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By Maryel McKinley



By Greg Braden
Gregg Braden has produced an astounding piece of work with his newest book “The Isaiah Effect”. Braden brilliantly and accurately combines research in quantum physics with works of the prophet Isaiah, the ancient Essenes, and Native American sacred prophesies. 

Thankfully this book came out in time for me to include it as part of the research I needed to complete my doctoral thesis (The Anatomy of Prayer), as I cited several passages from this outstanding and informative work that may be easily understood by layman and scholar alike. 

Millennium pessimists will find the truth about why some of the doom and gloom prophesies did not transpire. It seems as though a major shift of positive and uplifting healing energy is transforming the planet. In “The Isaiah Effect”, Braden demonstrates how prophesies of global catastrophe and suffering may only represent future possibilities, rather than forecasting doom. More importantly, Braden explains in a scientific way how we may have the power to actually influence those prophesies — creating positive outcomes. In reviewing in depth many of the ancient sacred texts, Braden comparatively reveals that many of the ancient prophesies actually had two possible outcomes for the future — one being negative — the other being positive. 

With the work being done in quantum physics, we know for a fact that the observer can actually change the outcome of an experiment by having certain expectations. This theory is put into play in “The Isaiah Effect” with an accurate and detailed account of various ancient texts from around the world. Well done, Greg Braden — we need more like you! 

Published by Harmony Books, this book is available at your local bookstores. 


The five times prayer of the Sufis
By Coleman Barks and Michael Green 
Coleman Barks, Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Georgia, acclaimed Rumi translator and acclaimed artist, Michael Green, have co-authored bestseller “The Illuminated Rumi”. 

Those new and old to the Sufi tradition will be inspired by the works of thirteenth century Sufi master and poet, Rumi. 

For those who love prayer, poetry and passionate art, this book is a precious and beautiful work of love that must be experienced. This inspiring work presents in a unique and artful way the ancient rituals, words, movements and hidden meanings of the Call to Prayer, the Ablutions, The Prayer itself, and The Peaceful Embrace afterward. 

By browsing through the pages, one gets a sense of the Divine. My favorite quote is the unifying message of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen: “You are a Christian because you believe in Jesus. You are a Jew because you believe in all the prophets including Moses. You are a Muslim because you believe in Mohammed as a prophet. You are a Sufi because you believe in the universal teachings of God’s love. You are really none of those, but you are all of those because you believe in God. And once you believe in God, there is no religion. Once you divide yourself off with religion, you are separated from your fellow man.” 

This powerful book is the perfect gift for a loved one, as it was definitely created from a wellspring of love. Thank you Coleman Barks and Michael Green for another heartfelt and inspired masterpiece! 

Published by Ballantine Wellspring, this book is available at your local bookstores. 


Learning Their Secrets for Living with Joy
By Bobby Sandoz 
Bobby Sandoz has been swimming with dolphins and whales for the past ten years and has so generously shared her remarkable experiences with us in the form of her newest book “Listening to Wild Dolphins”. 

In this wonderful read, you will discover new information about dolphins as you meet them in their own private world. You will feel the touch of their kindness, and the power of their humor jumping off the pages of this inspired book. The dolphins share with us their mastery and joy, and you will learn the source of the dolphins’ magic which everyone feels when in their presence. Sandoz shares with us how they communicate with humans in many unusual ways and has presented this information in an easy-to-read format which includes “six insights” and “six gifts” she has learned from our beautiful friends of the sea. 

The dolphins’ gifts: six qualities of the higher self include: 1. Unfailing friendship and kindness, 2. Playful humor and joy, 3. Harmony among themselves and others, 4. Exalted intelligence used widely, 5. Telepathy serving clarity and truth, 6. Mastery and grace woven into all aspects of life. 

The Six Insights for creating the world of your dreams and manifesting your goals as revealed by the dolphins are: 1. Select and yearn for your dreams, 2. Show up for your dreams, 3. Focus only on your dreams, 4. Be attractive to your dreams, 5. Play while you wait for your dreams to arrive, 6. Jump only for joy with freedom and grace. 

