By KRS Edstrom



Dear KRS,
I have a nervous stomach and get upset very easily. I don’t want to take drugs. What do you suggest?
Nervous Stomach

Dear Nervous Stomach,
Relaxation skills will help you with the immediate as well as long-term problem. You’ll learn to recognize the very early stages of nervousness approaching and, instead of letting it make you even more nervous, you will use your skills to relax before it becomes bigger. It is a very empowering process that will serve you in many other areas as well.
One relaxation technique: Imagine a magically healing waterfall gushing over and through your body, washing away any tension or negativity. Pay particular attention to your stomach area and allow the muscles to soften as you imagine your cool waterfall healing you. (You might want to check out my audio “Relax Mind & Body”)

Dear KRS,
I give up. I eat a fairly balanced diet, very little fat and don’t drink, smoke or take drugs. I work out for over an hour every day and I STILL can’t seem to lose any weight. It can’t be genetic, because everyone in my family can lose weight rather easily. Please give me some advice.
Stubborn Weight

Dear Stubborn Weight,
You did not mention how many pounds overweight you are (which, by the way, is a different question than how much weight you’d like to lose). Those who are well over the recommended weight for their height tend to lose weight faster than those who are closer to their ideal weight and fitness level. In fact, the “very fit” often complain that the fitter they become, the harder it is to improve. If you are working out an hour every day, my guess is that you may be closer in profile to the latter category.   

Give your metabolism a little jolt by mixing up your exercise routine. Also, be sure the majority of your eating is during the day. Don’t be fanatical but do try to go to bed a bit hungry. Then, during the night, your body can burn your “fat of the land” calories (in this case, on your hips) instead of having the last meal sit and turn to fat.

Food allergies can be the cause of stubborn weight. When one client first came to me she was exercising and eating 1000 calories a day or less but wasn’t losing weight. She said all she had for dinner was popcorn without butter. Since corn (and wheat) is a very common allergy food, I convinced her to go without popcorn for a week and increase her calories a bit. She lost two pounds the first week. Eating popcorn every night may have induced an allergy to it (if she didn’t already have one), which can contribute to a sticky weight problem.

Dear KRS,  
I am a 52-year-old part-time student and full-time secretary in a large company. I have enjoyed my job except for the past seven years. I attribute this to my boss of your worst nightmare. He’s indecisive, rude and insensitive. Many others share my opinion and have little respect for him. There have been numerous complaints about this man to the “powers that be” but no action has been taken. I have just a few years until retirement. The only advice I have received is to request a transfer. I feel I should not have to leave people and an office I otherwise enjoy.
Good Job, Bad Boss

Dear Good Job,
Look into the transfer situation. Your retirement benefits should transfer with your job. A bad boss can be bad for your health, and we want to be sure you live long enough to retire — right?  You can stay in touch with your friends while making new ones at the new job. Sound scary?

Life presents opportunities for growth which we often mightily resist. Change is challenging for most of us. You are in a comfort zone that is no longer comforting but I understand how difficult it is to make a move after all this time. Have faith that taking the risk and going into uncharted waters will be exhilarating and transformational. Don’t stay in a negative, depleting situation out of fear or stubbornness. Think of this as your personal Boston Marathon.

KRS Edstrom, M.S., is an author, lecturer and columnist. She is available for private sessions (by phone or in person) and seminars on meditation, motivation, stress, pain, weight loss and other personal growth issues. Her books and audios offer solutions for healthful, conscious living. For free soothing guided meditations and more, please visit KRS’ “Serenity and Meditation Corner” at   For more info call (323) 851-8623 or e-mail:  

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