Expectations Can Limit You
Excerpted from “Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation”
By Dr. Richard Bartlett



In order to deal with and meet the challenge of people’s expectations, I tell them that an experience with Matrix Energetics can mean everything or can mean nothing: no thing! If you observe what I am doing as evidence that a particular thing has occurred, this in turn implies that by the power of your consciousness, your observation of one specific outcome, you may in turn limit the expression of all other possible desirable outcomes from the same experience. The act of choosing, as they say in quantum physics, collapses all the other probable occurrences into the one event or result that is consciously chosen.

If I say that our interaction is about a “thing,” then I have limited what “it” can be. In order to include all of the possibilities you have to consider what might normally be deemed impossible and make them part of the solution-set. If we interpret the ideas of quantum physics liberally and with a large dose of imagination, we can begin to understand that for each possible outcome many other probability realities can occu — perhaps even some things that would be considered impossible within the context of our mutually assured construction of reality.

So within the framework of my interaction with the people at an event, many things may happen, even some in which I did not consciously participate. I have received calls and e-mails describing how, in a number of instances, someone in the audience had a healing event simply by sitting in the morphic field generated by the presentation. While this is obviously a very desirable occurrence, I can in no way promise that something of this nature will occur in any given set of circumstances, nor will I be able to guarantee it will not. Fortunately, those things are not entirely up to my conscious awareness or participation.

Expect the Unexpected
People will attach meanings to things. So whatever you see me do, you will see it through your own eyes and interpret it through your database of experiences. Each person might have a different experience, based on how you have set up the rules for deciding what things mean to you. Whatever meaning you make is ultimately only about you. Don’t make it about faith healing, or knocking people to the floor. Also, don’t think that if it doesn’t happen, you are doing something wrong. That is just about how you interpret events within your worldview. You will see what you expect to see, and learn, in many cases, only within the context of what you already think you know.

Are You Ready to Wake Up in the Matrix?
Reach down and touch the surface of a table that is nearby. You probably think that when you are touching the top of a table that its surface is hard, that it is a solid, physical object. But really, the table is composed of electrostatic charges that pop in and out of existence continually. If you learned to see the table from a quantum viewpoint or way of looking, perhaps if you could absolutely hold that desired state, you could put the fingers of your hand right through that tabletop. But don’t try to do that if you see the table as a hard, fixed, structural object; you might break your hand!

Getting to a foothold in consciousness where experiences in what others and I call non-ordinary reality is not only possible, but becomes second nature, requiring the constant practice in stretching the boundaries of your beliefs so the flexibility of your new state practically demands that your experience of the world around you undergo a transformational shift. This is one of the things I think the Matrix Energetics seminar does for those who attend. We provide a safe harbor for you to experiment and to map unusual, useful, and reproducible states of consciousness that can aid you in shifting the parameters of your awareness into a wave-front or quantum conscious state.

Once those changes and new perceptions are accompanied by quantifiable experiences within the course of the seminar experiment, then you begin to experience confidence that this is not something weird, or “out there.” It is merely another way of observing, which can and does produce physical changes in the people and things with which you practice. Once the mind has stretched to encompass the reality of a new experience, it can never shrink back entirely into the old way of seeing the world.

Like an example given in my book, suddenly you look out into the previously empty harbor, but now you perceive the presence of “ships.” What was previously there, but unperceived, suddenly appears obvious and just as real as anything else in your immediate environment. Welcome to day one of a new life’s expression! This is what makes Matrix Energetics so much more than just a technique or system of healing.

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