by Douglas Taylor



Beckoning to all with the brilliant light of spirit, "The Light House" beams forth its message of love, hope and peace, drawing us ever closer to our true home on the inner worlds of light.

Our Cover Artist ... DOUGLAS TAYLOR Visionary Seascape Artist

Working as a carpenter during much of his youth, Douglas was able to travel the world, enjoying surfing and stimulating his adventurous spirit where he developed a profound appreciation of nature and its healing and rejuvenating effects in his life. At age 30, with no previous creative or artistic background, he began his first attempts at both writing and painting. As his creative channels opened, his painting and writing improved rapidly. Douglas has had several very successful art shows; his paintings and articles have been published in numerous magazines, and he is currently teaching a class in developing creative abilities at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim.

Douglas' message of inspiration: "Excellence in any field is a product of a synthesis of the mind, body and spirit - the messenger is unimportant and transitory, but the message is eternal."

For information about limited edition prints and greeting cards, contact Douglas at 1846 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648 or phone (714) 969-7368. For on-going classes at the Learning Light Foundation, call (714) 533-2311.

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