Dreamtime, Shamanic Signs and Angels
By Susan Hart



One morning while in a semi-sleep state, somewhere between dreamtime and waking consciousness, I found myself floating in a beautiful golden light. As I basked in this light, I became aware of a presence beside me. “Is someone there?” I asked. “I am,” said a deep resonating voice. Surprised to find someone else sharing this dreamtime space, we began to communicate with one another. We talked little through words, our communication was through transference of feelings and understanding; there was a familiar resonance to our energies.

At first we just floated together side by side, in perfect peace and harmony. In time we began to meld into each other; together we blended into a perfect state of oneness. This experience lasted for a long time — I lost track of time and didn’t awaken until about 10:00 a.m. The peacefulness and vibration of our encounter stayed with me all through the morning.

At lunch I shared my experience with a friend, and she gladly shared her disbelief with me. “Impossible,” she said “simply not possible, it’s all in your imagination.” To which I replied, “I think everything, and I mean everything we experience is all a creation of our imagination.” She was not convinced and told me she could not believe in experiences that have no physical proof.

No matter how hard I tried to shake the experience of that morning, it stayed with me. My friend’s suggestion about needing physical proof stayed in my mind as well. I realized I needed some type of proof. I needed a sign. Yes, I would ask my angels for a sign.

On the way to my daily hike, I shared with my angels how I wanted with all my heart to believe my experience was real. If only my angels could provide me with a physical sign, I would be a believer. It was a big experience so naturally it should come with a big sign, something special, something magical.

I gave the angels my list . . .
One, I wanted the crows and hawks to fly with me today. I wanted to feel their energy connected to mine. I was studying shamanism at the time and working with the winged power animals was a strong medicine connection for me. I always liked to connect with crows for they are a gateway into the unknowable mysteries of creation. Crows are known to be masters of the art of shape shifting. Crows also have the capability to see in between the worlds; this includes the ability to be in two places at one time consciously.

Since during this mystical morning experience I had felt I was consciously in two places at one time, I thought a crow would be good medicine for my sign. Hawks are wonderful messengers; their shrill cry is a sign for one to awaken to the awareness that the magic of life is within and around us everywhere. The second sign I wanted to find was an owl feather, and since I had been looking for this feather for more than a year, I knew I was due to find one at any moment.

So the third sign, the most important one for me, was not to just find the owl feather on the trail, I wanted to find it in a magical and out-of-the-ordinary way. I told my angels if they could give me these three signs, I would know the experience was real. No simple task, but I had already come to know if you ask for a sign with faith in your heart you will always receive an answer.

As I pulled my car into a parking space, a huge crow swooped down in front of my window. The crow was so big and swift, that I ducked slightly in my seat. I felt a chill go through my spine. My head tingled like pins and needles. This adventure was certainly getting off to a promising start.

As I began my walk down into the canyon, I noticed two hawks circling above me. I watched them gliding through the sky, dancing a beautiful winged dance with each other. I felt myself soaring with their energy. Tingles rushed through my body, and I felt the presence of my angels as they whispered in my ear “Go with it, Go with it.”

I could feel the magic in the air. I had that feeling of knowingness, that magical moment when everything becomes still, silent, and time seems to move in slow motion. It’s the way you feel when you realize that something very special is about to occur. I was just about to go with it, when to my surprise, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw something moving.

I looked across the canyon to see a man in a baseball cap up on the hill tramping around in the bushes. “What?” My heart sank, how could this be happening?  How could I forge onward down the mountain with some strange guy hanging out in the bushes? I certainly would have to turn around and go home. What was the meaning of this?  Was this my sign?  What about my tingles?

Just when I was about to turn around and head back, my angels said to me in a very calm voice “Ask him if he is looking for his golf balls.” This made perfect sense to me, because I had often found golf balls on this trail. Following my angels’ advice, I yelled up to this stranger in the bushes “Hey you, what are you doing up there? Looking for your golf balls?” “No” he said, laughing slyly“ ... but that’s a really good guess.

No… No, actually what I am looking for here is a leprechaun. Have you seen any leprechauns around here?” “No,” I yelled up to him, “but I saw some fairies over there.” “So do you think I am in the right place to find a leprechaun?” “Yes,” I yelled “but if you want some golf balls, you will find them over there.”  “Where?” he yelled. In that moment I knew he must live in the house there on the hill.

Feeling safe again, I continued down around the trail and past where the “Leprechaun Man” had searched the bushes. As I walked away, a hawk suddenly flew down and screeched through the canyon. I felt a tingle go through my body and looked back to see that the man was also watching the hawk soar through the canyon.

