into a circle and each chose an instrument. It was childlike; everyone laughing and having no certain direction. From this chaos arose a song of unity. It represented what we can accomplish in community — no one person has the answer. He inspired all to find their own song and bring it together with others.

The closing ceremony was held in the sacred rocks of Sedona’s Red Rock State Park. The attendees gathered in a large circle in the Sun to honor Mother Earth. The elders told the gathering the importance of taking their shoes off and feeling the pulse of the Earth; becoming one with her.

What happens in the North affects the South and the East and the West, the elders told us. The Earth is alive and she is an intricate, interrelated system. We must come up with answers from a collective space. We have to go in, find our own answers; start with ourselves. Realize there is something greater than our human form and allow that to work through us. We cannot deny that we are separate from nature any longer. We are each responsible to bring our answers forward in community. Everyone must have a voice. The elders challenged all to bring out their inner wisdom and illuminate the Earth.

As people shielded their eyes from the mid-afternoon sun, many pointed skyward. Above the gathering in the cloudless blue sky, an Eagle flew. He graced us with his presence three times and the elders knew it was a sign the community’s prayers had been heard.

If you are interested in learning more about the Four Directions Wisdom Gathering and bringing forward its seeds of change to others, visit: and order a conference DVD. A documentary is also being made.


Sedona Synchronicity:
What Caused Blackout During The Four Directions Gathering?
By Corinne L. Casazza

Marsha Adams, Executive Administrator and chief scientist of International Earthlight Alliance, reported an intense amount of geomagnetic activity in Sedona at the beginning of the Four Directions Wisdom Gathering. Similar activity has been recorded in Sedona at other times, and at other sacred sites around the globe.

“There was a power outage in West Sedona beginning at 8:32 pm,” said Adams, “an exceptional amount of electromagnetic activity occurred before, during and after the outage.”

When Adams called the power company to determine the source of the outage, “They were hedgy about its cause.”

A supervisor from the power company took two days to return Adams’ call. He said the blackout was caused by a Mylar balloon tangled in wires near the observatory. Adams found several inconsistencies in his story that he could not explain.

“In Native American terms,” she said, “this increase in the activity of the electro-magnetic field would be considered the voice of the Earth Mother.”

She also related that earthlights appeared pointing in the direction of the Sedona Creative Life Center which hosted the Wisdom Gathering. Earthlights are glowing balls of light that appear over the ground and, according to Adams, are naturally-occurring phenomena.

“Two earthlights appeared in the direction of the conference center (the observatory has a view in that direction) with the power coming back on. It’s very rare to get earthlights in this area.” The earthlights appeared for only 10 seconds, but Adams was able to capture them on film. The image is posted on her organization’s web site:

Adams also confirmed the electromagnetic activity continued throughout the time the Four Directions Gathering was being held. When asked if she felt there was any relation between the Wisdom Gathering and these phenomena, Adams would only say, “I think it’s an interesting synchronicity and it’s always beneficial to note synchronicities.”

More data needs to be analyzed to draw conclusions as to whether the synchronicity is scientifically and statistically meaningful.

In a preliminary report, Adams said, “Some indigenous traditions may explain synchronicity using the analogy of the spider’s web; the interconnectedness of all things; that activity on one part of the web propagates across and affects the entire web. Mainstream quantum physics is leaning in the direction of indigenous tradition’s connectedness concepts. Perhaps the reader should decide which reality they prefer.”

International Earthlight Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children and attracting them to science by studying anomalies. For more information, visit: 


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