By Kay Walburger



The Renaissance Woman Jeanine Just,
A Model Human In This Renaissance Age

Jeanine Just was unanimously declared "The Renaissance Woman" by herself and her students because of her research and published analogies to this time in which we are living, to the parallels of the historical era 1250 to 1650, known as The Renaissance.

The Renaissance (1250-1650) was a point in time when there were enormous disparities between the rich and the poor with little or no middle class to speak of. The Dark Ages, full of all manner of abuses to humans with little power, was the standard by those in positions of power. There were devastating diseases, plagues, hopelessness and despair. (As we take a long look at our whole world now, you will see startling similarities!) At the same time a World Wide Renaissance emerged in Creativity, Art, Music, Education, Religion and Spirituality, Humanity, Innovation and Inventions, Commerce and Trade, Politics and Policies, with an expanding middle class and a new set of virtues and values. And a return of hopefulness to humanity. (A real possibility for year 2000!)

Jeanine Just is my personal Renaissance Model because of the savvy way she can re-invent herself each time "The Paradigm" needs to shift in order to live and work according to her own authentic values. I met Jeanine Just ten years ago at a Sales Women's Business Network where she was the speaker. She gave us a process which had a profound and dramatic affect on my life ever since.

The process seemed simple enough at first. She gave us a sheet of paper with a long list of 50 values with which most people would agree were important and universal. Example: peace of mind; honesty and integrity; personal freedom; sense of fulfillment; etc. Then we were to select our personal Top Ten. It was very difficult ‹ and then our Top Five, even more difficult. You could hear the room full of women groan, myself included. It was hard to give up any we had just selected. Then she told us we could only keep one; and the struggle was painfully significant.

The significance was how important these values were to each of us personally! We felt all were important, but to give up ten for five, then five for one was pure pain! The next question Jeanine asked was the most painful of all. Look at your list now and ask yourself, "How many of my values are being met in my current job, career, relationship or personal life?" The shocking answer for most of us was too few or none! It was no wonder we felt unhappy, unsuccessful, unappreciated, underpaid and overworked! We were not living up to our own set of personal values, which we hold so dear. Jeanine's answer was simple: Find a way or make one to get these personal values met. Only then could we feel true satisfaction. Because she had done it, she knew we could, too.

Renaissance Thinking
Jeanine's most important learning experience began on a farm in Wisconsin. Here life was structured around being in balance and harmony with the laws of nature. She learned to respect and honor the seasons and the rhythms of the life forces. By age four she knew the joy of achievement, enterprise, and resourcefulness. Here it was often important to feel the rewards of participating as a productive team member.

Her Grandpa taught her a great deal about old-fashioned business and entrepreneurship. He demonstrated life's simple pleasures and fulfillments. From neighbors and relatives she learned it is important to be interdependent by doing big projects like bailing hay or barnraising together. From the farm she experienced the beauty of the earth in all its blooming glory. This is the genesis of her environmental standards for greener living, working, and community environments which nurture health and well-being.

Crash & Burn
After leaving the farm Jeanine ventured into the corporate world. Her ambition and resourcefulness paid off big. She brought dedication and helpfulness which took her to the top of her profession. After years of dedication she became somewhat of a workaholic and crashed and burned when she discovered the company did not have the integrity in which she believed. Her life, body, health, and spirit were falling apart. "For the first time I had to take a serious look at what was really important to me! I had to decide if it were worth living and if I truly had value! That was the turning point and I grieved my many losses for six months. During that time I was rethinking the business paradigms that had failed me and left me feeling so down and out"

"My philosophy is this: Life is our school, and everyone and everything is our teacher, so I began to ask myself what had I learned? From my youth I found most of those values stood the test of time and to them I added some new research, while I listened to my heart and my own intuition and created a new business paradigm for myself. As it turns out many others see it also works for them because it is based on an individual and collective value system. I am now committed to globally inspiring people to build values-driven institutions, businesses, products, services, lifestyles, communities, and families."

"Current lifestyles have been marketed to us and rarely represent our real values. If you intend to get control of your destiny you will need to listen to your heart ‹ then begin the process of sorting through your personal and professional obligations. Rewarding work, fulfilling relationships, inner harmony, and joy are not luxuries. This life isn't a dress rehearsal."

Jeanine Just, The Renaissance Woman, invites you to Catch the Renaissance Spirit and create the new millennium with a vision that honors and includes everyone as having authentic value! For me, Jeanine not only brings a welcome message of Renaissance, she is the message!

Jeanine Just is the founder of KREATIVE SOLUTIONS, Innovative Resources for Learning & Leading. She is a visionary-success strategist gearing up businesses and individuals for the new business paradigm. Since 1984 she has coached hundreds of clients, individuals, small businesses, corporations, city managers, community groups, churches, civic organizations, etc. For information call (949)494-3811 or e-mail:

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