2012:  The Elders Have Spoken…
Are We Listening?
By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa



Throughout the ages, human communities have been guided by wise elders and staunch generals. Whoever sat in power offered direction, created new myth and validated or destroyed prior wisdom teachings. People who have aligned with the paradigms of their own culture and usually ignore other paradigms. In spite of the ever-changing moods of the times, some wisdom teachings have prevailed. Perhaps they carry a truth our souls can not ignore.

 Joseph Campbell brought to the forefront of our minds the fact that indigenous cultures around the globe had similar myths and creation stories. He helped us see the universal oneness of Spirit that was expressing on all continents. His writings on the power of myth are soul-stirring!

One gift that the indigenous elders offer to us all is their ability to remain detached from the turbulence of the fads and fashions of the outer world. In western cultures predominately, people often chose modern ways at the expense of essential wisdom. Westerners, for the most part, have lost touch with the spirit of the earth, the true cycles of time and the wisdom of spaciousness.

Turning away from the hollowness of western values, many of us found that our path of spiritual awakening required a return to the ancient ways, a renewed relationship with Gaia and the Great Mystery. What we have personally experienced was that reconciliation with our human roots was a healing, not a destination. That is, the ways of the elders must be embraced in order to heal the wound of separation.  We do not necessarily need to return to an agricultural lifestyle, however, we do need to reclaim the wisdom that was birthed from that time.

For example, the wisdom of the Wise Ones is filled with trust in Spirit. There is a universal respect for all Beings and awe for the sky and the galactic brethren that reside there. They taught a primary respect for the heart as the gateway to the soul’s knowledge, and that right action was birthed from patience not impulse. The breath carried energy and wisdom, and the earth offered all that was necessary for essential harmony. These truths offer great guidance for us all.

Allow yourself this one moment and please bring your hand to your heart, breathe deeply and relax into self trust. Your DNA carries the wisdom of the entire species and a connection to all Universal Wisdom. It is truly in each and every one of us!  From the place of inner trust and soul connectivity, we invite you to read the brief synopsis below of prophecies from the Elders of various cultures. These perspectives have been held sacred by elders around the world, and are best understood through the open heart.

The Hopis predict that period of turmoil and purification that is the sign of the ending of the 4th world and the beginning of the 5th world. They refer to the appearance of a Blue Star Kachina from the heavens. The Mayans call this period the “end of time.” The Zulus believe the whole world will be turned upside down. The Cherokee’s ancient calendar ends in 2012, just like the Mayan. In  Egypt, the stone calendar of the Great Pyramid also indicates that the present time cycle ends in 2012. The Dogon in Africa say that the “original visitors” will return in a spaceship that has the form of a blue star. The Incas refer to this time as the “Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.” The Hindus write of this Kali Yuga as the end of time of man and the coming Yuga as the age of many Enlightened Ones. The Maoris say that the veils will dissolve and there will be a merging of the physical and spiritual worlds.

As you receive these ancient prophecies, we encourage you to experience them from the heart rather than allowing your brain to debate these “predictions”; instead, simply breathe and feel the impact of them upon your heart and consciousness. Can you remain open to the possibility that there is some truth in these prophecies? If we are on the cusp of a new era, does that not explain much of the chaos in our world today?  Anytime significant changes happen in our lives we witness turbulence and instability before the new stability comes into being. With every ending comes a new beginning; the cyclical nature of existence is a spiral of expansion.

We, (Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa) live in conscious communion with the Archangelic Realm. This connection has offered us insights and mystical understandings that have changed our lives and our essential energy. We have written about these insights in our two books on 2012 and the impact on a humanity that is awakening. The mystical glimpse we have been privileged to witness shows us this is a time of celebration for all humanity! The end of this cycle of consciousness is the opportunity to enter a new, more expanded cycle.

In the universal expansion that is presently underway, we each have the choice to react with fear and “try to turn the clock back,” or respond with love and embrace the new opportunities. The choice is one of collapsing energy, or expanding energy and either choice involves commitment!

Perhaps it is time to trust our essential nature with renewed commitment. That is, instead of focusing on the pain and turbulence in the outer world of creation, let us anchor inwardly. Let us embrace the soul wisdom of the elders, knowing Spirit is eternal. From that place of trust, enjoy the global awakening, for it is a global graduation party! To “graduate” is to release old attachments and patterns and to acknowledge that this chapter is now complete. Are you ready to let go of your old ways of being conscious and embrace the graduated consciousness?  

2012 represents a rising tide in energy and consciousness; it is liberation, not a death sentence. To mature as conscious Beings, we must expand our divine knowing and remain connected to our heart’s essence. From this essence we will together manifest a beautiful next step!

We are all the elders, and yes, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa have  just released their third book, “2012: Atlantean Revelations, Becoming A Mystic in A 9-5 World.” They are currently traveling the world as part of the 2012 Revelations Tour and can be heard weekly on their radio show, Higher Love. Visit:  www.SelfAscension.com

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