Rainy’s Celebrates Anniversary
with 2nd Annual Festival of Mystics
By Reverend Rainy Broms



Rainy’s Mystics Books & Gifts is celebrating their 2-year anniversary by sponsoring its second annual Festival of Mystics on Sunday, July 9, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at 801 Grand Ave. in San Marcos. Owner, Rev. Rainy, has invited her local vendors, artists, musicians, authors, healers, psychics, mediums and mystics to come and meet with you and sell their wares.

There will be booths inside and outside the store as well as special pricing on readings, and most in-store product is reduced up to 40%. All of the Mystical Readers will be in attendance including Rev. Rainy Broms, Rev. Nina Johnston, Intuitive Tarot Reader Cheryl Cope, Psychic Medium Annie Radzus, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioners Allison Oster and Phoebe Welburn, and Evolutionary Astrologer Morgana Taylor.

Rev. Rainy Broms had earned a degree in Business with a minor in Human Resource Management and was working in that field while studying her ministry. She and her husband, Rev. Tony were planning on opening a small antique and tea room that he would run while she worked in her field, coming in for readings and classes on nights and weekends.

Plans changed when she fell at work and had a disk protrusion in her neck. This kept her out of work for a year and a half before she was put on disability. Spirit kept urging Rainy to follow her dreams of combining her ministry with her livelihood and to walk with Spirit every day.

So, she took a leap of faith and opened Rainy’s Mystics Books & Gifts on July 5, 2004. It was and is her vision to build a Spiritual Community for all paths with honesty, integrity, self-responsibility, peace, love, healing and most importantly, Spiritual Growth.

Rev. Rainy is blessed with the gift of community and finding wonderful workers of light who join her in supporting you on your path. Her readers and teachers have all been tested and are certified in their fields of expertise.

Following the store’s motto, “Many Paths - One Spirit,” Rainy’s Mystics caters to the metaphysical side of religions with books, candles, altar tools, jewelry, crystals, statuary, and local art.

There is a classroom on site to learn Spiritual Healing, Spirit Communication, Wicca, Shamanism, Angel Speak, Meditation and more. If you are in need for Spiritual Healing. Laying on of Hands is offered free of charge. They also offer ministerial services such as weddings, naming ceremonies, christenings, etc.

You are invited to come in for a free cup of tea and a chat, or browse Tues.-Fri. 10-7, and Sat. 10-6 at 801 Grand Ave., San Marcos (next to Carmela’s), or read Rainy’s Blog and calendar of events at www.RainysMystics.com . Call (760) 744-9818 for more information or to book a Mystic at your next party.

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