Women with Wings: Part 5 
An Interview with Mayan Shaman Geeta Sacred Song 
“The Peace Mother” 
By Dr. Maryel McKinley, D.D., C.AD.C 



As a part of a series featuring outstanding women, Awareness Magazine has selected Geeta “Sacred Song” for our Native American Issue. Geeta is a Mayan/Huichol Native American Shaman. Sometimes called “the Peace Mother”, Geeta’s specialty lies in ceremonial and ritual work, healing the planet’s various sacred sites and promoting peace in all cultures and religions throughout the world. 

Maryel: Geeta, for our readers who don’t know, can you explain what a Shaman is? 

Geeta: Someone who understands energy, perceives energy and can transform energy. They understand the laws of the Universe and have full faith that their word is a command. A Shaman is someone who is recognized by the Earth and celestial forces so when they make a petition on behalf of someone, their prayers are heard clearly. As with everything, there are many levels of Shamans and if they are a wise Shaman, they will do all this in harmony with Mother God-Father God’s Laws of Balance. 

Maryel: What is your primary purpose, or duty as a Shaman? 

Geeta: It is my duty to defend. To defend Humanity against torments, suffering and distress through Soul Retrieval rituals. To defend Mother Earth, and the celestial forces through Soul Retrieval Ceremonies. To defend Peace and Beauty everywhere for everyone by chanting the Sacred Sounds and by sending out healing energy through the Peace Dance. We can all reach our highest destiny and live life in the most glorious way and it is my path to open the doors for humanity’s greatest good every day, so we can all be illuminated. 

Maryel: Is this why you are known as the Peace Mother? 

Geeta: I am just a humble messenger for Divine Mother. I am known as the Peace Mother because my mission is Peace and because Divine Mother and my Spirit Guides channel a profound peace that transforms peoples’ minds, and opens up their hearts in miraculous ways. Even the people filming TV interviews I’ve done will often start to cry, because they feel Divine Mother’s peace filling their hearts to overflowing. It is She and my Divine Guides who are present in private consultations and in large Peace Ceremonies. She allows me to be her channel for giving to each person’s condition and situation, exactly what is needed for Peace to arise there. She gave me this vision of Peace Ceremonies, Peace Walks, and The Wisdom Council traveling to city after city, nation after nation to give everyone the message of Peace through unity. Through Ceremonial Ritual, Ancient Sacred Sounds, Mantras, and Sacred Movement, which I call the Peace Dance, her children can remember they are truly Divine sparks, and feel what it’s like to be the radiant children of Mother God-Father God. 

Maryel: How does Ceremony or Ritual bring peace to an area or an individual? 

Geeta: In the Indigenous traditions we understand that when we ignore the Celestial and Earth Forces, the Guardians of the life we live, the land we use and take from everyday, we hit a crisis, which will show up as some form of suffering. So, if the spirits of an area, be it a city, big building or house are not in peace, the people there will experience lack of health, money, satisfying work, love, or harmony. We are all in relationship with everyone and everything around us at all times. For example if we don’t acknowledge and show appreciation to our loved ones, at a certain point, the imbalance is too great and we hit a crisis, right? There is some kind of disruption or explosion. If we have a car, or a body we don’t listen to, and we don’t maintain a loving relationship with it, again there will be a breakdown to let us know we are out of balance. It is the same with Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, planets, and all the unseen forces that support, protect and nurture us. We do Ceremony to bring the relationship back to a healthy balance. We make offerings to them, to respectfully acknowledge they exist and to thank them. 

Maryel: Do you conduct private as well as large Public Peace Ceremonies? 

Geeta: There are private Ceremonies for health restoration, spiritual protection, prosperity for home or business, Shamanic Weddings and Mother Earth Blessings to harmonize and heal the energies of a house or piece of property, for a happy, healthy life. 

Maryel: How do they work to benefit the world around us.

