Harness Colors’ Energies for Rapid Healing
By Master Stephen Co



According to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, world’s foremost authority and originator of Modern Pranic Healing®,  when  you consciously draw in and project white prana (chi or life force) into areas of energetic disturbance in your aura, the white prana is broken down by the body’s own prana into various colored pranas, much the way a prism splits white light into all the colors of the spectrum. Each color of prana produces a particular healing effect, in a particular way and at a particular pace.

The body assimilates the colored pranas that it needs from the white prana, based on what healing effects are required to remedy the problem. Thus, when you use white prana for healing, not all the energy you draw in and project is utilized to heal the problem; some is siphoned off into your body’s general energy reservoir. This isn’t wasteful; afterall, you still keep all the prana within your energy body. It is just not as efficient a healing effort as it could be.

Through the use of colored pranas, you can produce quicker, more efficient healing. By applying only those colors of pranas that produce the specific healing effect a particular health problem requires, your energy is more focused and concentrated, which is especially important when addressing difficult or complex health problems.

The Basics Of Using Colored Prana
There are seven single-colored pranas: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet, and electric violet. There are also dual-colored pranas that combine two colors for a specific potent effect — for example, green-blue prana. (NOTE: Among single-colored pranas, there is also gold prana, and there are other dual-colored pranas. However, gold prana and most dual-colored pranas are used only by advanced healers in specific situations. Nevertheless, the colored pranas you learn here are extremely powerful and effective for healing.) Each color of prana has a specific rate of vibration and a grade of refinement, both of which are determined by the size of the particles that make up the prana.

The vibration rate and grade of refinement, in turn, determine the prana’s healing application. In general, low vibration pranas are used for heavy-duty healing such as repairing torn tissues and broken bones, and working on non-delicate areas, while high-vibration pranas are used for more sensitive healing efforts, such as energizing nerve tissue, and working on more delicate areas.

Colors Produce Specific Energetic Effects
“One evening when I was on-call in the emergency room, a chemotherapy patient came in with severe diarrhea and dehydration. The standard remedy is to insert an IV so we can administer fluids, but, often chemotherapy patients have very poor veins — either too small or collapsed from dehydration. Six different nurses tried to put in an IV line, but no one could find a good enough vein. At this point, a surgeon was called in to do a ‘cutdown,’ which entails cutting the skin over the ankle to find and utilize the saphenous vein for the IV.

As the surgeon was responding from another part of the hospital, I remembered that red prana causes ‘dilation.’ I energized this patient’s arm with red prana for about 90 seconds, and then all of a sudden, a large vein popped up, seemingly from nowhere. I was able to place the IV needle, and the minor surgery was cancelled. Needless to say, the patient was delighted.”  — Eric B. Robins, MD

This is an excerpt from the book “Your Hands Can Heal You,” written by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins, and published by Simon and Schuster Inc. Both Master Co and Dr. Robins are disciples of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.

To learn more on how to heal yourself and others with MCKS PRANIC HEALING®, and to receive a Free Self-Healing Meditation CD, please call the U.S. Pranic Healing Center at (888) 470-5656 or visit the websites: www.pranichealing.com or  www.yourhandscanhealyou.com

Below is a detailed chart tabulated by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui on the specific properties and applications of Colored Pranas:


Colored  prana Primary healing  characteristic Application Examples of Use
Red Warm Strengthening,   stimulating, activating,
dilating, expanding,  growing
Energizing deficient,  lower chakras,
boosting overall  energy, energizing
non-delicate organs, increasing blood flow
Yellow  Cementing Hardening, initiating, triggering Promoting tissue growth, wound repair
Orange  Expelling (through splitting or exploding)  Rapid, heavy-duty  cleansing; eliminating quickly and dramatically Relieving constipation,  removing heavy
congestion from non-delicate areas
Green Breaking down (chopping) Cleansing, dissolving,
decongesting,  loosening, disinfecting
Cleansing and energizing any area, delicate or non-delicate
Blue Cooling Soothing, localizing,   inhibiting Stopping or reducing bleeding,  pain relief, stabilizing prana
Green-blue Chopping/ cooling Strong disinfecting, soothing Relieving pain
Violet  All properties Cleansing, disinfecting, regenerating; magnifying effect on all other pranas Cleansing and energizing any area,
delicate or non-delicate
Electric violet, (divine spiritual energy) 


All properties Like violet, but even more powerful Cleansing and energizing any area;   
             emotional disturbances


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