We Have the Power to Bring Balance
By Jennifer O’Reilly
Photos By Rachelle Figueroa



When I heard there would be a group of Hopi Eagle dancers performing to support the Hopi Run to the Water Forum in Mexico, I raced to Sedona to participate.

There, I met the former Hopi tribal chairman, Vernon Masayesva, along with Rueben Saufkie Sr., who was organizing the Water Run to Mexico City. Because of student final exams, there were only six who performed the Eagle dance that night.

Meanwhile, back in Topanga, a dear friend who is an unofficial counselor and helper to many, had a dream about six eagles. When I returned to give him some of the sacred corn powder used in a Hopi ceremony, he told me he and his wife both had a dream the night before about dust storms on Hopi land and a split, and how people would remain safe if they stayed on one side of it.

I realized something was trying to go full circle, and soon we found that the people of Topanga felt a profound connection to our Hopi friends. Vernon was invited to speak at Earth Day, as well as the Topanga Peace Alliance Meeting, and his presence was enjoyed by all.

Upon returning from Arizona, I studied the Hopi prophecies, and sure enough, there is one that tells of a split yet to come. Dust and wind could certainly be a bad combination on Hopi land, considering the ground is so dried up from lack of water. Nature is revealing its signs to us and we must get our house in order if we are to survive. The prophecies say that what takes place on Hopi land causes the same thing to happen in other parts of the world.

This sort of thing can be prevented since we are the ones putting it out there. We have the ability and God-like power to keep the Earth in balance and avert total destruction.
The Hopi would like to share their special knowledge at this time and show us how to transform and work with the elements.

Vernon shared the following thoughts:

“Water is a bonding agent. Water has dual roles. It can sustain or destroy. It is not that we manage water. Water manages us. We came from water and when you die, liquid water will go up and form mist to join the cosmic sea and come back down to nourish. When we look in our telescopes at planets, we are looking for water. Whatever is out there in the universe is represented in the body.

“The liquid in your body is sensitive to your words and deeds. If we do everything right, the energy vibrates and nature comes back to us in response. Each drop of water has its own song or identity. If we can transform one drop of water, we can transform many. We have the capacity to do good things on Earth.”

The Native Traditionalists provide balance to keep life in harmonious synchronization, no matter what anyone in the world is doing to throw the human spirit off balance. It is in everyone’s best interest to see that they thrive.

For the last three decades, Peabody Western Coal Company has pumped 3.3 million gallons of pristine water per day from the aquifer which flows beneath the Hopi and Navajo tribal nations to bring coal by slurry from a strip mine on Black Mesa to the Mojave Generating station in Nevada. The majority owner of this remote station is Southern California Edison and the Los Angeles power district is also part owner. Peabody essentially stole the water. The coal was sold by Peabody and used to make cheap electricity coming to Southern California, at the Hopi expense.

A deal was struck that enriched Peabody Coal while forcing the Hopi to be dependant upon paltry coal royalties.

Masayesva founded the non-profit organization, Black Mesa Trust, after their springs and groundwater began to dry up.

Vernon fought a quiet battle for years and finally all the efforts with grassroots organizations paid off and the pumping stopped in December 2005.

Two weeks before the pumping ended, Peabody engineers constructed deep wells, purposely using perforated rather than solid pipe to case them. These perforations permitted the pumps to draw up, by siphoning action, some waters from another contaminated aquifer. How much more of this admitted contamination will occur is not known, now that the wells no longer support the mine’s extractive slurry activities. So, once again the Hopi are further endangered, along with their Navajo neighbors.

We can assist the Hopi in getting back what was taken. We are considered the rate payers for Southern California and we have a voice. The Mojave generating station was in violation of The Clean Air Act and a coalition of environmental groups helped get the station shut down until they install equipment to reduce emissions.

The Mojave station was given sulfur dioxide credits for no longer creating visibility problems in the Grand Canyon. If all the owners of the plant sell credits, they could make up to sixty million per year. Some of that value of the sulfur credits should be reinvested and go to the Hopi and Navajo people to lessen the economic impact that the Mojave shutdown has cost the tribes. They need help to rebalance after this water disaster.

The Hopi want to build the world’s largest solar-powered station on Hopi land. It will supply more clean energy than Mojave was able to produce and will create a revenue stream larger than that of coal. We need to let the regulators know that Southern Californians don’t support or want to pay for the modernizing and reopening of this old coal-fire plant. As long as The Mojave plant remains in operation it will be taking water from somewhere in Arizona.

We don’t allow coal-fired plants in California and we prohibit water to be wasted like this. Why do we allow this in someone else’s backyard... so we can have inexpensive electricity? Californians have the best renewable energy portfolio in the nation and yet is centerstage in this bad publicity. We are allowing our spiritual relatives to be devastated.

Let’s show our support, Southern California. We can assist in this transition to clean energy by joining the Black Mesa Trust. Our signatures will show the regulators for Mojave that we have an interest in what happens at Black Mesa and that we want the clean energy alternative of solar-generated power. This is our chance to unite with the indigenous people and help prevent global warming.

