Ancient Science of Prediction Enjoys Revival Worldwide 
By Robert Ross 


An Experience Not Soon Forgotten 

In about forty-five minutes I should know if my life is going to be long and prosperous or perhaps cut short. And if it’s cut short, how much time do I have left? In about forty-five minutes the stars will reveal their message through a trained holy-man from India. 

From San Diego I drive north through the beach communities of Del Mar, Encinitas and Carlsbad. I’m to meet with an Indian Vedic Astrologer and his translator for an astrological reading. I have an address but am not sure where I’m going — a temple? church? home? Soon, I will know. The drive allows time to contemplate. 

From Oceanside I head east into the hills overlooking the city. I pull up to the home where the reading is to take place. It’s in an upper-middle class neighborhood with tree-lined streets and well-manicured homes. A sign on the curb tells the residents not to park on the streets on a certain day, during certain hours. The streets will be cleaned that day. A far contrast to the streets of India, I think to myself. Approaching the front door I see a sign that reads “Come in, I’ll be back shortly.” I walk in, a bit uncomfortable about entering someone’s home alone. I’m greeted by an indoor fountain — the sound of trickling water and a cornucopia of indoor plants. There’s a smell of incense in the air. Pictures of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are on the walls and on brochures near the entrance. I’m nervous about the coming reading with the pandit. I sit, wait and reflect. 

Vedic Astrology has its roots in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It is an art that has been handed down from family to family, dating back thousands of years. Unlike western astrology, Vedic Astrology takes into account the expanding universe. As the universe grows, the position of the stars change. For example, if you were born on a certain date two thousand years ago, because of the expanding universe, the stars would have been in a different position than they would be for someone born on the same date in the year two-thousand. 

A few years ago, in India, a Vedic Astrologer would take days and days putting together an astrological chart on someone. The calculations were done by hand. Today, with the advent of the computer, it is much less time consuming to do a chart. 

As I wait for the owner of the house to return, I try to make myself comfortable by positioning a chair in front of the indoor fountain. Thoughts drift through my mind — What am I doing here? What will the holy-man say? What does the future hold? Is there a future? Anxiety sets in. I look for signs of a rest-room. Surprisingly There’s a sign on the wall that reads “Restroom”, indicating the direction. It becomes obvious that this home is used as a gathering place for those interested in the teachings of Maharishi Ma-hesh Yogi — from meditation to astrology. 

Within a few minutes I hear voices approaching from the outside. An American woman dressed in casual attire — the owner of the home — is accompanying two men from India. The Indians are dressed in traditional Indian garb (dhotis). The older of the two has sandalwood paste on his forehead. It is evident that he is the master (pandit). The younger one appears more energetic and is carrying a laptop computer. I learn that he is the translator. Out of nervousness I extend my hand to shake the master’s hand. He clasps his hands together and bows briefly. Embarrassment sets in. We head for the living- room area. 

The host, who is the Southern California coordinator for Maharishi Jyotish services, begins speaking. She is explaining Vedic Astrology to me. I’m looking at her and hearing words. The words are barely distinguishable. My thoughts are elsewhere. Unable to concentrate, to focus on her words, I stare, occasionally nodding. 

The pandit and translator sit together, with legs crossed in a yogi position, on a couch, facing east, toward the transcriber. I am instructed to sit on a chair to their right, facing north. The translator opens his lap-top computer. It has a star chart on the screen. The host positions herself in front of a computer monitor, which is on the floor. The keyboard is on the coffee table in front of her. This allows her to hear the translator without any obstructions. She will be transcribing the astrological reading. 

The pandit begins a meditational chant (in Sanskrit) which lasts a few minutes. I close my eyes and follow my breathing. It is evident that this is not a parlor game. I am in the presence of a Brahman holy-man. 

Although this is to be my reading, I soon realize that this is not about me, but about us. The master interacts with the translator. The translator observes the laptop screen in front of himself, while translating not only to me but to the transcriber. The transcriber asks for clarification. I ask a question, which simultaneously goes to the transcriber, translator and the master. Back and forth — around and around we work. 

As the reading progresses I am told of my personal qualities, of events which have occurred and will occur. Health and finance topics are covered. The four of us are in sync, asking, clarifying and listening. Languages go back and forth between English and Hindi. 

As the reading moved on to future dates, dates that I was to be aware of, health issues were discussed. The years 2020 and 2030 were noted. I was relieved, knowing that thirty years down the road I would need to pay attention to my health. I can live with that, I think to myself. I was then given an opportunity to ask questions, which I did. The overall reading lasted about one hour. 

My reading complete, I stood up, thanking the pandit and translator. I clasped my hands together and bowed briefly. They returned the gesture. 

The drive back to San Diego was uneventful, occasionally, at signals I would flip through the transcriber’s notes. There was an abundance of information given but what caught my eye (and my spirit) was the following from the pandit: 

“By nature you are intelligent, wise and diligent. You will have spiritual development in your life. You will be blessed by a spiritual master in your life. You will be prosperous and be loved by everyone in society.”

 I can live with that. Definitely! 

If you’re interested in knowing more about Vedic Astrological readings or the Maharishi Jyotish services, please see the ad on page 23; you can also contact the Southern California coordinator at: (760) 754-5195 or (800) 888-5797. On the web, please visit  or .

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