Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
             By Jesse Anson Dawn               



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 61), author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “Is psychology and activism far more effective on the aging process than chemicals or surgery?”

Dear Readers,
In two words, the answer to the above question is ABSOLUTELY YES.

But of course, psychological urgings for perpetual youth can vary from being very effective to very ineffective, depending on who we read or listen to, and how penetrating the practitioner is in experience and intent.

Yes, truly effective psychology is a form of deep wizardry, a kind of mind-over-body magic that is revealed by many different kinds of people and their personal psychology. In simple “psychologic” terms I remember seeing the words of Satchel Paige (a delightful man who decades ago pitched major league baseball well into his 50’s), Satchel who reminded us that: “Age is just mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter...” And what a good pitch that is, firmly in the strike zone of truth, for nothing really matters until you BELIEVE it does, belief being the major cause of EVERYTHING.

But before my methods of “mind-over-matter” took control of my belief system, I too was caught in the trap of falling for the so-called “hopelessness” of “aging,” back when “time” meant “automatic” physical decay — back in that aging-by-the-minute, strictly chemo-surgical era I call BRR (Before my Rejuvenation Revolution).

And yet, despite the obvious effectiveness of the mind/body/spirit approach (now validated by mainstream newspapers such as USA Today, which admitted in a national article that “visits to holistic healers now outnumber visits to conventional doctors.”) —still much of the media down-plays “other worldly” methods, fearing its dent in the profits of its major advertiser — pharmaceuticals.

But even as the chemo-surgical clan continues to battle anything that may distract from their continual blitz of face-cream scams and surgery, truly effective age-rebels (such as myself) continue to rejoice in the effectiveness of our psychology and life-style — a rebellion that goes far beyond the obvious failings of face creams, injections and face-lifts, none of which seem to make much difference, especially in the long haul...

But here I am, still young—

with boundless energy amid
the long run —

a “youthman” for real —

and very happy to be practicing a spirit-mind-body revolution that REALLY WORKS — still singing (for it is so much better than “therapy”) — still forging a revolution that keeps me out-dancing the doubters... as on and on I continue my successful rebellion against rolling over and playing couch-potato-dead.

All of which centers around how we “feel” about ourselves and life in general (including our politics, for politics seem to penetrate everything these days, especially in the U.S.) And yes, I admit that during these challenging times of the massive political corruption now running our country, a U.S. government now operating perhaps the most massively greedy, ignorant and disrespected regime in the history of our nation, it is difficult to remain consistently positive without being shallow and naive. And so, realizing this, I’ll be leaving the U.S. again for a while, heading back to a neutral zone that I discovered years ago in the Philippines, taking a long sabbatical (vacation that means something) there.

And as for the avid readers of this column (who occasionally contact me with interesting questions, book orders and praise), you’ll still be able to contact me via my email address (in the contact info below), as I continue to forward my Never “Old” column to wonderful Awareness magazine via the internet.

And may peace, blessings and perpetual youth be with you and yours and the journey thereof —Selah (translated as meaning “forever”...

For the whole self-renewal story, both of Jesse’s amazingly helpful books, Never “Old” (258 pages), and The Rejuvenator’s Bible (233 pages) are available for just $15 for the pair. Simply call toll-free (800) 736-3922 and order with credit card ($15 covers both books plus priority postage) or for communication or book orders, you may email us at  

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