 Geeta: Each ceremony that is performed, for an individual, a city or nation, further awakens us from our Shamanic amnesia. This is absolutely necessary for Peace to exist and last. Too many have been in denial for too long, which has depleted not only their Souls, but also damaged our Earth. We’ve seen this in the increase of floods, earthquakes, etc. As we interact in a gracious, responsible way with our Beloved Mother Earth, we can transform the prophecies of mass destruction. With each respectful offering we make we are communicating with the unseen worlds around us. As we gift them with our best, in the form of chanting the Sacred Sounds, flowers, saumerio (incense) and heartfelt rituals, the vibrations of wholeness are sent to the ends of the Universes and Galaxies. The winds, soils, oceans, lakes, rivers, sky, Saints, Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters, and Spirit Guides all receive our loving message and smile. 

Maryel: One of the Soul Retrieval Sacred Therapies you used on me was called a Limpia. I felt balanced and refreshed for weeks afterwards. All the things I had been visualizing manifested within that period of time as well. Can you explain to the readers how Limpia works? 

Geeta: ‘Limpia’ means spiritual cleansing and I do this in the traditions of the Mayans from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. My teacher Don Jacinto introduced me to our lineage of Mayan Medicine Men, our Spirit Guides. I deliver a petition on behalf of the patient, calling on these Spiritual Protectors to remove anything causing suffering in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Each one of them is a specialist. One is a Mayan Medical Doctor, another specializes in healing the blood, another the bones; another the skin and another specializes in defending the spiritual body against negative or evil forces. I am simply the channel. It is they who direct me and do their healing work on the person. Then we call on the Sacred Forces of the Pyramids, the Caves, the Cenotes (Sacred Waters) and the Mountains, as well as a long list of Mayan Celestial Forces. These are very powerful Forces and they come like a whirlwind and lift all the negativities from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Just as a whirlwind lifts all the debris and takes it away somewhere else, in the same way the patient is swept clean. As you know, the patient leaves feeling peaceful, lighter, closer to God, and with a new outlook. I also reveal the spiritual message the life condition is trying to convey and the spiritual wisdom the patient must put into practice. 

Maryel: I understand you just did a Peace Pilgrimage in Arizona. 

Geeta: Yes. In the last two months I have been invited to seven areas there, where many good people are fighting to preserve their lands, battling large developers and corporations. The communities that invited me were also very concerned about the escalation of violence and tension along the border towns. They felt that the border patrol/immigration dept. were out of control and wanted peace restored. I was invited to transform the dark energies that were trying to destroy Mother Earth and the communities’ happiness. I feel Divine Mother accomplished a lot, with many Ceremonies taking place for the protection of the beautiful Canyons, a Blessing Ceremony for the San Pedro River to protect it from contamination. Our Peace Walk across the border was supremely sweet. We offered ceremony at the local church, to the Virgin of Guadalupe, invoking her Grace for peaceful resolutions, then peacefully walked across the border, dropping flower petals while chanting peace mantras. Our final ceremony was at the Land of the Grandmothers, at the Grandmothers’ Medicine Wheel. There we created a vortex of Light that was so powerful people felt they were buzzing for weeks. All this brought people many personal breakthroughs, visions, clarity, courage inspiration. 

Maryel: How can people start their own peace pilgrimages in their area? 

Geeta: Anyone interested can sponsor, or help organize an event in their area. We can vote with our feet and walk our talk, literally. We must send out the message loud and clear, “Earth Chooses Peace!” People can also make tax-deductible donations to our Ceremonial Fund, which is known as The Wisdom Council. This money goes towards covering the many expenses involved in ongoing ceremonies. The offerings alone for one small ceremony will run $200-$300 dollars, and it is important that we do as many as possible, to help humanity reach its highest potential. This is not a time to be holding back. We are at a point of choice and we can choose to be our most, courageous, responsible, ecstatic selves by supporting Global Ceremonial work. 

Maryel: You are often credited with saving the Sacred Site known as the Miami Circle. How was your Shamanic work instrumental in the preservation of this site? 

