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By Christopher Dilts



Christopher Dilts communicates with the Angels to receive their loving answers to our most probing spiritual questions, as well as our most practical, down-to-earth concerns about life, love, family and business. The Angels can provide loving answers from the Angelic perspective on any topic. If you have a question and would like to hear the Angels’ perspective in response, please contact us at

Q. I know I am in the wrong industry and would like to know which field I should go into that serves my purpose and my highest good? Thanks for your help.

Dear Sadie,
Your question is a wise and important one. We are all faced at times with a sure and certain sense that we are not working in full alignment with our life purpose.

Your Angels want you to know that your Soul’s Purpose is reflected in what brings joy to heart, mind, body and spirit. Your Soul’s purpose is always aligned with your true gifts — those qualities and attributes of your being that your soul brought to earth to give as gifts to those around you. We each come to earth with a set of gifts within us; gifts that give us joy when we give them to others.

Sometimes these gifts are obvious, such as artistic abilities, painting, cooking, music, or a sport. Other times the gifts are more subtle, for example, listening and compassion that make someone a gifted counselor.

Your Angels want to you inventory your gifts — make a list of the things you love to do and that bring you joy. Do a mini-life review — review your childhood through today and free your imagination as you do this — trust the joyful experiences that surface as you do the review. Don’t overlook the simple things — your Angels remind you that joy lives moment by moment in your life, and that it flows in simple expressions of appreciation for others and their gifts.

Your Angels also want you to realize that right now, it is much more important how you do your work than the type of work you are doing. As soon as you complete a list of your gifts, you will see ways to incorporate your gifts into your current position and into current relationships. It is OK to start small here and build gradually. It is important that you fully engage this process and build momentum over time.

Practice appreciation for the job you have right now — make a list of at least 10 things you do appreciate about this job and focus on them. Be mindful of them every day.

Sadie, your Angels are teaching you about your source of prosperity with this advice! This advice will help you shift your thinking and will create a very powerful magnetic attraction to new opportunities that match your gifts. The more you focus on appreciation and upon clarifying and engaging your gifts, the stronger this attraction will become. Your intention for a position that matches your gifts, and this natural spiritual magnetic attraction, will work wonders at helping you move to a better position. It will be helpful for you to read the message from “The Angel of Prosperity” at

I realize you would like a simple, quick career-change answer along the lines of “becoming a veterinarian,” but that would not be the most valuable advice right now. Remember they work for the evolution of your soul and the clear expression of your spirit. They are giving you tools to change your point of view and by so doing, to literally change your mind. As you change your mind, your external reality will change to match it.

Best Wishes and All Angel Blessings!

Christopher Dilts is an internationally-recognized Angel Intuitive and Healer who has been helping people learn to connect with their Angels for over 10 years. For more information about working with your Angels and free Angel Messages, visit the Ask an Angel website. Call about his regular worldwide Free Teleseminars and Angel Healing Circles by phone, or to schedule an individual session: (866) 200-9148 (Toll Free), email: , or visit:

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