By Kay Walburger 

Two Feather, Native American Spiritual Advisor, Helps Two-leg-eds from Corporate Leaders To Youth at Risk, Find Spiritual Roots! 


William Two Feather is of Apache decent. His great-grandmother was a healer with herbs, and her medicine was passed onto him.  Nevertheless, it was a little more than ten years ago that Two Feather left the 9-to-5 routine to seek his heritage by following ‘The Red Path’. He says now, “It was my destiny to walk the ‘Spiritual Path’. My teachers showed up to teach me the authentic Native American Wisdom Teachings.  It was in learning the time-honored Sweat Lodge Ceremonies that my personal epiphany was realized! My teachers were hard on me, teaching me to stay true to the strict and authentic observances of our traditions.  They also taught me to work on myself first and earn my own wisdom and experience of personal power, if I ever hoped to help others.” 

In the years that followed Two Feather starting his own journey, he has become ‘An Eagle Sundancer’, who has given his ‘flesh and blood’ to be a follower of the ‘Red Road’. He has been recognized as a Spiritual Teacher of his native ways and brings his music, his stories, his wisdom, and the traditions and wisdom of his teachers and his lineage, as well as his own unique gifts. 

An integral part of native traditions is music from chanting, drums, rattles, bells and flutes etc. “Our Grandfathers and their Grandfathers have long used vibrations and harmonics to assist in their healing works,” reminds Two Feather. “Honoring Mother Earth is maybe the most elemental premise of all our teachings and traditions because when we honor our source, we honor all of life, and most of all, we honor ourselves and others. The land has sent its spirit to me and allowed me to use my Grandfather Eagle Flute to speak its voice through my music and share its wisdom and teaching with those willing to listen!  This music is from the Spirit World and is Medicine Music!” 

Upper Echelon Corporate Leaders Vs Youth At Risk 
Native American Wisdom and Teachings is impacting many lives in the world from corporate boardrooms to Wilderness Camps for troubled youth in the system.  Two Feather teaches in a respectful and humble manner, which is empowering while very deep and compassionately healing to wounds either of the body, mind or spirit. “This knowledge has come to me for a reason and with a whole heart and gratefulness I share with those who seek this healing knowledge,” proclaims Two Feather.  “The important thing for people of every age to understand is, this is a time of change!  This must be done on an individual basis.  Change is all about us, and now is the time to follow your path on your personal spiritual journey.  My work takes me to many places.  I use wisdom from years of study and practice, and facilitate others either starting a conscious spiritual path, or those who are already on one!” 

The National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps is a consortium of Wilderness Camps in the USA which works with youth taken out of the judicial system and brought to a place where they can integrate back into society and serve as contributing members of the community.  “As I work with these young men, I use all my healing wisdom and skills to facilitate a spiritual journey that will give them a new self-esteeming perspective on life and living.  A sweat lodge, run by me, assists the camp counselors in teaching the youth a new point of view as they learn to respect themselves, realizing they have power to change.  We use drumming to set up a vibration to assist their spiritual healing.“  

“Corporate America has also discovered Native American Wisdom and I am facilitating more retreat weekends for upper-echelon corporate executives. The Sweat Lodge eperience has restorative powers for people who are burnt out on life, work, or who choose a new perception of the potential awaiting their business’ bottom line!  This is especially gratifying to me personally, because of the ripple effect this can have on general workers in the corporate workplace. I am looking forward to the trickle-down process. I believe as these leaders have a profound spiritual experience which honors self and others, and most of all Mother Earth, it will radiate new perspectives, goals, and products, and global healing of our planet could begin!  That gets to the heart of my personal mission to help all two-leg-eds and show them . . . “We are All One Tribe after all!” 

Two Feather is much in demand as a presenter and he is booked throughout the coming year. For more information or schedule, go to his website at  or e-mail  You may also reach him at (505) 455-9039.

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