Geeta: I did many, many ceremonies for the Guardians of that land, and invited other powerful Medicine Men and Women to do their traditional Ceremonies towards the healing of the site, re-awakening its full power and towards the materialization of the funds for the Circle’s purchase. I went to the County Commissioner’s hearings and sang to them, instead of talking, to bypass their minds and reach their hearts. When I attended the court hearings I danced in the courtroom during the breaks, to bring in the Spirit Guides, so all the lawyers and the judge would remember their dormant love for Mother Earth. I also prayed and publicly announced in many, many media interviews that I was praying for the illumination of the minds and hearts of the officials that were in decision-making positions. I believe that when a site is under threat, many traditions must come together, in a show of force. We must learn to work together, learning from others’ victories. Egos must be put aside, as we embrace other traditions as equals. There is no force that is unchangeable, but to achieve true victory, we must use the spiritual laws of harmony. Robbie Robertson has a song that says “no one stands a chance against our prayers, no one stands a chance against our love.” I changed it and sang it to the media often, as “nothing stands a chance against prayers, nothing stands a chance against our love, nothing stands a chance against our light!” I live my life in accordance with this. I believe we can all transform government, leaders, teachers, schools, healthcare, our children, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. We must simply have faith in our prayers, do the material and spiritual work, and trust the Divine plan. 

Maryel: What do you do on the Spiritual Pilgrimages you offer? 

Geeta: We travel to Sacred Sites to heal them, to revive their life force. So many people go there to take, and to receive, and because there have not been enough offerings of ritual, chanting, music, prayers, etc, the Sacred Pyramids, Caves, Cenotes, and Labyrinths are drained. The Guardians of the temples and land are so overjoyed someone has remembered them that they cry. We all feel their gratitude and we cry tears of sweet reunion. The great thing is that we find the more love and attention we give to the sites, the more we receive back. I often invite my teacher Don Jacinto, and together we do the Ancient Mayan Ceremonies at the Power Centers. We also perform initiations into the Mayan Wisdom, so the initiates are able to access the secrets of the pyramids and temples. Its very satisfying to see that every person who has ever journeyed with us felt that no matter how high their expectations may have been for the journey, they were surpassed beyond their imaginations. 

Maryel: Your name is Geeta “Sacred Song”. What types of Sacred Song do you work with? 

Geeta: I work with the healing sounds of many traditions. Some are known and practiced by living cultures known as mantras and some are channeled through me and are from ancient cultures which were not preserved, so are not known by many. I use the mantras in private consultations, as well as all Ceremonies. There are mantras for specific conditions and I prescribe them accordingly. For example, there are mantras to attract perfect love, to make the partner you already have into a better partner, to transform general obstacles, legal problems, to heal a major health condition, or for spiritual protection. 

Maryel: Being a woman, was it difficult to be accepted as a Shaman? 

Geeta: I was born with an intense will and have never allowed my being female to stop me from accomplishing any of my goals. I’ve been blessed to study with three living Realized Beings, plus Don Jacinto who is regarded as a living Saint, and whether I was male or female was never an issue in my training. I relate to myself as an instrument of Grace. I have never felt inferior to anyone. I never remember what I look like and am surprised whenever I see myself in a mirror, because I always feel myself as simply energy. On the spiritual path there are those who truly wish only to serve and those who still have something to prove. When you know who you are, there is nothing to prove, only the work to do for the enlightenment of all Beings. I find that Divine Mother always sends me the right people with the right understanding, so Her work can get done. 

Maryel: As we head into the New Millennium, what do you feel your main mission is? 

Geeta: To get the Wisdom Council fully funded so we can awaken the world to the importance of sacred ritual. There is too much talk, which keeps people trapped in their minds and not enough ceremony, which would put them in touch with their hearts. I see us traveling to all the troubled areas and quickly transforming any negative energies, whether it’s a storm, or the threat of war, with Peace Ceremonies. The Wisdom Council will consist of Ceremonial Leaders from many traditions and we will remind the world that the many paths all lead to the same place. We will heal the divisions, by doing our spiritual practices together, reminding all that the power of love brings unity and peace. 

Maryel: Thank you for sharing information with the Awareness Magazine readers, information that at one time was forbidden to be shared. It is women such as yourself who help to inspire so many searching for their own path. 

Geeta: It has been a pleasure. In Lakíech, Peace to all, All-Ways! 

For readings, workshops, ceremonies, private consultations, or information on organizing a peace pilgrimage, contact Geeta Sacred Song in Miami (305) 375-0348, or Los Angeles at (310) 512-7700. E-mail uniforce@uniforce-spirit.com  or check out Geeta’s website at www.uniforce-spirit.com . Or contact Maryel McKinley at (714) 396-4314; e-mail dudil@msn.com.

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