A Valentine Proclamation
February 14, 1999
By Scott Peck



As Valentine's Day sweeps again through our lives, many will receive cards with loving, tender messages. Some will even look into each other's eyes through the soft candlelight of affection.

Tragically, however, the vast majority of Earth's individuals will receive no Valentine card - no evidence of special affection. Millions are single or divorced. Millions are struggling for love in their relationships. Many have given up hope of ever being truly loved.

So let us expand our Valentine tradition. Let us unite together, as a family of mankind, and cherish each other from the heart of Universal Love. Let us proclaim, as a Valentine to each other: Your very existence is a blessing to the universe and you are deeply loved and cherished

- If you are alone, know that Love itself is embracing you. You are deeply treasured. Infinite Love honors your life. Your true worth is never measured by whether you have a love-mate, but by the grace, kindness, honesty, cherishing and empowering that flow from your life. This is Love expressing itself - uniting itself - within you.

- If you are living in physical or emotional abuse, consider this a Valentine message from Love - specifically to you. It is your spiritual right to live in an environment of unconditional kindness. This is Love's true nature. No person or power can prevent Love from finding and cherishing you. No one is excluded from Love.

- If you are struggling to be more loving, know that Love itself - right now - is dissolving your anger, hurt, regret, guilt and shame. Love is filling you with the strength of tenderness and kindness. Open yourself to this pure Love at work within you. Rise in the power of Love to bless those closest to you. Love supports you.

- If you are well-loved in a relationship, let your inner rejoicing be known to your love-mate. Tell your loved one - even write out the top ten things you love about him or her. Then let the grace of your shared love flow out to the yearning hearts of mankind. Let them feel the all-inclusive embrace of your love. This is Love's fullest expression.

Let it be known that any person who has read this Valentine Proclamation is, by the power invested in Divine Love, hereby declared to be Love's cherished and extraordinary Valentine. Feel free to share this Valentine Proclamation with anyone in need to Love's cherishing.

Scott Peck is a speaker, workshop leader and author of the new book, "The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love", available at major bookstores. It is also available as a Valentine gift with this proclamation enclosed by calling (800) 266-1525.

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