Empowering healing 
By Dr. Maryel McKinley 


Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like? Most of us are not enlightened masters, energy healers or talented clairvoyants who have the natural ability to see auras. But what if you could just go to a conveniently located shop, walk in and get a video of your aura with a complete analytical printout within minutes? At a very affordable price the Aura Shop has now made it possible for virtually anyone to see the colors and shape of their own unique aura. 

President of the Aura Shop, and author of “Aura Mastery” and “Emotional Power”, Johannes R. Fisslinger states: “In the past people have had physicals, testing their blood pressure, pulse or heart rate on a regular basis. Now it is time to go deeper and explore our emotions, thoughts, energy centers and our personality. Our interactive services use state- of-the-art multimedia biofeedback computer technology to visually see our thoughts and emotions, which in reality is energy in motion. We have the capacity to view our energy field, or aura, in color on screen or to print out an Aura Chakra Photo Report.” 

When I visited the Aura Shop in Century City, I was surprised to find such a wonderful assortment of spiritual and healing products offered. Items I have not even seen in my favorite metaphysical bookstores. I settled on an aromatherapy candle, which was beautifully designed. It had a bowl above the candlewick, which would hold the essential healing oil of my choice. I chose rosemary as co-owner, Kate Mitchell explained to me that it would help balance emotion. 

I was even more impressed by the accuracy and depth of wisdom that came from Kate when she did my aura reading. She seemed to zone right into my strong spots and weak areas, and her expertise was greatly appreciated, as I have been exposed to so many different types of healers being a metaphysical journalist. Her authenticity and intuitive vision made my trip to the Aura Shop definitely worthwhile. Kate also is in charge of training the Aura Shop counselor/employees. Between the brilliance of creator, Johnannes, and Kate’s remarkable talents, the Aura Shop has proven to be a very valuable tool in assisting one in the self-healing/transformation process. 

The goal of getting your aura reading is to make you aware of your current emotional state and energetic situation, thereby enabling you to be aware of the healing product which will balance, harmonize, energize or relax you. 

In addition to these innovative services, the Aura Shop offers personality and character analysis using a high-quality astrology software computer system. Energy color healing products are also available as well as power pendants, aromatherapy and meditation tools. Also available are gemstone and sacred geometry jewelry, magnetic healing products, feng-shui products and sound healing/hi tech meditation music. 

It is virtually a one-stop shop for all of your energy healing needs. And the great news is that you don’t have to pay a practitioner hundreds of dollars for the analysis. The analysis comes as part of the package and only highly-skilled trained professionals will serve you at the Aura Shop you chose to visit. For the low price of $10.00-$20.00 you can have a scientifically accurate reading. 

The Aura Shop offers a live aura scan, where one can watch their own aura live on a monitor! This is far more practical than going to a reader who is describing your aura to you, yet you have no visual. Now you can actually see your own aura image live, surrounding your face with color interpretations available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish Lithuanian, Japanese and French! 

If you want a copy of this visual, you may ask for a photo printout card for $5.00, which also includes valuable information about the chakras, how they work and the significance of the various colors. Full body photos are also available, which print out the entire Chakra system and includes an Aura-Chakra Report printout featuring bio data graphs, individual aura color, aura color type interpretations, and detailed information on body/mind connection, relationships, career and health. 

For those who are interested in owning their own aura video for their healing practices, or to open your own Aura Shop, the terms are extremely reasonable with a lease-to-own program, as well as the option of leasing a cart for use at shows or malls. If you are interested in finding the closest Aura Shop, or information regarding franchise or purchase of your own Aura Video, please call Johannes R. Fisslinger, President of Inneractive Inc. Aura Video Systems, at (310) 286-7569.

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