The Evolution of Audrey Hope's
By Nadine Dunda



We are now upon the threshold of a new era, a new millennium, and an extraordinary moment in human evolution. It is time now to embrace the life-altering perspective that we are powerful energy beings, more than our five senses, innately spiritual and blessed with an unlimited amount of energy to heal ourselves, and our world and to live in inner peace."

These are the words of Audrey Hope, producer, creator and host of Audrey Hope's "REEL WOMEN", an International Cable TV talk show for the 90's dedicated to creating positive role models in our media. The show fills a needed gap in TV programming and aims to be a forum for issues that truly matter in our lives. The viewer is invited to embrace a 'revolution in perception' that could give us 'awareness' in our everyday life and nudge us in the direction of health and happiness. Says Audrey, "You may change the way you pay attention to yourself and your world. It may benefit you to look at life this way."

REEL WOMEN began in 1992 at Century Cable Studios in Santa Monica by Audrey Hope and Brent Williams, successful actors who became concerned with the damaging effect the media had in our everyday life. Audrey had just finished reading "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf and "The Undeclared War Against American Women" by Susan Faludi, two books about media images and women, and she was on fire!! The plan was to do one show to help honor and restore the images of 'womanhood' and the feminine values of love and compassion that could bring balance to a troubled world. The vision was that if society is missing its feminine half, if women are sadly misrepresented in the Bible, and blamed for the fall of man, then the whole spiritual survival of the nation is affected. After all, it was stated in the medic scriptures, "the degree to which a woman is respected is the degree to which a society prospers."

The response to REEL WOMEN was so amazing, that before they knew it, Brent and Audrey had a concept for a whole series. Now there would be a show, not based on heated arguments, sensationalism, confrontations, hot topics or celebrity hype, but a show to sensitize people to view all human beings with respect and compassion. Now you could turn on your TV set and get answers to questions like, "What is our true purpose in life?", "Why do some people get sick and others don't?", "What is real happiness?", "How can we become experts in our own healing?", and even "Can God be scientifically proven?"

Brent and Audrey worked for five years on a shoestring budget, finding funds through garage sales, selling shoes, and clothes and rugs off a fence. It was at this point, and the fact that Audrey gave up an expensive condo on the upper west side of Manhattan, that they knew they were on a mission. REEL WOMEN had evolved into a journey of the authentic self ‹ the hero's journey. Says Audrey, "Everything really became clear after I interviewed Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, world renowned spiritual leader, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former associate of Mahatma Gandhi. Shri Mataji explained that we are in a 'special time' in our history. It is the 'blossom time', when we can end emotional, economic and global turmoil by connecting to the feminine energy in all of us. She said that now, we can experience 'self-realization', the pure connection with our spiritual nature through simple meditation. Shri Mataji blessed me and my work, and I knew the world would never own me in the way it had. I knew I had to be a voice of truth and hope."

Audrey Hope is an award-winning actress from New York and classically trained in London. She began her acting career at the age of ten, graduated from Ithaca College and studied Shakespearean theatre. She received a best actress award from the American Theatre in New York and came to Los Angeles to work in films and TV. Audrey believes that it would have been so much easier to do a gossip show, or play a villain on a soap opera . . . who would have thought that her aspiration would be to end human suffering.

Recent guests on REEL WOMEN have been men and women who combine logic of the mind with wisdom of the heart. Guests and topics have included: Carolyn Myss - 'LIFE-ALTERING PERSPECTIVES', Joan Borysenko - 'HONORING THE SACRED GIFTS OF WOMANHOOD', Riane Eisler - 'HER STORY IN HIS-STORY', Dr. Neal Barnard - 'THE HEALING POWER OF FOOD', Byron Katie - 'THE TECHNOLOGY OF FREEDOM', Nathaniel Branden - 'THE HEROIC PATH TO SELF-ESTEEM'.

Other topics have been 'The Celebration of the Native American Woman', 'Women and Money', 'The Cultural Assault on Women in Other Countries', and 'Women Forgotten from History', just to name a few. The show now airing is 'Intuition, The Language of The Soul', with guest, Mona Lisa Shulz.

REEL WOMEN can be seen internationally on two new cable stations, OASIS TV, and THE WISDOM NETWORK, networks devoted to celebrating human potential. Watch for local listings in your area. Watch REEL WOMEN and be challenged to bring our culture to the next possibility. It is within our means to do so!

For more information, contact REEL WOMEN PRODUCTIONS at (213) 850-8588.

Nadine Dunda, is a poet and freelance writer who lives in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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