By Kay Walburger
Mary Ray Flying Eagle
Travels the Red Road
Sharing Awareness & Caring



My phone rang and a friend, Mary Ray (Flying Eagle) was on the other end of this incredible call! She had called to simply offer me some respect and support in any way that I might require. It took me by surprise because in this hurry-scurry, busy-tizzy, fast-track world we live in today, it was amazing to have ‘someone’ call me, specifically to be with me in the moment, in whatever way I might choose.

She was ready to celebrate any experiences I might like to share with her. If I were in a bad place, she would offer me her loving wisdom, caring, and support. If I asked for her prayers, she would gladly pray with or for me. If I just wanted to talk, vent, or cry, she was willing to give me the ‘Greatest Gift of All’ ... to just LISTEN quietly, compassionately, non-judgmentally, as I poured out my troubles and woes.

Mary Flying Eagle informed me that she calls a few women every day to offer her gifts of listening and being there in the moment with them. She told me of a time when she had lost her way in life and got into unhealthy situations that caused her pain and suffering. During these times she had fortunately connected with Elders — wise, and strong women of the Native American Indian Sacred Ceremonial traditions of drumming, rattling, singing, chanting, dancing, and who shared insights of intuition and wisdom with her.

“I remember when times were dreadfully difficult for Indian women like my mother and grandmother. We were of the Cherokee tribe which was scattered into the hills of Alabama during “The Trail of Tears.” My mother was a very strong woman who first called me Flying Eagle, and she raised my sister and me as a single parent. She was the first of many teachers to set me on the path of strength and wisdom. We lived in the country and respected all life. Later my mother married a military man and we traveled around the country with him.

“The early years of learning from my mother and grandmother, and the lessons they taught me, still echo in my head as I hear my mother’s words in my mind even today! Mother taught me to reach out to others because we are meant to do this for each other.

“My personal problems began with my feeling of alienation from society because I was not just a woman with little respect, but an Indian woman and not seen for my real worth. It was my good fortune that some Cherokee Elders took me under their wings and show me truth, love, and respect. One Elder instilled in me that if I were to receive help, and if I were to be a person of honor, that some day I must pass on this ‘healing medicine’ onto others. Today, I do so gladly!“

Soaring Eagle Spirits Women’s Circle

“For some time now I have been mentoring women who are recovering drug and alcohol addicts. I help those who are molestation and incest survivors, or in some way disadvantaged (cancer, age, financial, etc.). A while ago I was the Spiritual Advisor for a group called “Soaring Eagle Spirits Women’s Circle.” We met in circle creating a safe place for women to open up and talk while they explored their innermost feelings and emotions. “We worked through our fears until faith welcomed us and made us feel safe again!” This group had exciting results in their lives and proved to me that it is important at this time to help empower all women to heal the wounds that keep them estranged from life and feeling weak.

“To facilitate well-being, I try to slow down the pace of life, and encourage everyone to do drumming, rattling, singing, and dancing… this helps us center our body and spirit with our own natural rhythms and restore us in balance and harmony with Mother Nature. With a clear mind and heart we are ready to pray, or make life decisions, while keeping our body, mind, emotions, and spirit whole and healthy.

“The Red Road is one of Truth and Honor, and being at one with those who may cross my path for I must honor myself by not allowing anyone to mistreat me, abuse me, make me appear less than!  This is what was taught to me and what I teach others. Each morning I pray to the four directions and send my good intentions before me… it is to revere myself and revere others I may meet on this day!  

“I am honored to pass on to many others the kind, caring ways of my Elders who reached out to me and created a miracle in my life. Let us go outside and thank the Grandmother Earth Spirit for the bountiful and beautiful day and for giving us the Gift of Life. Let us seek and claim our own inner beauty and love ourselves as we live in balance and harmony and hope!”

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