With these gifts and insights, Bobbie Sandoz does an excellent job of translating the language of the dolphins into a loving and inspiring message for the human race — one which we should heed if we aspire to get back to our original state of joy and innocence — just as our sacred and cherished sea friends — the dolphins exhibit. 

“Listening to Wild Dolphins” is a revolutionary book that transmits the essence of joy and freedom of the dolphins into a language of love we can understand — a must read for all dolphin lovers and for those who are new to this fascinating field. 

Published by Beyond Words, this book is available at your local bookstores.


C/D included 
By Russell Buddy Helm 

The beat goes on! Whether you’ve never hit a drum before, or you’ve been playing for years, whether you are musically inclined or not — “Drumming the Spirit to Life” is a book everyone can benefit from! Author Russell Buddy Helm has been drumming professionally for 30 years with some of the greats in the music business — and he conducts workshops across the country teaching people like you and me — to drum from your body, not from your mind! Yes, Helm invites even the rhythmically challenged to get into the groove. 

Probably the best book on drumming I have ever seen, Helm is extremely thorough in honoring the trance-inducing qualities that quiet the mind when one is drumming. He starts out by encouraging the reader to find a safe place from which to start. Then he goes indepth about Holes, dance and dreams, layers of rhythm, bash and howl, the big beat magic and drumming, tempo, pathfinding, teamwork, elbows, improvisation and inspiration. And how to unlock the life energy coming up the spine from the sacrum through dance and drumming. 

The CD which accompanies this book — “Let The Goddess Dance” — is as excellent as its counterpart in print. My personal favorite track is entitled “Mountain Thunder”. This powerful song takes the listener to the place where deep energy resides, the place of creation. 

Published by Llewellyn, this book is available at your local bookstores. 


By Rose Offner

After spending the last three years listening to teenagers and doing extensive research, Rose Offner has authored an important book, “Journal to the Soul for Teenagers”. 

She discovered that lack of self exploration and inner growth is the source for much of the explosive behavior that has occurred recently with troubled teens in high schools, i.e. drugs, violence, gangs, teen pregnancy etc. 

Offner offers teens a way to have a safe, structured place to inwardly regroup and explore these intense emotions and confusing feelings; thus allowing teens to gain more control over their lives. She has found that keeping track of feelings helps teens gain perspective on seven major areas of the teen’s life: 1. Self-inquiry, 2. Family and friends, 3. Transforming anger and hurt to forgiveness, 4. The art of love, 5. Challenges, 6. Change and growth, 7. Journey to heart’s desires. 

“The Journal to the Soul for Teenagers” has been put to the test and field tested in areas such as New York’s drug-infested streets of Harlem; and the South Bay area in San Francisco. The results have been dramatic in helping these teens understand their lives and regain control. This book is an important contribution to the youth of today. 

Published by Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts, this book is available at your local bookstores.


101 True Stories of Angels, 
Miracles and Healings 
By Arielle Ford

Jack Canfield, author of the popular “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series, praises Ford’s newest book in her “Hot Chocolate” series by saying, “It will challenge your beliefs, stretch your mind and open your heart — a fascinating read” with a great foreword written by Deepak Chopra’s son. 

Personally, I feel this book is long overdue. As a mother of a teen myself, I know without a doubt that teens today are really hungry for spirituality and inspiration. This book is the perfect choice for those who are searching for their purpose in life, or just want some comfort in knowing there are other teens having miraculous experiences of their own. 

This collection of magical, mystical and inspirational stories written by teens, or about experiences others have had as teens — will make your heart sing and your spirit soar. With contributions from Doreen Virtue, Mary Ellen Angelscribe and Arielle Ford herself, even adults will love to ‘take a sip of this wonderful hot chocolate concoction’ which has been carefully prepared with a lot of love. 

From matchmaking angels to psychic pets, heavenly protectors to party crashing ghosts, from premonitions to answered prayers, these real life stories will both comfort and enlighten the reader, whether you are a teen, or grown-up teen. This book is a must for every book collection and is a perfect present for that sweet sixteen party, or better yet, for those graduating and having to face the challenges of the real world — a gift that will definitely be cherished and appreciated for many years to come! 

Published by Plume, this book is available at your local bookstores. 


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