Ask an Angel...
An Angelic Perspective on Life’s Questions
By Christopher Dilts



Christopher Dilts communicates with the Angels to receive their loving answers to our most probing spiritual questions, as well as our most practical, down-to-earth concerns about life, love, family and business. The Angels can provide loving answers from the Angelic perspective on any topic. If you have a question and would like to hear the Angels’ perspective in response, please contact us at

Q. Are there really angels and have you personally seen one?
 — Christy

Hi Christy,
Be assured that angels are real and that they do love and watch over you. Their work is to help you to know you are beloved of God and to help you feel and experience more love. They know everything about you; every feeling, thought, and emotion. They have been with you with every step you have taken. They were with you before you were born, even before you were conceived, and will be with when you leave this life. They accept you and love you completely — exactly as you are!

Do I see them? Yes, I do, and I hear them and feel them too. Just last night I gathered a group of people together to call upon the Angels and they also felt, heard, saw, or sensed the Angels that were with them. Each of us has the ability to do this — we are born with it and it is natural for us to talk with the Angels and to receive their help.

Every world religion, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and the others, affirm and testify to presence and loving power of the Angels to guide us, to help us, to love us and to enlighten us. Trust the Angels around you to help you in every way you need help.
— Christopher

Q. What advice do you have that would accelerate and secure my career goal? I want the position of Communication Manager at my company.
— Jeannine

Dear Jeannine,
Gabriel is the Angel of Communication. I suggest you ask Gabriel for help in bringing the perfect job to you. Also ask your Guardian Angels to help you with guidance and clarity for your next place of career advancement. If it is truly in your best interest, and the interests of the Communication Division, and your company, for you to have that particular position, you will receive it.

Generally, it is best to ask your Angels to help create your perfect career rather than to help you get a specific job. Although the job of Communication Manager may be very good for you and your company, they may see something that better fits you, can come to you more easily, and may be a place where you can be of more service.Affirm your alignment to be in the place of highest service and greatest good, allow your Angels to help you and follow their guidance with patience and dedication.

You have a position ahead of you, in your future, that is more important than the Manager of the Communication Division position. It may be that you attain this job as a stepping stone to this more important position, or you may find another more direct opportunity opening up for you — it may very well come from an unexpected source.

One of your Guardian Angels, who you may call “Romiel,” or call by the name you experience him by, can help you move forward towards this new position.

Jeannine, for you, your most powerful invocation, affirmation and intention is this: “Guardian Angels, Romiel, Angels of love and light, guide me to where I may be of best service.”

Remember to ask your Angels for help every day — even if is just for a minute or two. Trust your Angels to lead you to this position — either the one you are aware of, or one you do not know about today.

Best Wishes to you!

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Christopher Dilts is an internationally-recognized Angel Intuitive and Healer who has been helping people learn to connect with their Angels for over ten years. He has facilitated positive change for hundreds of people by helping them develop a deeply personal relationship with their Guiding Angels. Contact Christopher about his worldwide Free Teleseminars and Angel Healing Circles, or to schedule an individual session at (866) 200-9148 (Toll Free). You may email him at:  Also visit:

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