It’s Summer!
Time to Celebrate Earth and Allow Earth to Celebrate You
By Mary Vieira



As Spring yields to Summer and you find yourself enjoying more of the great outdoors, remember to take time to renew your connection to the Earth. Enjoy a bounty of “live foods”; plant a garden; stroll through a richly- canopied forest; hike on a rugged mountain trail; dangle your toes in a cool blue lake; roll around in a field of long green grasses; meditate in a flowered meadow or, sing.

Yes, sing. Like the Indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest who delight in singing to the earth and the plants as a way to establish the correct resonance and harmony, especially during harvest.

Their lives depend upon their connection to the earth. They believe plants are “sacred beings” and their songs ask for the plant’s willingness to transfer vital energies to them. They celebrate the earth with reverence, knowing as they ingest the powerful plant energies, one’s own life force is nourished and amplified, thereby expanding and deepening their bond with the earth.

Working hand in hand with Indigenous rainforest communities, companies like the Amazon Herb Co. are bringing ecologically wild-harvested plants to the world, providing many additional healthy, organic  avenues for us to strengthen and appreciate our earthly bonds.

Whether you live in a fast-paced urban setting or along a relaxing coastline, you can experience a profound connection with the earth.

You will find if you stop long enough to sit quietly and listen to the earth you may be surprised to hear something that seems to be carried on the wind — something soft, something that stirs you, something that reminds you who you truly are, why you’re here, and of the secrets that lie within you. It may even sound something like this…

Celebrate Earth
I heard the mountains singing
what a strange and wonderful song
I listened as every forest and stream
joyfully sang along
Oh, the very earth was humming
every valley and meadow joined in
And I tapped my feet to the melodious beat
at-one-with my nurturing kin
As they sang I remembered the story
I glimpsed through the veil in the sky
And the mystery unfolded before me
embraced by the heavens, was I
For the key to the secrets of heaven
and the key to the secrets of earth
Were given to me as a child
in honor of my royal birth
And though there is much to deceive me

Mother Earth holds the secrets intact
Every rock, every tree, every ocean
bears witness to eternal fact
The song of the earth grew much stronger
the wind rolled its verse ‘cross the hills
And the name in the verse they were singing
caused my being to shudder with chills
Like chanting and humming I heard it
rise and crest on each hill, then it fell
‘Twas my name the whole earth was singing
and the Spirit within me did swell
I had come here to celebrate Earth yet
she had longed just to celebrate me
Together, with new friends we sang out
and embraced all we were meant to be
Our visit, foretold by the ancients
now welcomed and showered with gifts
The key to great secrets within us
would assist us in all the earth shifts
Oh, I heard the mountains singing
what a strange and wonderful song
The Great Spirit had brought us together
and gratefully I sang along!

Establishing and maintaining a strong connection with the earth increases your health and vitality, putting a big smile on your face and a lovely song in your heart. So, enjoy your summer with an ear to the wind carrying the song of the Earth as she celebrates you!  

Mary is a Rainforest Ambassador with Amazon Herb Co. and will be hosting a Rainforest “Herbal Cocktail” Party at Awakenings Bookstore in Laguna Hills on July 29. To learn more about the Rainforest and Amazon Herb Products, and to receive a Free Personalized version of “Celebrate Earth” please join us at this Free Event. To RSVP call:  (949) 364-1179. Or see website:  

Copyright ©2006 Mary Elizabeth Vieira, All Rights Reserved.


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