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By Julianna Perkins 



By Aleta Pippin & Robyn Mulhearn
Boomers it’s time to rise up again and let your voice be heard!  We face one of the biggest challenges of our lives — bigger than all the changes we’ve faced since our first sit-in.  We MUST do something, WE ARE AGING!! 

The authors of this ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humorous tale deduced that most of us are in an aging, sagging weather-beaten boat.  So they decided to search out how the other 78 million Boomers are handling the age thing. After all, one of us turns 50 every seven and a half seconds! 

Filled with funny stories, and some too close for comfort anecdotes, we watch the research project unfold. 

The first to be questioned? God.  But we soon find out that 50 years just doesn’t have the same impact upon the Lord of Hosts. Even the plea for the miracle of vanishing crow’s feet doesn’t move the Great One to see our side of things. 

So off we go in search of numerous Boomers who are more than happy to talk about their — and anyone else’s — secrets about the age-defying race. All the important de-tails of maturing ‘Boomer Style’ are recounted by males and female alike.  Details like fanny tucks, breast augmentation, hair transplants, health spas, and on and on — in the hilarious style so reminiscent of Erma Bombeck’s writings of real life through the eyes of humor. 

As the tale unfolds we start to see the element that is missing — the ingredient that got buried beneath the physical scramble for youth and beauty — our spirits — and our legacy for the next generation. 

Our chance to allow the seeds planted in us as we ‘boomed’ into this earthly existence is now upon us.  It’s time for the Boomers to Bloom. We’ve evoked societal change all of our lives.  We do have the power to uncover where the True Fountain of Youth resides. 

Thanks for taking us on this trip Aleta and Robyn . . . it is an ‘E’ Ticket! 

Published by Inner Sources Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstores.

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