You can join Black Mesa Trust in the following membership category: $1 Pavatya (Tadpole), $10 Paakwa (Frog), $25 Baqavi (Reed), $50 Paawikya (Duck), $100 Tangaqwunu (Rainbow), $250 Paahutaviyta (Spring Keeper), $500 Yoytaviyta (Rain Keeper), $1000 Paahutunatyawawtaqa (water guardian), or other….. (specify amount). Send check or money order to: Black Mesa Trust, P.O. Box 33, Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039. For more information, visit the website: www.BlackMesaTrust.org Black Mesa Trust is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

Ancient Prophecy Fulfilled

H2opi is a group that made their first historic run in 2006 to deliver sacred water messages to the world Water Forum in Mexico. Snow started to fall when the first Hopi runner crossed the Mexican border and this broke the drought.

Some people were against the Hopi renewing their tracks to the South. There were others who wanted to go back to Mexico and learn about what happened so they would never repeat mistakes made when the two tribes left Mexico, migrated to the North and split off into different areas. Those who were called Hopi, or “first people,” settled in Arizona. They were the first to arrive in that part of the continent.

A large eagle flew over, as the Hopi runners arrived at the Anthropological Museum for a ceremony to share their water with all the tribal chiefs. It is unheard of for an eagle to fly from the mountains to the middle of the city. People said they had not seen an eagle there as long as they could remember.

Rachelle Figueroa, a Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker and founder of The Morningstar Foundation, caught the eagle on film and followed the runners to sacred sites. She is creating a documentary about the Hopi/Navajo water issue.

Rachelle’s experiences in Mexico were most profound in nature. She sat with an Aztec chief who helped her understood the gravity of what would be taking place in a ceremony at the Sacred Pyramid of the Sun on the Equinox. He told her that we have about six years to turn things around on the planet.

The chief told of reasons why the return of the Hopi is important to the planet and was the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy about the time when the tribes who migrated would return at a time near 2012, and that ancient ceremonies would be performed once again. This was the first time any of the tribes from the north returned.

For centuries, sacred teachings had been carried on, and healings and ceremonies were performed in Mexico that held the purpose of keeping our planet in alignment.

Thousands of years ago, these ceremonies were taken away. The Spaniards came in and took over Mexico. When they started persecuting the different ceremonial people, there were eight tribes. Two split off and migrated to the North. The Christians were afraid of the ceremonies and the Mexican government squashed the sacred people.

The tribes that stayed there went underground, along with their sacred rituals. This explains the massive tunnel systems under the pyramids and how the tribes escaped. It has only been in very recent years that ceremonies were performed again at the sacred Temples.

According to Vernon Masayesva’s interpretation, there was a plan taking place when the tribes migrated North. “We were put in the safe deposit so we could be the link to knowledge of the past, about repeating mistakes made by the leaders in ancient communities who were under the influence of the Spaniards.” The Hopi came to Arizona and developed a government where there was no secular power.

There were four others who were in council with the chief, the poorest man in town, but one who led by example. The leaders had to walk on the edge of a sharp knife and were the last ones in bed. There was no wealth, ego or power. Vernon spoke about how the Hopi had to be in the desert to retain the memory of when things used to be perfect. “Being farmers in the desert bonded us with the Creator and demanded discipline.”

The Hopi are like a seed heart. They were put in Arizona as seeds to revive the glory of the days when people lived in harmony. Vernon felt at home at the Temple of The Sun, which looks like a giant kiva.

The indigenous grandmothers Rachelle met in Mexico spoke of the auspicious Equinox ceremony at the Temple of The Sun. An ancient prophecy was about to be fulfilled when the tribes that migrated came together with the tribes at Teotihuacan. The grandmothers explained how on the Equinox, the Temple of the Sun would be in alignment with the Pleiades.

They spoke of how all the pyramids are connected on the planet and connected to the Moon and Mars. On the Equinox, energy lights will go through the Pleiades and manifest a huge cross like the Tree of Life. This beam will come down through the pyramids, through the center of the Earth and realign Mother Earth into perfect balance.

On this sacred day there would be a calling back of all the Star People, the ancestors from times before, when the original people had made these pyramids.

Two million people came to Teotihuacan on the Equinox. The grandmothers helped Rachelle make her way to the center of the circle where the Hopi were participating in the ceremony, fulfilling the ancient prophecy. This day marked a leap ahead for our planet. Let this remind us all about the significance of sacred healings and ceremonies, and let us thank our Hopi brothers and sisters for having the courage to make this journey.

For information on a future fundraiser and screening of footage from “The Hopi Water Run to Mexico,” please contact The Morning Star Foundation.

Rachelle’s service was to connect and be part of this water journey for the women who carried the water, and to connect with the sacred elders, both the grandmothers and the chiefs. She feels that woman need to learn more about who they are and what they need to do together to create a bridge to healing. For years, Rachelle has wanted to organize “A Gathering of Grandmother Wisdom Keepers.”
The time has come. Traditional Medicine Grandmothers from South America, Mexico, New Zealand, and many other places, are coming to Los Angeles from August 9th-September 1st. They want to offer an opportunity for women in the city to connect with Mother Earth and the sacred elders.

For more information, call: (310) 876-1819 or (828) 719-9231, email: MorningStarFoundation-is@hotmail.com   Visit website: www.Themorningstarfoundation.org


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