Computer Recycling Program Is  Huge Success!!!
Proceeds Have Purchased 20 New Computers for Local Public Library
By Maria Smith



As technology is advancing at a more rapid pace every year, we are left wondering what to do with our outdated computer systems, cell phones and electronics. In 2003, California lawmakers enacted SB20, making it unlawful to discard televisions, computer monitors and laptops.  Most of us are concerned about how our e-waste will affect the planet, not to mention the space it will take up in the landfills. We would like to recycle our electronics, but donít know how.

The Dollar Self Storage center at 1065 E. Third Street in Corona has become a certified drop-off center for e-waste, and donations are taken at no cost. A 360 square-foot storage unit has been donated by Dollar Self Storage for this new community service program and all proceeds are given to the Corona Public Library Foundation for use in purchasing 20 new computer systems.

This program is a simple one. Businesses and individuals gather up their unwanted, outdated, unusable or broken e-waste items and bring them to the Dollar Self Storage location at 1065 E. Third Street in Corona.  Please see the websites for a list of accepted items. Items can be dropped of during office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sunday). Thatís it!!, itís that easy!!, itís FREE!!  Now you have helped save the planet and contributed to the further enrichment of Corona Public Library patrons.

This recycling program is the outcome of brainstorming by the staff of the new Dollar Self Storage center, wanting to become a productive member of the community. The program has been in effect since late March, 2007 with a kick-off at the Corona Chamber of Commerce ďGood Morning CoronaĒ networking breakfast meeting. The response from the community has far exceeded expectations. The recycler is now picking up full loads every two weeks.

The citizens of Corona, Norco, the Inland Empire and surrounding areas have proven to be generous, earth friendly and civic minded.  Thanks to the hard work of the Dollar Self Storage team of Scott Thomas, Connie Matthews and Maria Smith, this program will be continued with other local libraries after their goal of purchasing 20 new computer systems for the Corona Public Library has been met.

Abigail Beronich, Public Services Division Manager at the Corona Public Library, has said that she is very excited about this program and that it couldnít have come at a better time. The Corona Public Library and their Foundation have been instrumental in getting the word out about this program throughout the community.

Businesses interested in participating with matching funds or other financial contributions may contact Maria Smith at (951) 738-9557 for more information.

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