By Lyda Whiting



Written by Mary Beth Goddard
Illustrated by Anna Mycek-Wodecki
How would it feel to swing on a star, or ride a rainbow, or float with the breeze? What if you could splash down with the rain, or shake hands with lightning?

This book takes children on a fantastic voyage, deep under the sea and high above the earth. It draws children into a playful interaction with a fanciful world. Here, clouds become boats to ride through the sky, the sun plays tag with you, and the moon hugs you and tucks you into bed.

This lovely book fosters a creative and intimate connection with nature, and allows children to travel freely in their imaginations. The lyric poetry is simple enough for beginning readers, and the soothing cadence is perfect for bedtime reading. The final stanza provides a reassuring return to the comfort and safety of home, as children return to bed and “the family that loves you the best.”

The intricate watercolor illustrations draw children into this charming inventive universe. The child in the illustrations is a bit abstract, so both boys and girls can feel represented. Each stanza has an accompanying painting, with detailed border art that echos the paintings on each page. The colors are soft and the drawings have a flow and movement to them. Children will enjoy these smiling creations, and return to this book again and again.

Whimsical and fun, yet comforting and calming, this book will become a bedtime favorite, and a springboard for creative play and artistic _expression.
Highly recommended for children 4 to 6.

Published by Bear Cub Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written by John Luksetich
Illustrated by Patti Kern
Aurora is cold because she has no coat, so she goes to a store to buy one. But the only coats there are animal coats, which the owner says the animals no longer want. Aurora is not convinced, so she goes in search of the animals to ask them.

As she walks, she meets in turn the bear, the alligator, and the lion who are all cold and missing their coats. She takes them back to the store, where they reclaim their coats and take the owner’s coat too. He discovers he is cold without his coat — just as the animals were.

This teaches the store owner a lesson about animal rights — one he will never forget. He vows to change his ways and never take another animal’s coat. Aurora then takes him to the animals, who return his coat, and everyone becomes friends.

This is a slightly silly book about a serious topic, which can spark discussions on treating animals with respect as well as making conscious decisions as a consumer.

The story includes repetitive words and phrases which assist beginning readers and which make the story fun to read out loud. The colorful simple drawings pull children into the story and provide a lighthearted counterpoint to the text. This is the first book by this team, who also wrote and illustrated “No Small Change” (reviewed in the May/June issue of Awareness Magazine).
For ages 5 to 7.

Published by Imagine Nation Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.

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