By Christopher Thornhill, Age 10



Spiritual information and activities for children
Written and Illustrated By Lorna Ann Knox

This book has a lot of fun activities, most of them really interesting. They are new ideas that you wouldn't think of on your own. It's a book for a classroom or a family because for a lot of activities you need an adult to be involved.

It teaches things about God and about kindness and goodness and stuff like that. But the way it teaches is what I like. Like the one under kindness. I did this one with my sister. You take a paper bag and punch different little holes in it. Then you put a flashlight inside of it and go into a very dark room. I wouldn't have thought to punch holes in a bag like that, but it was really neat and my sister liked it when I moved the bag around and made the lights dance.

There's a prayer and verse with each one of these. For kindness it was "I will see goodness in everything". Then my grandma started asking me what I saw good in the different things. She didn't just want one answer. She helped me come up with lots of answers.

The night before Thanksgiving I was helping my grandma in the kitchen. We played a memory game where each person had to keep adding an animal at the zoo. Every time it's your turn you have to name all the animals from before and we got up to twenty animals that we had to remember! Finally my grandma gave up. It sure makes your concentration get better. It was really hard. It would help a younger kid learn names of animals and an older kid remember better.

You could have three-year-olds up to maybe fifth-graders all playing these activities. That's why it would be good for families. But since some of the things need candles and stuff you really have to have an adult supervisor.

It talks about changing attitudes. Like work. When you think of work, you think of WORK! You don't think of it as fun. But if you choose your work from something you really enjoy you will have work and fun at the same time. Most adults don't seem to do this and don't like their work. So I think this book will be good for them too.

The book is right about the attitude thing. An attitude can sure get you into trouble, or it can help you see life as happier and people as better. I think I will like that.

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