ExxonMobilís Impact on Climate Change
In this documentary, Global Warming has a face, and that face has a name: ExxonMobil. The biggest private corporation in the entire history of humankind is exposed for being the biggest ozone offender. If thatís not enough, we see ExxonMobil backing brutal governments in Africa and abusing human rights in various other countries, including the U.S. when you count the still-unresolved 1989 Valdez oil spill.

Mentioning Valdez, the film adeptly detours to the havoc and tragedy wreaked in Alaska. Interviews are shown with specialists who, even now, diligently labor to make ExxonMobil right its wrongs in the Prince William Sound. To date, ExxonMobil continues to appeal the $5 billion awarded to the plaintiffs, 6,000 of whom have died never having seen one penny of compensation.

But back to Global Warming. The filmmaker painstakingly interviews scientists, climatologists, naturalists, a governmental whistler-blower, and an ExxonMobil exec to ascertain the magnitude of this matter. At nearly every turn, he finds himself linking back to ExxonMobilís wild profiteering.

Especially disturbing is learning how ExxonMobil has for decades bankrolled the junk science surrounding this issue. Contrarianism has been bought and sold as a facade for scientific deliberation; blatantly duping the public into believing that Global Warming was up for debate.

Director, Tom Jackson, illuminates why ExxonMobil is singled out for its shameless self-interest and complete disregard for the present or future of civilization. Out of Balance sends a clear message on how to correct the planetary degradation of Global Warming. Boycott ExxonMobil is priority on the list!  This film is energetic, engaging, effective, and optimistic in its vote for humanity.

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Reviewed by Michele Geracoulis

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