SunGrubbies Unveils Line of SPF Clothing 
By Marta Phillips 



Are you concerned about a nasty sunburn ruining your vacation, or perhaps missing a lot of fun due to medications or maladies causing sun sensitivity? When you add these concerns to the rising incidence of skin cancer and the harmful effects of the sun on aging, this can be troubling. 

Outdoor enthusiast and San Diego native, Marta Phillips, has started a new website featuring sun-protective clothing for men, women and children. The site also provides useful information and offers a free e-mail newsletter on practical sun safety. Responding to a void in the market for clothing and accessories that provide 30+ SPF protection, SunGrubbies designs and distributes moderately-priced, functional and attractively-designed sun protective apparel. 

“By college the effects of ‘working on a tan’ had taken its toll. Being a die-hard outdoor enthusiast, I did not want to give up the outdoor activities I loved so much, so for the past 20 years I have enjoyed sports like windsurfing, outdoor volleyball, boogie boarding, hiking and others while covering up. Now I want to help others to stay sun safe while not giving up the joys of being outdoors. 

“Our customers range from those who are concerned about a nasty sunburn to those with a serious illness such as Lupus, or going through cancer treatments.

 “Versatile yet practical, SunGrubbies includes clothing appropriate for all outdoor sports. Even the passive sports spectator will benefit from the shirts, SunGloves, or The Chic Sheik (shown), a unique design that adds neck and ear protection to any hat.” 

SunGrubbies can be found at , or by e-mail at . For a brochure, please call (888) 970-1600.

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