Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn,age 54, author of the national award-winning book, Never "Old:, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how and why we age.

Presently answering the question: Dear "Youthman: Dawn: "I read where you say that most of aging is caused by what behaviorists call psychosomatic triggering. Can you clarify how this triggering works?:

Dear Reader, Psychosomatic triggering not only causes or worsens illnesses and greatly accelerates aging, but it can even cause death. Indeed, a classic example of a mentally-triggered death happened while I was working on my latest book, The Rejuvenator's Bible, when in April of 1997 the great poet Allen Ginsberg passed away - dying, according to the Associated Press report, just eight days after being diagnosed with cancer of the liver. According to a newspaper report, immediately after Ginsberg was diagnosed as having the disease, he returned to his New York apartment, "expressing a desire to die at home.: But why was Ginsberg so sure he was "dying?: Did his doctor neglect to inform him that legions of people have overcome the most severe cases of cancer (people like Suzie Schwab, a woman who I wrote about in Never "Old: - a woman who, by using only natural methods, has kept herself alive and well some fifteen years after her doctors said kidney cancer would kill her within "two months:). As I again ask: why is it so common for doctors to tell people when they are expected to die? Can such death-calls be depressing enough to severely worsen a disease? Surely they can, which is why my gut feeling is this: if giving people a psychological death sentence is "good medicine,: then I'm a lawn mower - (although the last time I looked there were no grass stains on my teeth). But let me again emphasize that casting doubts on standard medical practices is not my aim nor the aim of my writings, for having the courage to DECREASE SUFFERING AND ILLUSION is my literary mission and always will be.

Seeing Is Believing
To experience a quick example of how preconception affects the body, just close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine yourself kicking a beach ball that is laying on the ground . . . Did you feel your leg twitch just after picturing yourself kicking the ball? Surely you felt the twitch, because the mind first visualizes before the body follows. And it is with the same see-first/do-later visualizing that one's mind can project the phenomenon of aging onto one's body, creating "oldness: by imagining oneself "naturally: growing "old.: Unless, of course, we take the time to formulate a different plan.

The Effectual Importance of a Body-Plan
Inevitably we spend time making plans, perhaps plans for a new surge in business, plans to redecorate our home, plans for a vacation, plans for our retirement, whatever, but we spend a lot of time formulating some kind of vision for the future. But rarely do we hear of a plan for how we're going to look and physically function in future years, how we plan to look and feel perhaps five or ten years from now. And although such a body-plan may seem like useless speculation to some, it's hardly useless if we consider this duo of important truths:

But to activate focus and intent in order to bring about desired physical goals, the mind needs to perform much like a soaring eagle in search of a landing point ‹ willfully zeroing-in on a desired outcome.

Aiming to zero-in on a healing while supplying a dosage of effective information, just as I told legendary movie director John Huston at his home in Mexico (while I worked on his afflicted lungs with what I call mindpower massage): "We must plot out our own life expectancy plan, John, with mindpower as the key, and truth as the cure-all . . .: And perhaps even with my help, despite his team of doctors telling the gravely ill (with emphysema) 77-year-old Huston he had only a "few months: to live, he went on to live several more years plus direct two more commendable movies - one of them winning his daughter Angelica the Academy Award for her memorable role in Prizzi's Honor . . . but let me emphasize here, that the type of "hands on: healing I gave Mr. Huston (and many others) is just a sideline I occasionally utilize on special missions, while my usual work is trying to teach people to effectively heal themSELVES, mainly by realizing that REJUVENATION AND HEALING IS ONE IN THE SAME MENTAL PROCESS.

Yes, it surely is, one in the same process, as I bring this column to a close by wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and as ever and ever - HAPPY REJUVENATING . . .

For the whole "anti-aging: story, Jesse Dawn's 258-page book, Never "Old: (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and winner of the National Association of Independent Pub-lishers Award for Content) can be quickly received by charge card. Simply call World Changing Books at (800) RENEW-22 (736-3922) or send a check for $11.95 (includes book, first-class postage and handling) made out to World Changing Books and mail to P.O. Box 5491, Hilo, HI 96720.


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