As I walked down the canyon, it occurred to me that I had never seen anyone in the bushes looking for leprechauns before and that this was certainly magical and out of the ordinary. This, I was sure, was one of my signs and the only thing left to do was to find my owl feather. With great enthusiasm I began to search with the eyes of a hawk for my feather. But, the only thing I kept finding was round white golf balls. Everywhere I looked was another golf ball.

With no owl feather to be found, I started my way back up the trail. I noticed the Leprechaun Man was now out of the bushes and down on the trail looking for golf balls. As I approached him I began to pick up the golf balls. His head was down and his cap was covering his face. I really was getting curious to see who this person was. As I handed him the golf balls, he thanked me for being his angel. Then slowly he looked up to greet my eyes and to my surprise the Leprechaun Man was none other than Bruce Willis. For some reason, I wasn’t in the least surprised.

I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “Hi,” and kept on walking. Wait a minute he said, “Do you live around here?” “Just down the hill,” I replied. Then he asked my name and we began to chitchat about the area.

As we talked about what a magical place this canyon was, my angels, who are never quiet at the appropriate times, began to speak to me saying “Ask him about the owl feather.” “No,” I silently said back to them  “Absolutely not, I am not going to ask him if he has seen an owl feather.” “He’ll think I am crazy.”

If you work with angels you know they can be quite persistent. So finally, when I realized they were not going to stop, I turned to Bruce, looked him straight in the eyes and blurted out “Do you know those owls that live up here?” “Yes I do,” he said, “they have been here for years.” 

Then at my angels’ urging, and I must say feeling a bit ridiculous, I said to him “You didn’t happen to see an owl feather around here by any chance did you?” I will never forget the look of surprise on his face. He looked at me as if he had seen a ghost, stepped back, took another long look at me, and to my surprise said, “Yes I have.” “No,” I said. “Yes, I actually did,” he said again. “I saw it about five minutes before I saw you.” “It’s right up there,” pointing up a small winding rocky trail that went onto his property off of the main trail. “Go up about half way and there on the middle of a large white stone you will find the owl feather.” 

At that point everything felt surreal. For what seemed like a very long time, Bruce and I just stood there staring at each other. I felt that strange knowing feeling again. “Good-bye, and thank you” were all the words that I could summon in that moment. Then I turned and rushed up the small rocky trail in pursuit of my magical and out-of-the-ordinary sign. I had already passed the halfway point and was beginning to believe Bruce must have been kidding with me.

What are the odds that the owl feather I was searching for was lying on the center of a large white stone? I was just about to give up, when suddenly there it was, just as he had said, perfectly centered on a white stone, a beautiful large owl feather. My heart leaped, and my body tingled with energy, pulsing with excitement through my entire being.

I said a prayer of thanks to the animal spirits, the angels, and to Bruce for the beauty of their gift. I knew in that moment that it is possible to meet another person in dreamtime consciousness. I had brought some tobacco with me and laid it down as a sacred offering to the earth before picking up the feather. Shaman believe it is good to give back to Mother Earth when you take something from her. As I held the feather in my hand, I felt the breath of my angel’s kiss on my neck. Tears filled my eyes and spilled onto my cheeks. Then came the laughter of joy in my heart, for I knew how divinely my angels had guided the synchronicity that had to come together giving me all three of the signs for which I had asked.

That wasn’t all I was to encounter on that magical out-of-the-ordinary walk in time. As I made my way back up the hill, feather in hand, I noticed what looked like a hawk sitting on the top of a telephone pole. As I got closer and closer I realized that it wasn’t a hawk at all, but an owl. How could it be? It was still quite light out at 3:00 in the afternoon. It was most unusual to see an owl in the daylight.

Sure enough there she was looking straight at me. I held the owl feather up and thanked her, and I could feel her acknowledge me. Then In one graceful swoop she glided down into the canyon towards the magical leprechaun land.

Later I spoke to my brother, Michael and told him the story. He laughed and said “Only you, Susan, would go to the bottom of the hill and find Bruce Willis, international superstar, waiting to point you in the direction of a sign you need from your angels. I laughed and laughed, and could feel my angels, my shamanic guides and power animals having a wonderful time with me. I thought for a long time about the synchronicity of life and the magical way in which our world can unfold and embrace us if we just ask.

Susan Hart is an Angel channel, healer and visionary. With an open heart, she has the clear and candid capacity to receive and communicate guidance from your angels to you. Visit her site: www.AngelHeartConnections.com

Copyright 2006

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