Celebrate Yourself!
By Lisa Cherney



When was the last time you celebrated yourself? When was the last time you toasted to all that you have accomplished? Do you say, “Thank you” or “That a girl, you did it!” to yourself on a regular basis? This is not a small thing to be taken lightly. All the books say to celebrate your accomplishments, but they don’t say this it essential to feeling joy and success. When we don’t celebrate our success we are letting it die. When it dies it takes a small piece of us with it. Yes, I mean when we don’t say, “You go girl!” or “Great job!” it is like we are ignoring our progress, our work and our efforts. When we ignore them, it’s like they didn’t happen. It’s like our efforts have gone unnoticed.

Give Yourself Credit
Often, instead of giving ourselves credit, we look for validation outside. We want it from our clients, parents, teachers, spouses and even our children. We feel like they don’t appreciate us. I say it is time we learn to acknowledge ourselves. Whenever you are looking for outside validation, take it as an opportunity to give it to yourself instead.

Whatever you wish “they” were saying, say it to yourself!  Just think, you can tell yourself… good job, you are brilliant, I would hire you in an instant and pay you lots of money! Wouldn’t it be powerful to give ourselves the validation we seek outside? Hay, we talk to ourselves all the time, but often they are not loving, validating thoughts. It is a skill we already have, and it is time we use it for good and not evil!

All the time we have spent seeking validation, praise, acknowledgement or love from outside, it has been within us waiting to be tapped. It is inside you in abundance just longing to be accessed. What would it feel like to tap into that power? And if you are a caregiver (i.e. parent, coach, healer, teacher) you are accustomed to doing this for other people, so you have an even deeper well to access because you already have the words. Those words are often for other people, but it is time to use them for yourself.

Pretend you are coaching yourself. Pretend you are your own client, pretend you are your child.  Ask, “What would I say to them?”  Then just say it to yourself!!! Just imagine what it would be like if you never were longing for someone else to say, “I am so proud of you!” or someone else to say, “Good Job!” or someone else to say, “I love you.” How powerful that would be!

Filling Yourself Up
Now when you are looking for this from others, know this is a sign you are feeling empty and it is time to fill yourself up. Take it as a sign to do self-care, to take time to celebrate, to take time to ask yourself why you are so great. In fact, this is your assignment: 

ASSIGNMENT: Open a new document on your computer, take out a fresh piece of paper or your journal and ask yourself these questions:
- Why do people like spending time with me?
- How do I help people (friends, family, clients or co-workers)?
- What do people say when they recommend me to a friend?
- What are my talents and passions?

Let the answers flow in. Accept it as the truth. Then, use it for your marketing or in your job interviews!! Read it when you feel down, and practice saying these things until they feel like second nature. You see, that is how it flows into how you communicate for your business or work of purpose. If you are not praising yourself on a regular basis, how are you going to sell yourself to a client and how are you going to talk about your accomplishments? 

It is all for the greater good of sharing your purpose with the world. Whatever that purpose may be.  So please go out there and celebrate what is great about yourself and celebrate what your fans know to be true: you are unique and that is why we want to be with you AND do business with you. So, start with praising yourself and we will praise you too. However, it won’t be what you need, it will just be the icing on the cake!!

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Marketing Consultant and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing™. If you want a business full of passion and profit, visit: www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (888) 771-0156.
© 2007 Lisa Cherney

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