Book Review
By Christopher Thornhill age 11 



HEY KIDS! You’re Cookin’ Now! 
By Dianne Pratt 
Illustrated by Janet Winter

This Parent’s Choice Honors Award book has it all! Food recipes that range from breakfast to dinner and desserts and even edible treats for your dogs, cats and birds. 

There were two recipes I was especially fond of. One is Dandy Candy Chews. It’s easy to make and yummy. It provides a lot of energy as it is a HEALTHY candy. Then there is a dressing recipe to make with a list of different ingredients to add, making several variations of dressings. My favorites are Honey Orange Dressing and Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing. 

And there is even more fun. It has recipes for projects like . . . 

Magic Mud 
You scoop up a handful of Magic Mud and squeeze — it turns into a liquid substance. Then you slap it quickly and it becomes hard again! You’ll also find homemade face paints — tie-dye socks, and how to make compost for your garden — you can even make your own recycled paper. 

This book also has environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Throughout the book are pages with information boxes filled with facts about global awareness. Some are facts about various plants, animals and other things in nature. 

Environmental updates are given regarding specific pollution and extinction around the world. There is even air pollution in the Alps so bad that several European governments are promoting legislation to control it. 

Lots of interesting scientific facts are found. Do you know why a red rose looks red? Well go to page 142 and you’ll find out!

 My sister, Summer Rose, who is now 4, has been enjoying making the recipes, too. And my Mom was really getting into it. So I would say this book would be useful for everyone! 

Published by Harvest Hill Press, this book is available at your local bookstores.

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