Homeopathy and Holistic Medicine 
By Robert Stewart, SSHom (NA)CCH 


Homeopathy is the oldest holistic system in the modern scientific era. By holism is meant that all areas of a person’s life — mental, emotional and physical — are viewed within one therapeutic ideal. 

The oldest medical society in the USA is the American Institute of Homeopathy, older than the American Medical Association by three years. During the better part of this century, the AMA tried to suppress Homeopathy, but it has always thrived throughout Europe, South America and India, and is now undergoing a renaissance in this country. There is a national certification process, state homeopathic medical societies and active research adding new remedies to the Homeopathic Materia Medica. 

How does it work? The name, homeopathy, is itself a description of the process. “Homeo” means similar; “pathos” means suffering. Instead of attempting to suppress, antipathi-cally/ allopathically, the signs of suffering, Homeopathy attempts to stimulate the healing forces within the body by using the law of symptom similarity. Using safe, non-toxic substances or remedies, the whole human being — not separate parts — is addressed. 

Here is an example: A three-year-old girl has been suffering for days with a thick nasal discharge when she begins to pull on her ear, complaining and whining to her mother that it hurts. She weeps gently for attention. The Windflower, Pulsatilla, has been shown to produce symptoms similar to this description and was then administered in a very small dose. Within hours the girl’s disposition changed, her nose began to clear and she no longer complained of ear pain. It is often as simple as that. 

While there are few areas of human illness that Homeopathy cannot offer some aid, it is especially helpful in all childhood conditions including: ADD, in problems of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, in eating disorders and digestive complaints, in a whole host of emotional and mental problems from depression to obsessive/compulsive disorders, and in many chronic immunological disorders. But there is this important caveat. Strictly speaking, Homeopathy does not treat the isolated disease per se: it treats the whole person! Typically, a homeopath may ask about dream patterns, food cravings, weather reactions, emotional states, biographical details, etc. Homeopathy is holistic medicine par excellence. 

Now, the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California is beginning classes in the San Diego area. These classes are open to any level student, from those who want to know about the wonderful healing art for personal home use and those who want to pursue a more in-depth study for a career in Homeopathy. For a brochure and further information, please call (858) 794-0787. 

Robert Stewart, RSHom(NA), CCH, has been involved in holistic medicine for more than 25 years. He has lectured throughout the USA and Europe, written articles for national journals. Robert is Co-Director of the New York School of Homeopathy and The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California.

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